King of Mean Grant Woods offers lessons in civility

We are heartened to know that even the New Times realizes a wagon load of manure when it sees it. Here, in a column titled Irony of Ironies, Monica Alonzo exposes the duplicity of the infamous and egocentric Grant Woods.

Over the weekend, sometime Republican, always egomaniacal Woods and Democrat activist Fred DuVal joined forces to write a cunning essay on the heels of the horrific shooting in Tucson. Crafted as an edifying narrative, it comes complete with references to God, our nation’s framers and the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus —  along with instructions on how to disagree without becoming enemies — how we should be mindful of not confusing ideology with patriotism, and respect debate.

Odd that Woods had a finger, much less a hand, in this piece.

Woods, who once served as chief of staff and all around boot-licker for John McCain was none too happy with the challenge former Congressman J.D. Hayworth presented to his onetime boss. So he lambasted him with a relentless barrage of vicious insults, culminating with this Draculaesque comment in Newsweek magazine: “Someone just needs to drive a wooden stake through this guys’ heart.”

We’ve covered the Democrat endorsing squishy Republican Woods here, here, here, here and here. It’s difficult to admit, but even these sterling exposés don’t reach the lofty level of this New Times commentary.


8 Responses to King of Mean Grant Woods offers lessons in civility

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Is this a joke? Grant Woods preaching civility, manners within the political arena and playing nice with others? This guy has always played dirty. He has made a career of dissing Republicans and endorsing Democrats. He publicly endorsed both Janet Napolitano and Felecia Rottelini, both extreme liberal Democrats.

  2. Army Of One says:

    Grant Woods is a has-been, who desperately wants to recreate himself as a player. He doesn’t even have the good sense to know where to begin. It sure isn’t trying to play the morality maven. That he ain’t.

  3. Rambling Rose says:

    This guy is so outside the bounds of decency that no one pays attention. He ought to sign up with the Democrats, where his heart, if he had one, would be.

    Thanks for the walk back with the links to previous posts. They reminded me what a McEgo he has.

  4. Cave Creek Cal says:

    Funny that Barry Goldwater is held up as a beacon of political decorum by Woods. I’m old enough to remember Goldwater coming after Republican Doug Wead with both barrels, due to the fact that he was a political and religious conservative who Barry said was unacceptable since he “wore his religion on his sleeve.” Wead was a good man running for congress. And who did Barry Goldwater prefer AND endorse? Karan English, a liberal Democrat! Yep. Arizona’s Republican icon, Mr.Conservative wasn’t a conservative at all. As shocking as that may be, Barry Goldwater actively endorsed a liberal, folks.

    And who beat Karan English? Why none other than conservative JD Hayworth, who it turns out is more of a conservative than Barry ever was. Sorry to burst any bubbles here, but truth rules.

  5. Atilla The Hunny says:

    What happened to the once debonair Grant Woods? He’s developed an very unsexy paunch and his forehead has grown higher with a bit of a comb over evident. That probably explains his snarky meanness.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Woods’ jealousy is on full display in his vicious assault on Hayworth. He appears to be nothing more than a pathetic fool, too long in the tooth to be engaging in schoolyard bullying.

    As to his preaching ethics to the rest of us, Woods ought to begin by picking up the phone, inviting Hayworth to lunch and apologizing for his own behavior. Then he might have a leg to stand on in telling others how to behave. With his oversized ego, rest assured that will never happen.

  7. Doug Johnson says:

    What an arrogant jerk. Giving him coverage just empowers him. Ignore this fool.

  8. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Grant Woods lecturing on respect? Give me a break!!