The honor of your presence is requested….

December 29, 2010

The voters of Arizona have spoken, entrusting the major statewide offices to Republicans. We have also regained two U.S. Congressional seats, while the state legislature continues to boast a GOP majority in both chambers.

Come celebrate the victories, first at the January 3, 2011 Inauguration — invitation here.

The Arizona Republican Party will hold its Chairman’s Dinner and Awards Banquet January 21, 2011 — invitation here. Join Chairman Randy Pullen as we celebrate Republican triumphs.

RSVP information is included on the invitations.


The return of McAmnesty: Connect the dots

December 28, 2010

In an almost-missed article tucked away in the Christmas Day Phoenix Republic tabloid-size weekend newspaper insert was this gem. It seems Mayor Philly Gordon has teamed up with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other big city mayors to lobby the federal government for a blast from the past: Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  You remember that John McCain/Jon Kyl/ Ted Kennedy monstrosity that so inflamed the wrath of the American public that they shut down phone, fax and internet to congressional offices with a nationally concerted effort, until it was pulled?

Under the umbrella of “Partnership for a New American Economy,” a revised group (names included in this link) is being lead by Bloomberg and includes corporate bigwigs such as CEOs of Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney Co., and News Corporation, which owns the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. The gimmick this time is obviously to take the onus off of Congress in general and GOP aisle-crossers in specific.

“What we need to do is focus on bringing people together and how to get this comprehensive immigration reform and border security done,” the term-limited Gordon declared. John McCain is known for his line of “We must secure the border first,” although he never clearly articulates “first before what?” The answer is this doozy.

The comprehensive reform term became so incendiary that Kyl and McCain began calling it a “temporary worker program,” which played better to focus groups. With unemployment at record numbers they still haven’t explained the need for these workers. Yuma, AZ, for example has one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates at a staggering 26.7 %.

During last fall’s election, the anxious McCain began talking like a border hawk, even taping commercials in which the salty-tongued former sailor advocated bringing troops and law enforcement together and completing “the danged fence” to keep illegals out of America.

So what do you think Robert Delgado, President and CEO of Hensley Beverage Company, one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer wholesaler and distributors in the nation, is doing on the Partnership for a New Economy list? That’s Cindy Hensley McCain’s hundreds-of-millions-a-year business. It’s a safe bet Delgado doesn’t operate in a vacuum separate from the McCain’s.

And is it just a coincidence that McCain confidant and political strategist, Wes Gullett is running for Phoenix Mayor, hoping to succeed Gordon? Could the fact that Gullett’s wife served as Gordon’s chief of staff just be happenstance, also?

The (Subscription only) Arizona Guardian reports that Arizona Cardinals President and CEO Michael Bidwill and one of the team’s key players, Larry Fitzgerald, are onboard helping Gullett rake in the big bucks.

Would you be interested in buying a bridge?

The camel’s nose under the toll road tent

December 28, 2010

The front page of today’s daily reports on a costly feasibility study looking into opening HOV lanes to toll paying drivers. The enticement comes via an optional component which will doubtless vanish as in other cities where tolls have become the only means of accessing freeways. But we are advised these roads are gaining in popularity around the country. 

Wanna bet?

The downturn in the economy and Arizona’s budget deficits have spurred interest in this latest gimmick to separate Arizona drivers from their even more constricted dollars. But when government wants augmented revenues, not even taxing food is off the plate.

Tucson lawyer, John Munger, who withdrew from the governor’s race when unable to gain traction, had toll roads as a focal point of his Imagine Arizona campaign.

The newspaper is clearly onboard as it describes this latest incursion on already strapped taxpayers as a ”Plan [which] could ease congestion on Valley freeways, raise revenue.”

In October 2009, Seeing Red AZ predicted Looks like the fix is in for toll roads. It would be useful to reacquaint yourself with this post.

Watch out! This time Linda Valdez is really ticked

December 27, 2010

The daily’s resident illegal immigration apologist is hopping mad again. When Linda Valdez reaches this fever pitch, she becomes adept at talking out of all sides of her mouth, an amazing feat which she accomplishes here in today’s “Quick Hit.”

Note her line beginning with “Some say…”  Wanna bet she is the “some” who say it?

So enraged is she at the 5 Democrat senators who cast NO votes against the nightmarish DREAM Act, she was unable to write their names. So we have obligingly given her a hand: Ben Nelson, Nebraska; Max Baucus and Jon Tester, both of Montana; Mark Pryor, Arkansas; and Kay Hagan, North Carolina.

Not a border state senator among them. Could it just be these folks respect the rule of law?

The most important article you’ll read before 2011

December 27, 2010

If you read nothing else of consequence before year‘s end, take time to read this. Victor Davis Hanson has written a masterful, albeit tremendously disturbing, commentary for National Review, titled Two Californias

Read it. Send the link to your family and friends. Send it to your state legislatorsmembers of congress* and Sens. McCain and Kyl at their DC and local offices. Send it to your pastors.  

* Kirkpatrick, Shadegg and Mitchell have been replaced (check links). Updated information will be available after the 112th Congress convenes on January 6, 2011.

AZ Legislator Frank Pratt hospitalized after Christmas attack

December 27, 2010

An Arizona State Representative from Casa Grande, Rep. Frank Pratt (R-Dist.23), was found beaten, bound and unconscious, inside his Casa Grande business on Christmas Day. 

Pratt, 68, had gone to check his shop, Pratt Pools, when he was attacked by someone already inside the building, police said. Pratt’s gold 2007 GMC Yukon SUV (AZ plate 815-KYJ) was stolen. 

Information concerning the vehicle can be reported by calling 911. Information regarding the crime should be relayed to the Casa Grande Police Department at (520) 421-8700.

CNN carries a complete report.

What a novel idea

December 26, 2010

The incoming Congress — dominated by Republicans — has resolved to open the 112th session with a full reading of the U.S. Constitution when they convene on January 6, 2011.

The goal is to underscore the limited-government concepts the Founders imposed on Congress, and to bring those principles back into the business of everyday legislating.

We hope they’re all listening.

Read the Washington Times report here.