Who knew Mayor Philly Gordon had so many friends and relatives?

Although the hard copy edition of the newspaper headlined the article Gordon vows 35,000 more jobs by 2012, the online version softens that a tad, with this more hopeful headline: Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon seeks to bring 35,000 jobs to Valley by end of year.

“This Valley will have 35,000 new jobs in one year,” Gordon boasted.

 Of course, since Philly will termed out at the end of this year, no one will be able to hold him accountable for his unfunded braggadocio.

The mayor, who is rarely in Phoenix due to his penchant for travel, is known for providing lucrative contracts to his friends, relatives, and his girlfriend and her business partner.

But 35,000 of them?  That’s even more than anyone suspected.


7 Responses to Who knew Mayor Philly Gordon had so many friends and relatives?

  1. BillyBob says:

    I didn’t know Phil could be that many more WalMarts built here.

  2. Wesley W. Harris says:

    Very well said. When confronted about his gross conflict of interest, Mayor Gordon faints another meeting and rushes out of the Council Hall. This “Transparent” mayor is anything but! The sweetheart deal that the City Manager cut for the Mayor’s girlfriend’s bus company also speaks loudly about the City Manager too. Birds of a feather… I would also like to see an audit of the Mayor’s travel expenses…but do not let David do it…we know how good he is with city travel expenses.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Wesley W. Harris:
      While we welcome your observations, our policy is not to provide direct links to the personal sites of commenters. As you might imagine, that can quickly get out of hand, as people use this blog to drive readers to their own sites — holding views we may or may not endorse. We request that you refrain from promoting your website here.

  3. Tomfoolery says:

    Based on the fact that Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, who unapologetically presides over a Sanctuary City, has been a consistent and outspoken opponent of SB 1070, his new jobs program could signal that he will be importing additional labor from Mexico. Illegals are who he cares about. Arizona citizens are good for one thing and that is paying endless taxes like the one he imposed on FOOD, in order to pay for expanded services for illegals.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Phil can’t get out of the mayor’s office soon enough to suit me. He is more liberal than mayoral, more attuned to illegal aliens than he is to those who put him in office or have to put up with him and his excessive antics. Aside from the fact that he looks demonic, which is probably beyond his control, he has taken the people of the city of Phoenix for one big and exceedingly costly buggy ride. take a hike, Phil. Sooner rather than later.

  5. Steve Calabrese says:

    I think Phil has an idea how much damage he’s done in the eyes of those who actually know how to balance a checkbook.

    He’s an ambitious man. He’s also not stupid. He most likely will wait a bit for things to “cool down” before running for another office.

    We must be alert for when this happens, and we must remember his record, so that we can stop him from winning another public office.

  6. BillyBob says:

    Tomfoolery and Frankly get it. Phil boy is going to advocate we open a large factory for cheap lawn equipment so we can have more illegal alien lawn services. Then the WalMarts will be built, employing more people at below poverty wages and encougaing them to get on AHCCCS – so WalMart gets a free ride on all of us taxpayers. Then, Phil will have his fire and other union friends have their girlfriends on the side open a boutique thing catering to cheating spouses. Then, comes the coup da gracie thing, and Phil announces that the TV show “Cheaters” will open a studio office here and do their show here, making us not only the idiot capital of the country, but the sleaziest.

    Me, I’m voting Wes Harris for Mayor. I’d rather have a dark haired guy for mayor than that ginger colored McKyl staffer guy who’s running, Mr. Gluten or something like that.