McCain backtracks on amnesty the very day he is sworn in

Like a thunderstorm spoiling a family picnic, John McCain has done it again!

This morning, secure in the knowledge that he later would take the oath of office for another SIX YEAR term, John McCain immediately shape-shifted back to Juan McAmnesty, telling “Today Show” viewers that “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” better known as Amnesty, could be a point of compromise between the GOP House and the Dem-controlled Senate.

Got that? Compromise.

Watch this stunning video on The Hill, where the snickering and grinning McCain talks about “helping” Obama, as well as his plans of returning to his longtime goal of implementing Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Long gone is his phony pre-election “Complete the Dang Fence” facade and talk of bringing troops and law enforcement to the border.

“Once we get the border secured — and we can get the border secured — I would look forward to working on Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” McCain declared.

Meantime, our Senior Senator, so eager to forgive the crimes of illegal aliens, apparently refuses to grant the same consideration to another of “God’s Children,” former Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

The word is that McCain operatives have made it clear to businesses in Arizona and D.C. that they should not hire Hayworth. After all, J.D. had the audacity to challenge McCain and predicted that what happened today would in fact come to pass were McCain reelected.

Even though Phoenix broadcast outlets continue to cower under McCain’s intimidation, J.D. guest hosts on talk radio in markets from New York to California. This week you can hear Hayworth from Las Vegas as he does the KXNT afternoon drive-time show from 4 – 7:00 PM, (MST) Listen live here.

Ironically, Hayworth’s successor on KFYI is scheduled to interview McCain this afternoon during the same time period. Count on more of the same sycophantic gibberish we were fed during the campaign season.

It would be interesting to see if he asks McCain about his comment back in 2007, when he told voters in South Carolina: “I got the message” regarding his amnesty proposals. It’s obvious he still hasn’t.

26 Responses to McCain backtracks on amnesty the very day he is sworn in

  1. LD20er says:

    Anyone who claims to be surprised at McJerk’s about face may as well tatoo a “Z” for Zero or “F” for fool on his/her forehead.

    In addition to being a two-faced liar, McCain is also vindictive to anyone who opposes him.

    Thanks so much to Jim Deakin and his minions for helping McJerk to split the vote. Arizonans won’t soon forget Jim Deakin.

    • Justin says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Deakin was somehow tied in with McCain. Of course, we’ll never know. McCain would never have anything to do with that twit, but he could have been contacted by a third party who encouraged him to get in/stay in the race. He never had a snowball’s chance of winning. He knew it and so did everyone else. But a lot of TPartiers thought Deakin was just the “outsider” ticket to ride and ended up re-electing McCain. What fools!

  2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    In the underbelly of the US Senate (specifically, at the end of the lower intestine) is where we find THE SLIMEBAG SIX despicable, rino traitors who will continue to support d-crat socialist issues, and everybody knows who they are: AMNESTY-JOHN mccain, scott brown, collins, snowe. murCOWski and graham.

    That’s part of the “hit list” for all American patriots to follow in future elections.

  3. American Dad says:

    Señor Juan McAmnesty disgusts me on so many fronts, but most of all is his aisle-crossing and collaborating with the left on issues of vital importance to the United States of America. He acts as though his is the last generation and opening the floodgates to turn our country into Mexico is of no consequence. Isn’t that an odd position for a man who has children? As a father, I damn well think so. Also, as a father, I have grown to detest all this duplicitous ancient mariner stands for.

  4. Marianne says:

    My brother is in construction and has out of work for nearly seven months. He has been a reliable and valued employee for years and is now unable to find a job. His family is suffering. But he predicted this would happen when the contractors began replacing American citizens with illegal laborers they could pay less even before new construction dried up due to the economy. Now John McCain is talking about guest workers again, calling them “temporary” workers now. We need them like a hole in the head! He is an elitist who has no idea of what others are going through. I doubt that he would care if he knew. A guy with a multiscazillionaire heiress wife and 8 homes can’t relate to the rest of us.

  5. Anthony Ford says:

    All the people who said, “Eww, but I don’t LIKE JD Hayworth! He’s a huckster! He’s icky!” — THANKS A HELL OF A LOT.

    • American Pride says:

      AMEN! I’ll take a ‘huckster’ any day over a RINO like Mcamnesty or a milquetoast twit like Deakin. Deakin spent more time during his campaign whining about JD’s mistakes rather than actually telling us why he would have been a good senator… but of course, when you don’t have a lot of experience or even knowledge of what the job entails all you can do is sling mud and talk s–t ;o)

      People, McCain is not really flip flopping this time because when he said that he got the message the message that he said that he got was ‘secure the border FIRST and then work on immigration reform. He never said he wouldn’t go for immigration reform and that is why he should never have been re-elected!
      (Thanks a lot Deakniks for giving us more McCain!)
      The message McCain needs to be ‘getting’ is that we want our immigration laws enforced NOW AND FOREVER (which will help us secure our borders) and NO AMNESTY OF ANY KIND! And make sure that you tell him that amnesty in our eyes is anything that allows illegals to remain in our country. Get on him now about this and STAY ON HIM!!/group.php?gid=116210498400272

  6. BillyBob says:

    McKyl/Cain is like an army recruiter – how do you know when he’s lying – his lips are moving.
    Let’s get him a temporary worker card he has to renew every year to be in the senate. He’s already gots lots of “green” cards – military retirement, congressional retirement, and beer money from the trophy wife. Damn, he hasn’t even bothered to come back to a legion post to buy some drinks. He’s a cheap sonovabiT$$. We need to work on comprehensive senate reform and get rid of McLuster’s friend, McKyl. Hell, I’d vote Terri Goddard or Phil Gordon just to get rid of him – at least I know I was going to be screwed, not lied and screwed.

  7. sherriaz says:

    Too right about illegals replacing American workers in construction, but, sadly, it doesn’t end there. Illegals have taken over positions in many different industries around this state. Don’t think so? Try looking at the ads asking for “bilingual skills” for HR Managers and various supervisory positions. After 30 years of HR experience, including management, I can’t even get considered for many HR jobs because I don’t speak Spanish- and I never will.

    Even companies that don’t advertise that they want bilingual skills for their operations and HR staff will bring it up in an interview- and guess who gets hired? Hispanics without the same level of experience are getting hired all over because they speak Spanish. I LOVE the ads that state clearly that all applicants MUST speak English. It’s becoming a novelty which is a sad statement about business in this state.

    McStain fooled a lot of Arizonans and got the illegal vote-and they do vote. Hopefully the true Republicans will listen to their base and keep amnesty off the table. A vote for McStain was a vote to ruin life for Americans now and in the future- a traitorous vote in my book.

  8. Steve says:

    Why should McCain care if JD is employed? Because he has the power to exert influence and wants people to know it. After all, he’s John Sidney McCain, III — who graduated at the bottom of his USNA class but is the son and grandson of Admirals. He’s a member of the illustrious Club 100 in the Senate, cahooting with the likes of Kennedy, then senators Obama and Hillary Clinton, Feingold, and Lieberman, among others. He has no core and is obviously not even familiar with the GOP Platform. But he enjoys having the ability to control and damage. That’s why he cares about getting JD Hayworth.

  9. Frankly Speaking says:

    John McFraud is accomplished at his craft. He most likely can out lie and deceive anyone in the entire senate and quite possibly in the whole state of Arizona. I hope Pinal County Sheriff Ego Babeu feels used. But in his case, it’s just a matter of who’s using whom. They’re both walking/talking egos. That campaign ad was as full of crap as they come. When Babeu said to McCain, “Senator, you’re one of us” was he including himself along with the illegals?

  10. Doc says:

    I used to be disgusted…now I’m STILL DISGUSTED.

    • Night Owl says:

      I’m with you, Doc. Did you notice not a single comment here supports McCain and his amnesty scheme? He bought himself an election and now reverts back to the snake he’s always been. What a surprise. That’s par for his course.

      • Doc says:

        That’s par for the course, Night Owl! This “representative” for those who voted to re-elect him must be feeling pretty smug right now. His mafia-style tactics are indicative of how we do things in Arizona, currently. Isn’t that swell? How sad for those of us who have a rudamentary grasp of AMERICA’S CONSTITUTION & VALUES.

  11. LEO IN TSN says:

    No one is surprised at the re-emergence of McAmnesty now that he is re-elected. Similarly, no one should be surprised at the pro-amnesty feelings of his newest puppet, little Sheriff Polly Booboo in Pinal County. Sheriff Booboo knew all about McAmnesty when he was riding the campaign bus with him, probably at county expense. It was his chance to grab instant celebrity status, which he is still trying to exploit by grabbing every TV camera that he can while whining about Washington. But it sure seems that Sheriff Booboo never met an illegal alien that he wanted to arrest. Look for him to be pursuing higher horizons in liberal political circles. So sad that to do so he will continue to sacrifice the safety of his citizens and his deputies on the sanctuary alter.

    Maricopa County–you’re very fortunate to have Sheriff Joe. Could we make him the Sheriff of Arizona?

  12. Kathy says:

    Nothing new – it’s the McCain, screw the LEGAL people.

  13. DeAnn says:

    This is an official “I told you so” to all the people who assured me he had truly changed. Remember who supported him when electing delegates. We have to change our party and get rid of people to go against their principles for political expediency.

  14. Diogidog says:

    Tuesday the McKyl folks began their full court press to get the Arizona Republican Party to toe the line.

    McKyl, Verdone, Hellon and their hacks have put up a feeble, has been strawman, Ron Carmichael, to assist them in wresting control of the AZGOP from the grassroots base. Just look at the list of former this and former that supporting their ticket! It stinks all over the face of it. These “formers” were put out to pasture for a reason!

    What this pathetic, gasping bunch doesn’t realize is that the new base of the AZGOP is loaded with new, Constitutional Conservative Precinct Committeemen, who hold great disdain for the McKyl bunch.

    It is going to be a great Statutory Meeting this year. We cannot wait to see the McKyl political machine bloodletting on January 22, 2011.


    • LD 11 PC says:

      Most important to remember is the County meeting this coming Saturday morning at the El Zaribah Shrine where all precinct committeemen will have the opportunity to support the reelection of conservative Rob Haney, our current Maricopa county Chairman. No one is more invested in ensuring GOP success than this good and dedicated man. No one has worked harder to recruit new PCs. The man is a dynamo. It’s rare that he misses a Legislative District or Tea Party meeting throughout the entire county. He is not beholden to anyone or anything other than the GOP Platform and the US Constitution, both of which he knows like the palm of his hand. His opponent aptly named Bill Cheatham just became a PC for the first time in order to run as a McCain stooge. I live in the heart of the hotbed district and have seen the shenanigans first hand. That’s why I proudly support Rob Haney.

  15. Seen It All says:

    Arizona’s National Committeeman Bruce Ash is now running for Republican State Chairman. He didn’t just fall off the political turnip truck. Listen to what he has to say about Chairman Rob Haney:

  16. MaskedTruthman says:

    Cheatham has not contributed any time or money to the Maricopa County Party and now he wants to lead it. What arrogance!

  17. Calypso says:

    Cheat’um is using McCain talking points. I heard him speak recently and it was pathetic. He admits he knows nothing, but wants us to be “inclusive” “with a smile on our faces.” This dim dude personifies the word “Vapid.”

  18. Barbara Espinosa says:

    After reading the two Seeing Red AZ. articles, I sat out on a mission to verify or debunk the articles. From two veteran Arizona Republican operatives with many years of experience I learned the following.

    McCain/Kyl is hell-bent on controlling the State GOP and is willing to do it by hook or crook {mostly crook}. The modes operandi is to take over at the county and district levels by stacking the deck with McCain supporters, having 2-3 run for the same office thereby splitting the votes and acing out the true conservative. He started in Yuma by raising a lot of money and electing unsuspecting naive willing volunteers, with the promise you don’t have to collect the signatures to put your name on the ballot or attend precinct meetings, we will do everything for you. When it comes time to vote for district and state GOP office holders it’s just give us your proxy and we will vote for you. After Yuma {a border town} he moved into Pinal County {very close to border} from there he moved his stealth operation to Maricopa {Phoenix} where at his directions his former Arizona campaign manager, a former state GOP chairman and four women led by Jane Lynch, Kathryn Pappas Petsas, Ann Lynch and Shiree Verdone aka Shiree Foster, known as the Lynch Mob proceeded to oust the State GOP Chairman from being elected as a state committeeman. Thereby being precluded from running again as State GOP Chairman.
    The efforts to exclude fellow Republicans by those around Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain – plus the overt direct support of Kyl and McCain for candidates for party leadership begs a question – who is representing who?
    One of these candidates in a letter to state committeeman plainly stated that we must deliver Arizona for “our own Senator Jon Kyl” — has this candidate already predetermined that Jon Kyl is the only one who can run in a Republican primary?
    Another candidate for party leadership in his letter to Maricopa County precinct committee members stated he did not view the county chair as a policy making position … which then begs the next question – is the next step that PCs themselves don’t have a say in part platform or policy?
    Who is representing whom? The grassroots has ground swells of support and platforms result from those movements. People join and vote for candidates based upon that. However, it seems we have two U.S. Senators who want to be the policy makers and directors and simply have obedient party workers following along. They want all the work channeled for them, all the money, and all the attention. If some fledging first time candidate for office who does not have all the insider money behind him or her comes along, well, lots of luck getting elected.
    The Kyl and McCain folks have lost sight that the Joe Average Republican voter could care less for the partisan infighting and heavy handed tactics – in fact, it drives them away. Perhaps that is why in Arizona’s fastest growing county, Pinal, we now see more Independent voters than either Republicans or Democrats. In fact, the mean, nasty approach by the “McKyl” and “Lynch Mob” types far exceeds anything they have accursed the conservatives of doing. They have become what they accuse others of being.
    It has gone from a Arizona GOP “party” to a Arizona GOP brawl. My take the prize for McCain is amnesty and open borders. Not sure of Kyl’s prize

    • Realist says:

      Thank You Barbara, that pretty much sums it up!
      Lobbyists and campaign operatives just elected as RINO PC’s in Arizona don’t give a RIP about our State or the negative impact McShame intends for our Nation’s future. For them, it’s all about the money !!! Kyl,well…he has proven to me that everytime McShame passes gas, he/Kyl gets a headache! Best be careful Jon, Lindsey Grahamnesty might be getting jealous!

  19. TPartier says:

    Bill Cheatham is a McCain clone, through and through. Like many others, I’ve had enough of McCain to last my entire lifetime, that of all of my children and theirs.

  20. Grandpa Joe says:

    The stench of the McAmnesty dirty politics is filling the air again as it did during the primary. He is still trying to rule us by forcing his authority upon us. (Many SHORT people seem to have this complex.) We are the ones who must find a way to resist these tactics and clean house while we have the help of our tea party brothers and sisters. Flush the McAmnesty and the McKyl supporters from our conservative GOP. As they are demonstrating by their behavior and their tactics – they are not worthy of our friendship or support. Rob Haney, the slate, Bruce Ash will get my support. Please support these great conservative American patriots as well.