A wall, a wall….my kingdom needs a wall

The Greek government is undertaking plans to construct a wall along its 128-mile land border with Turkey in order to tackle the influx of illegal immigration — after more than 100,000 people unlawfully entered the Mediterranean nation last year.

According to the European Union’s border agency Frontex, the border area has become the main entry point for illegals traveling from Africa and Asia, with an average of 245 people per day crossing illegally in October alone last year. It is estimated that 90 per cent of all illegal aliens into the EU have entered through Greece.

“The Greek public has reached its limit in taking in illegal immigrants. We are absolutely determined on this issue. Greece can’t take it anymore,” said Greek Interior minister Christian Papoutsis, according to the Daily Mail.

Concerns regarding destabilization of Greek Orthodoxy, the national religion, are key as Greece has become the latest battleground in the continent’s war against a flood of Muslim immigrants from countries including Afghanistan and Iran.

The growing presence of illegals — particularly Muslims, whose religious practices of Sharia law increasingly encroach on the laws of nations where they reside — has become overwhelming in Western European societies. Immigration has become a prominent part of the political debate even in countries with long-standing liberal traditions, including Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and France. Read more in this Washington Post report. The Research Institute for European and American Studies provides a strategic analysis here.

2 Responses to A wall, a wall….my kingdom needs a wall

  1. sherriaz says:

    Meanwhile, our border remains porous. Where’s our wall?

  2. Braveheart says:

    Remember the tale of the Trojan Horse in Greek Mythology? It was a huge, hollow wooden horse constructed by the Greeks and filled with soldiers to gain entrance into the City of Troy during the Trojan War.

    Instead we have the McCain-Kyl-Flake cabal with their post-election promises of amnesty to our invaders. In other words our elected “leaders” are complicit in giving away our country. No deceptive Trojan Horse is needed. These bums are upfront about their efforts.