Horrific attack: U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, numerous others shot by assailant in Tucson

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and least eight other people, including Federal Judge John Roll and members of Giffords’ staff, are reported killed or injured after an assailant opened fire outside a grocery store as the Democrat lawmaker met with constituents in her Pima County district. She was holding an event called Congress on Your Corner at a Safeway Supermarket on Oracle Road.

Giffords, 40, was re-elected to her third term representing Arizona’s Congressional District 8 this past November. She was a member of the Arizona House and Senate before being elected to Congress.

More news of this despicable and senseless attack is available here on Tucson’s KOLD News 13.

Our sincere condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones and our prayers are with Rep. Giffords and her family.


TPM is reporting that Judge John Roll was killed in the attack.

A nine-year-old girl is among the victims who lost their lives.

Sunday Update:

The latest Sunday morning update from the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson includes this medical press conference report that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was in surgery within 38 minutes of arriving at University Medical Center yesterday after suffering a gunshot “devastating wound” to the head that required the removal of half her skull. Read more here.


15 Responses to Horrific attack: U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, numerous others shot by assailant in Tucson

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    These is senseless insanity. I’m sickened by this madness.

  2. Blaine says:

    What a terrible act of a coward to attack innocent people while supporting our Country. My prayers go out to all the victims and their family’s of today’s tragedy. May God grant them peace and see them through these tough days.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    INTERESTING: The shooter’s YouTube page lists as one of his favorite books The Communist Manifesto. (How much further LEFT can you get?)

    IRONIC: The same healthcare system that giffords wants to destroy with obozocare will likely save her life.

  4. Jane 001 says:

    My prayers are with all the victims, unfortunately, this event is being made out to be about Gabrielle Giffords. She is among the luckier victims.

    What’s puzzling is how quickly we have an entire dossier on the gunman and how the media is painting the gunman as some right wing loon. Also, law enforcement said someone in the crowd shot back at the gunman possibly responsible for getting him in custody so soon.

    Forgive me, but can someone just pull the plug at KFYI temporarily. They are so grade-school and unprofessional.

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      Right on all counts, Jane. This falls right in line with Janet Napolitano releasing a report last year saying the real terrorists are returning American military personel.

  5. Pima Pal says:

    FYI: This is from the Pima County Republican Party:

  6. Joe Evans says:

    A federal law enforcement official identified the suspected gunman as Jared Loughner, 22, of Tucson. The official said the suspect was tackled after the shooting and was in custody

    In several YouTube videos, a person who posted under the name Jared Lee Loughner criticizes the government and religion and calls for a new currency.
    “The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar. No! I won’t pay debt with a currency that’s not backed by gold and silver! No! I won’t trust in God!”

  7. angee says:

    This is a tragedy. But unfortunately, Sheriff Dupnik used this incident to advance his own rhetoric of ‘bigotry’. At the time there was no evidence of that.

    The Sheriff made a strong statement about “divisive hatred and bigotry”. Later on in his press conference Dupnik again mentioned “the bigotry and discrimination” Why would anyone who doesn’t want divisiveness is the first one create it by saying it when there is no evidence of that at the time? I say Dupnik is guilty of advancing the agenda of hatred
    and bigotry claimed by anyone who wants to create
    a smokescreen. Sheriff Dupnik is wrong in assuming
    something such as that, but worse, saying it on T.V.

    • Doc says:

      angee-You are, in my opinion, ABSOLUTLY CORRECT! Sheriff Dupnik was so far out of line in his comments. Who’s spewing vitriol? “Right Wing Media”, or YOU, Sheriff? This act has 0, zip, nada, to do with legitimate political debate, no matter which side of the aisle you support.

      Mrs. Giffords is far from someone I support POLITICALLY. But what happened to her while she was honestly trying to do her job, & ALL of the other victims, is a blight on America.

      Jane 001-While you are right about much of the 5th grade crap @ KFYI, to ‘unplug’ them as you say would be entirely inappropriate. If we here are going to be Constitutional Following Conservatives, then we have to recognise that they have every right to act/say what they do, as long as they aren’t causing direct physical harm. The 1st Amnd. applys to all Americans whether we agree with what/how they say or not.

  8. Night Owl says:

    The “alleged” murderer Jared Loughner, listed the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf as his favorite books. This guy is a left winger, but the media will never describe him that way. Somehow this will morph into a political act by the right, since Rep. Giffords is a Democrat. However Judge Roll was appointed to the bench by Bush the Elder, so we can pretty well assume he was a Republican. The politics of the victims of this tragedy matters not. This is an evil act. Party politics are not be involved.

  9. boo says:

    The list I saw did have those books, and about a dozen others. Wait, which ones should we burn up? Because “The Prince” was on the list too, and that’s one of my favorites.

  10. Radical American Patriot says:

    A young Oro Valley lady named Caitie Parker is tweeting that she knew Jared Loughner. Called him “…left wing…” Watch for her on Good Morning America, et. al. The link on Hillbuzz.org follows:


  11. California Dreamer says:

    All I hear on the news here is that Arizona is a hot bed of hatred.

    I read in our press that some Sheriff in Tucson is saying the Tea Party rhetoric caused this poor congresswoman to be shot. The Sunday talk shows appear to using this to shut down free speech.

    What about their vitriol against Bush?

    When John Hinkley shot President Reagan I didn’t see the same politicized outrage. He got off on an insanity plea and went to a mental institution instead of jail. I believe he got out in the last few years and is now in a “halfway house”. Maybe we should blame Keith Olbermam for this tragic shooting since he was suspended for giving this congresswoman and another rep. from Arizona campaign contributions, putting their names in the limelight. I say this to point out how obscenely political the reporting of this vicious crime has gotten.

    Let’s call it what it is — one lunatic’s insane rage at everything including English grammar and the monetary system — and stop the irrational finger pointing.

  12. Doc says:

    So, in ongoing coverage of this horriffic tragedy, foxnews.com is reporting on the mud slinging that started less than 3 hours after the shooting, by Democratic Pima County Sheriff Dubnik, & continued through by many pundits & politicians, all the way up the D.C. ‘food chain’ to Ill. Senator Richard “DICK” Durbin:


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