AZ delegation: Can you hear us now?

The Arizona Republican Party’s Statutory meeting elected a new state party chairman this afternoon.  On the third ballot, conservative and tea party favorite, write-in candidate Tom Morrissey, won with 677 votes.  Establishment-backed Ron Carmichael, supported by McCain operatives, came up short with 603 votes and Robert Graham floundered with 68 votes, down from 88 on the previous ballot. Marty Hermanson was dropped after receiving 32 votes on the second round of balloting.

This meeting marked the largest turnout in terms of votes cast in state GOP history, According to the final credentials report, 888 state committeemen were in attendance and 485 were represented by proxy, bringing the grand total to 1373.

Timothy Lee was reelected the state party treasurer and Linda White was reelected as secretary of the state GOP organization. 

Elected officials were in abundance, with widespread acknowledgement of tea party activists. A video presentation honoring outgoing chairman Randy Pullen recognized his numerous achievements including serving 6 years as National Committeeman and two consecutive terms as State Party Chairman, overseeing the successful sweep of state offices and veto-proof super majorities in both chambers of the state legislature.

Today’s victories are reminiscent of the conservative tsunami that took place two weeks ago when the Maricopa County Republican meeting was held. Conservative Chairman Rob Haney was reelected by a massive show of support as he trounced the establishment-backed Bill Cheatham 1281 – 575.

The sleeping giant is stirring.

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  1. LD 7 PC says:

    Wonderful news! Maybe the elites will finally get the message. My only suggestion to an otherwise great post is instead of saying “the sleeping giant is stirring,” it should have read “the sleeping giant is wide awake and is ready for action!” Gr-rr-r.

  2. State Committeeman says:

    Congressmen Trent Franks,Paul Gosar, David Schweikert, Jeff Flake and even the soon to be up for reelection Sen. Jon Kyl was there. Shadegg took one more leap at the spotlight and showed up to say he’s still going to have a presence in Washington. Conspicuously missing were new Rep. Ben Quayle and Juan McAmnesty, who is usually worried about getting booed and having it reported nationally.

    AZ Attorney General Tom Horne brought down the house with his energizing speech. He got a heftier ovation than Kyl or the congressmen.

  3. Ellsworth says:

    Sweet victory!! Thanks for the info.

  4. OM says:

    Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when McAmnesty gets the news!!!!!

    • LD 30 PC says:

      I’d love to see McLame finally realize that his war hero “maverick” image isn’t paying him any more dividends. We TEA Party committeemen are showing who runs things now. It was great being with like minded conservative kicking some major neo-con A$$. And Kyl is next on our list, since he is against auditing the Federal Reserve (the banksters have him in their corner).

      • Hunter says:

        I think they are country club Republicans rather than neo-cons. They suck up to big money people who can bankroll their campaigns and look down on the peons who are only good for $100 at the most plus 15 or 30 petition signatures. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of money, but duty, honor, and country should come first. No doubt they think that whatever is good for their financiers is good for the country. No wonder they get so mad when we oppose them.

  5. paul marchant says:

    Sure makes that re-election in LD22 last month all the more crucial. Thanks to Jeff, Andy, Anita and all the other conservatives that fought back. Now we have to eradicate the Unions from our City Councils!
    Viva Rob Haney!

  6. paul marchant says:

    Someone from LD 18 go back and tabulate how many conservative State committeman you picked up on the re-vote. Add it to the 30-40 from the LD 22 re-election and you can see what a difference a little perseverance makes. John and Dave, you two put up a great effort but conservatism trumped the establishment moderates today! Now, ‘can we all just get along’ and go after the Dems!

  7. Blaine Dunning says:

    It was great to see that the influence of the tea party has brought some new voices to represent Arizona. We must continue the fight to get Arizona and our Country back on the right path to a better future.

  8. Doc says:

    Wonder if Mr. Kyl got a hint from th’ applause…or lack thereof…

    Congratulations again Mr. Morrissey!

  9. Kathy says:

    Awesome – congrats to Tom Morrissey, even after the smears. McCain & his cronies must all be in a tizzy cooking up their next attacks.

  10. Calypso says:

    Desiring the members of Arizona’s delegation to either hear or heed the clamor of grassroots conservatives, is, I’m sorry to say, a fool’s errand. Kyl gave lip service to the state committeemen in the room today, knowing that they are on to his rude dismissal of them in a press interview. Now, like his old chum McCain, he thinks we develop midterm amnesia, as he attempts to snow us. It won’t work with me again, Mr. Kyl. Did you hear the subdued, polite applause today? Did you notice how few gave you that old expected (by YOU) standing O? Many of us are getting tired of getting screwed over by those we put in office.

    I have hopes for Gosar and Schweikert. Please don’t disappoint us, guys.

    • GOP Boomer Gal says:

      I remember in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s when everyone was excited by Kyl before Washington got so much in his blood. He was one of us, then.

  11. American Dad says:

    Can you imagine the agitated tone of the conference calls that took place after this meeting? The District 11 McCainiacs must be going nuts. They’re probably already conniving over how they’ll right themselves after this pummeling. Listen. You can almost hear the agitated, high pitches voices fretting over this thumping. Just imagining it, makes me laugh out loud.

  12. Ricky Lujan says:

    Another great day for Arizona conservatives. But, the elites won’t listen and get onboard with us. They have learned to live without supporting their own state party. The “unity slate” team of McCain, Kyl, Flake and the rest will continue to subvert the AZ GOP every chance they get.

    I used to think the illegal invasion was the wedge issue. Now I see they don’t need an issue. If their handpicked guy isn’t annointed Chairman then they will always take their ball and go home. We do well enough without them too given our veto-proof legislature and new conservative congressmen. Well, the juries out on Quayle but I think we can have confidence in Schweikert and Gosar.

  13. Valerie J says:

    Chairman Morrissey made a couple good points about fund raising today. Sure we need donations but we most assuredly do not need the strings that often comes with them. Morrissey said to be ready to work for small contributions from many more contributors. That sounds like the recipe for success this next cycle. Politicians will be jumping on the band wagon for the Tea Party movement and that’s just what we want them to do.

    We the People spoke today!

  14. Sgt. Preston says:

    What is really remarkable is the fact that Morrissey won as a write-in. Quite a feat in just a few days time. I give more than a bit of credit to this site for getting his message out. Not only was this a longshot campaign under the circumstance of Bruce Ash unexpectedly quitting his run for state chairman, but Morrissey was dealing with frontal, sidal and backal attacks from detractors, including a mysteriously reappearing ex-wife. I wonder how the McCain folks found her living out of state. There is nothing too low for this crew.

    Congrats, Tom Morrissey! Your perseverance under these circumstances gives me great certainty that you can handle any crisis!

  15. Brian says:

    It’s impressive to see a guy who jumped in the last minute to replace the TEA Party/Ron Paul/Conservative favorite Bruce Ash was able to defeat the establishment favorite who obviously had spent a lot of money on nice signs, printed materials and people with T-Shirts on. Morrissey’s campaign was put together within a week and won with a bunch of hand made signs and low budget printed materials. That’s the power of a good message and the internet. No wonder the establishment voted for an “emergency shut off the internet” bill.

  16. LD 30 PC says:

    Carmichael and Hermanson spent a lot of bucks on pretty glossy signs to line the road (must have been 50 out there) and huge banners inside the meeting room, but the quick cardstock 8.5×11 signs folded in half on tongue depressors that Morrissey’s crew passed out at the front door cost maybe $50 total and showed that true conservative values matter a lot more than big daddy warbucks blood money. McLame isn’t running the party anymore baby, we TEA Party people have taken over. Kyl doesn’t stand a chance. Bye Bye neo-cons.

  17. Kathy says:

    News is good in New Hampshire – per Big Gov’t they just elected a Tea Party figure as their GOP leader & rejected the establishments choice. New Hampshire of all places – The People are fighting to get our Country back from the elites – Johnny’s not going to be happy.

  18. OM says:

    Does anyone know the Members-at-Large that were elected?

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Sorry for the delay. These names were not immediately available. The following Members-at-Large were elected from AZ’s congressional districts:

      Charlotte Mortensen
      Mike Holland
      Robert Burges

      TC Bundy
      Frosty Taylor
      Jeanette Dubreil

      CD 3:
      Margaret Dugan
      Cheryl Pietkiewicz
      Nancy Edwards

      CD 4:
      Constantin Querard
      Phil Mason
      Galen Kimmick

      CD 5:
      James O’Connor
      Steve Parsons
      April Riggins

      CD 6:
      Beth Coons
      Paul Brierley
      Jon Lindblom

      CD 7:
      CR Waters
      Karen Fritz
      Luis Acle

      CD 8:
      Gail Griffin
      Lynne St. Angelo
      Greg Krino

  19. Clementine says:

    And what’s with Pinal County Sheriff Ego Baboon? Watch for him to seek greener pastures than the sheriff’s office. If anyone thought Joe Arpaio had an ego, they haven’t seen this FOM (Friend of McCain) in action. Arpaio has worldwide career law enforcement credentials. This guy is nothing more than a shaven head small county sheriff with enormous aspirations.
    Remember his border stroll with McAmnesty?

    Let’s not forget what he’s really all about and who he gives cover to. “Senator, you’re one of us!” Well, neither Baboon or McAmnesty are one with any conservatives.

  20. Night Owl says:

    Thanks for the excellent reminder, Clementine! We should etch this deceptive video in our memories.

  21. DeAnn says:

    All Tea Party and grassroots Republicans should send a check to the AZ Republican Party with a note saying why they are now trusting the party with their money. I don’t know if the lady John Munger nominated was a good candidate, but his endorsement speech made it impossible for her to win.

    • GOP Boomer Gal says:

      Paula is a great lady; did a wonderful job as ED at Pima County Headquarters, but I could not find a good reason to replace Linda White, who has been doing an exceptional job for the State Party.

    • Brian says:

      DeAnn you are 100% right. I was considering voting for Paula, until Munger got up there and basically bashed the grassroots. If Paula is going to associate with someone like that I’ll choose the other person even if I don’t know anything about them.

  22. Not Anonymous - Scott O'Connor says:

    Being a detested LD11 moderate, my $.02 worth here: all 4 Chairman candidates spoke about how they were going to raise money and register new Republicans. With statewide registrations about equal among Dems, Independents and Republicans, if we hope to win over a whole lot of Independents for 2012, steering the platform and the Republican image too far right seems contrary to what is needed in wooing Independnts to our side for the general election and taking back the White House.

    Seeing how many people stood up for Randy Pullen’s straw poll on who in the audience were TEA Partiers was impressive; it looked like at least half the audience. However, if I had the microphone, seeing the age demographics in the room, I would have next asked how any of those would remain standing if they were asked to take a cut from means testing their social security check or Medicare in order to shrink the federal budget. There might not have been too many standing after that, which is a big problem we all need to deal with if we’re serious about shrinking the federal budget.

    Congratulations to the conservatives; they took the day and are clearly in charge. As many of the speakers said yesterday, “don’t blow it!”

    • malaine says:

      As an Independent, I would say that the reason I am an Independent is because the establishment Republicans are really leftist Democrats in disguised. Common Sense and the things that the Tea Party represent will bring the Independents. For the first time I feel hope that maybe the Republicans will take control from the establishment Republicans and start representing the people.

    • sapito says:

      I was an independent for 19yr’s. The reason I became a republican is that J-D hayward said tea party was the way to go. So you see most of us indpendents are conservatives not lefty. Now as far as Social Security and Medicare!! We have been paying for that all our life. Not because we wanted to. We had no choice. The goverment needed and spent our money Now we can cut the u.n. the lclu, la rasa, chicanos por la casua and a lot of othere orgs that we have on welfare. Thay are against America. I ask why do you all ways attack us we kept our country going for the last 70 to 90 yrs. May I ask what have you done!!

  23. LD 30 PC says:

    I was all ready to vote for Paula Maxwell yesterday but Munger’s endorsement speech changed my vote. I wanted to vote out all incumbents just because they were incumbents. I’m sure Linda White will continue to do well. I just hope she knows that she’s working for a TEA Party candidate now so it won’t be slime as usual. And what about the crap they tried to pull will the Sonoran Alliance demonizing Morrissey?

    • GOP Boomer Gal says:

      Linda White happens to be down with the Tea Party, but that is immaterial to her job as Secretary in the State Party

    • Tyler M says:

      Linda White also happens to be one of the people who allied herself with Randy Pullen, who actually constantly fought against the elites who always want to tell us conservatives how we should behave in the Party.

      The condescending nature of elitist leftist Republicans! The Rockefeller Republicans stick with us because we agree with them on lower taxes, but they don’t help us on any of our issues.

    • Franklin Brown says:

      I agree – I was really taken aback by Munger’s “endorsement.” It was extremely ill advised.

  24. Political Hack says:

    I wonder how many more times the McCain/establishment group will continue to let Sherrie Verdone and Mike Hellon lead them to defeat. So far they are 0-4 if not more.

    • Tyler M says:

      Mike Hellon came out to our Pima County Young Republican meeting this past Tuesday. I asked Hellon why he was criticizing Randy Pullen so much. So, He blasted what he called Randy Pullen’s poor handling of AZGOP finances & said that the AZGOP was in major debt because of him. Hellon went on to say that we needed the elite money people in order to run successful elections & that without their money we could not win elections. Hellon said that Jon Kyl supported what the the Yuma County GOP did last year because those donors would not have given any money otherwise. He said that the wealthy, liberal elite Republican donors could circumvent donating to the AZGOP by giving to the Yuma GOP to run campaigns instead & that this was the only way that these elitists found acceptable since they didn’t support Randy Pullen.

      It’s funny how the libs want us to support them with our manpower. But they refuse to support us with their pocketbooks. It’s always been a oneway street with them. They demand our support but refuse to support our views on the issues.

      I’m very glad that Morrissey won yesterday just to show those lib elites that we are not for sale.

      • American Dad says:

        The Party bigwig, bad boys Jon Kyl and McCain did all they could to ensure that the AZ GOP was unable to raise money under Randy Pullen’s leadership. That was their end game and method of undermining Pullen’s leadership. The Trunk and Tusk dinners that had been successful fundraisers for years collapsed when Kyl would make back door calls to politicos who had accepted invitations to headline events, and convince them to change their plans.

        So much for the AZ’s senators commitment to the Arizona Republican Party. It has always been their way or the highway. I hope they are now getting the message that they are not the sole control and that they better start paying attention to the conservatives and tea party patriots they detest.

        Yesterday’s election and the one preceeding it two weeks ago, give me hope. Conservatives are at the helm of both the state and county GOP organizations.

  25. Ajo Joe says:

    The fact that a write-in candidate could sweep the McCain and Kyl hack Ron Carmichael, should put the gruesome twosome on their heels. Tom Morrissey is a strong repudiation of the powers that be in our congressional delegation. This is a tough pill for these aristocrats to swallow, but swallow it they must. The grassroots of the AZ GOP is energized, John, Jon and Jeff. We’ve had enough of your garbage to last us a lifetime. None of you would be sitting in your ivory towers had it not been for us, the Republican precinct committeemen. Get a clue. Try being responsive to conservatives or count your days in office, for they’ll be short. We put you in DC and we can bring you home.

    • Tyler M says:

      Our next big focus needs to be on removing Jeff Flake. His support of openly gay people serving in the Armed Forces is the last straw. He supports amnesty. And he has ZERO clue on foreign policy. There has got to be somebody in his district with stronger conservative credentials who can beat him in the Primary next year.

  26. Another LD11 PC says:


    Your attempt to hide your council on foreign relations globalist connections ARE UP.

    YOU’RE GOING TO LISTEN TO *US* NOW or we’ll help you enter a graceful retirement away from your Washington DC puppetmasters.

  27. LD 18 PC says:

    Yesterday was a fantastic example of what a dedicated and fed-up with the status quo, group can do when they’ve had enough of McKyl dominance of their party. We’ve finally awakened to the fact that they hold us in disdain except as elections near.

    Kyl needs to be especially careful. He’s up for re-election and can find himself humiliated in defeat. He’s conned us one time too often as it is. Immediately after this campaign ad showing him to be tough on the border, helped him get back to D.C., he worked with John McAmnesty and Teddy Kennedy to write the amnesty bill they called Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It was defeated by WE THE PEOPLE jamming their phone and fax lines.

  28. angee says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Morrissey! Once again the
    Conservatives in the party show the people are in
    charge. I have often said it: “The Tea Party will
    define this century’s values.” We The People -are
    in charge! God bless this USA! It is a privilege
    to be a part of the Republican Party as it asserts
    the conservative values that founded this great nation.

  29. Pima Pal says:

    It’s unimaginable that a WRITE IN candidate, coming in during the last days of the campaign, was able to defeat the McCain/Kyl hand picked candidate. As the headline on this post indicates, they better begin listening to, rather than dismissing, the rising voices of conservatives.

    I will actively work against Jon Kyl in his upcoming election. He and Mccain have duped us repeatedly. We were fools enough to reelect McCain. Let’s not allow ourselves to be swindled again.

    It’s time to find a good candidate to oppose Kyl. It CAN be done.

  30. Standing Tall says:

    Read this interesting coverage of yesterday’s conservative sweep in the liberal Tucson press. And pay particular attention to the coverage of the Democrat state meeting (also yesterday) and how they are licking their wounds after November’s devastating losses.

  31. Steve Calabrese says:

    The Democrats are not licking their wounds.

    Andrei Cherny is a supremely capable, formidible opponent. Doug Ducey took him seriously. We should to.

    The Democrats are in it for the long haul. They will seek to capitalize on our mistakes.

    • Stanford says:

      Specifically which mistakes are you referring to, Steve.

      Ducey and Cherny were opponents, so it’s safe to assume they took each other seriously. However, it was Cherny who lost — by a wide margin! What is the relevance in that reference?

      THIS is factual information you can take to the bank: The Dems lost EVERY state office, they lost TWO congressional seats, and they are A MINORITY in both chambers of the state legislature. You’re right. They have no wounds to lick. They are mortally wounded. It’s over for at least two years, most likely four, quite possibly much longer.

      It’s obvious you are not a committed Republican, so I’ll take your words as those of a tormented liberal.

      • Steve Calabrese says:

        Oh, give me a break.

        I am a sufficently committed Republican that I take the Democratic threat seriously.

        Pride comes before the fall. We have two very tough years ahead of us; the economy will get worse, and with Republicans controlling the House at the national level – but with the Senate and Presidency controlled by the other side – we can STOP the bleeding, but we cannot truly treat the patient that is the United States of America. We cannot effectively propose legislation at the National level.

        This affects Arizona greatly. We have a Republican super majority, ’tis true, but if we sit around telling each other how wonderful and engaging in increasingly stupid intraparty fights, the Democrats WILL come back.

        Glassman was a joke. With far more money and name recognition, he came away with a total vote count far less than Cherny. Cherny should not be underestimated and is a far more capable chair than the previous nutcase the Dems had.

        Now, I’m sorry if pointing out that the Democrats are still a formidible party somehow makes me a “tormented liberal”, but the biggest mistake we can make is to get cocky.

      • Hunter says:

        Steve, I agree we should take the Democrats seriously and not get cocky. Keep in mind, though, that we had a well funded, “establishment” led GOP state party in 2006 and, except for Kyl, suffered huge electoral losses. With almost no money, we picked up seats in the legislature in 2008 even against the Obama wave. In 2010, with no almost no money, we made even more gains in the legislature, elected all Republicans to state-wide offices, and won back two Congressional seats (admittedly with the anti-Obama wind at our backs). The legislature is more conservative in addition to being more Republican.

        It looks like the “establishment” leadership is more of a hindrance than a help except to selected candidates who are either McCain or Kyl or are in their choir.

        More money for the state party wouldn’t hurt, but, without good leadership, the money will not be helpful and could be counter-productive. By good leadership, I mean concerned about more than doing just the bidding of Kyl and McCain. They are our US Senators and are important to the party, but they are not THE party and should be just two important voices among many. They should also be willing to work with the state party and not get into hissy fits and storm off when they don’t always get their way.

  32. Franklin Brown says:

    It’s important to remember that the real battle is defeating Obama and improving our gains at the state and national level in 2012. It’s not going to be easy – Barack is already trying to “center” himself, and his approval ratings are creeping up.

    And he never lost his base – a base that is frightfully enormous.

    • Doc says:

      COPY THAT FB! We need to concentrate on evicting him & those that align themselves with him, on BOTH sides of the aisle! 2012 is so close! Time to get, & KEEP, our game faces on!!!

  33. Calypso says:

    Love the headline!!

    The truth is, the McDelegation hears us very clearly, but they dismiss conservatives and tea party patriots as the crazy aunts in the attic. They want no part of us.

    We need to show the lefties among them (McCain, Kyl, Flake) the door. But we can’t do that without good, solid recruitment of good solid conservatives who can generate support and raise enough money to be competitive against these flush RINOs. Incumbency equates to cash. Cash is the engine that drives the political train, buying air time and getting mailers with the message out to the voters.

    Remember the US Senate terms are SIX LONG YEARS.

    • Hunter says:

      You’re right. The problem is that since Kyl is the Senate minority whip, he can probably raise $10 million at the drop of a hat and another $10-15 million with just a little effort. It would be a repeat of McCain vs. JD as far as paid media goes. Plus, Kyl will get favorable press compared to a primary challenger. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider it, but we might be better off focusing on other races where we have a better chance of success.

      Flake might be vulnerable, but he has easily fended off primary challenges in the past. Even Russell Pearce decided to run for the state senate rather than challenge him for the Congressional seat.

      While these guys are annoying on a lot of issues, it will be tough to persuade voters to throw them out.

      Working on unseating Democrats and working on redistricting might be a better way to go.

      We could also focus on municipal races like the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and other Maricopa County offices. With the stench of corruption hanging about them, the Supervisors should have the decency to not run for re-election, but these guys will need to be dragged out of their positions kicking and screaming.

  34. […] AZ GOP chairmanship election this past weekend didn’t go exactly as the establishment had planned. Conservative and Tea Party state committeemen carried the day with a last minute write-in […]

  35. Hunter says:

    One thing I have to compliment Carmichael on is that he did get up in front of everyone and call for Morrissey to be elected by acclamation. Lisa James never did that when Randy Pullen beat her – not in either election. Although I disagree with his view that a political party should not take stands on policy issues, at least he was enough of a gentleman to make that motion. A few of his supporters who yelled “No” on that motion could learn some good manners from him. It’s no fun to lose, but you can at least be gracious to the winner and try to promote unity behind him. Even if you can’t support the winner, you should at least be able to refrain from trying to tear him down.

    • Franklin Brown says:

      I agree, Hunter; Carmichael conceded with the utmost class, and that gives me hope.

      We’re all on the same side now. It’s time to stop the anti-Tea Party and anti-McCain/Kyle/Flake rhetoric and bury the hatchet, at least until we win in 2012.

      • GOP Boomer Gal says:

        I liked Carmichael…..just not his supporters. I never saw so many sourpusses and that was BEFORE the vote.

        How can you foster enthusiasm for your candidate when you walk around looking like this :( ?

  36. Bruce Ash says:

    One important factoid that probably bears pointing out from last weekend’s results……..

    Democrats at their state meeting had 516 TOTAL votes cast by all their state committeemen and women for chairman.

    Republicans on saturday had 1373 total votes cast from those in attendance or by those carrying proxies. A staggering differential and we basically send state committeemen to mandatory meetings in a similar fashion ( Terry Goddard and Raul Grijalva even suggested postponing their state meeting but were un successful ). Another result of the devastating defeat hung on them in 2010.

    What does that tell us about the AZGOP?

    For starters, notwithstanding critics within our own party we are energized and this was an important election for Arizona Republicans because we are focused on 2012.

    Second,our vote difference shows we are by far the dominant grassroots political party in Arizona today. We kicked the democrat’s asses in the last 2 elections and their turn out for their leadership election shows the futility of their situation right now.

    The democrats have virtually no leadership within their party today and an almost invisible bench for 2012. Andrew Cherny will no more be the answer than Don Bivens was ( although I was rooting for a DRAFT Bivens movement ).

    Arizona will build on the solid gains over the last 4 years if we continue to provide a clear difference in leadership for the next two years. Our Tea Party and grassroots support made the difference in 2008 and 2010 even though we operated from a financial deficit.

    We have many avenues for financial support headed into a presidential election year as well as our abilities to fund raise using un conventional methods that we have not previously had at our disposal. Let’s move on with our new leadership confident that we continue to be the party of great ideas and opportunity. We have an incredible bench of GOP stars and more who will rise up and do their public service. Our differences are really opportunities.

  37. Jeni says:

    Bruce is right. Look at all the passion and enthusiasm there was on the floor last Saturday. I’ll bet the Dem leadership would have cut off their right arms to have their people clamoring to engage in the campaign and election like ours were! This is where the energy is, and our differences make us stronger. Isn’t that what we’ve been saying for years from the outside?

    Ron Carmichael demonstrated on Saturday that he meant it when he said, “Unity.” The man is a class act, and we should all embrace his active participation. TEA Partiers and Constitutional Conservatives need to accept our victory with grace and responsibility. We said we want a fair and open process for all candidates; now it’s our duty to ensure one. We said (and showed) that with the right principles and energy, we don’t need Big Money. Now we’re in charge, and it’s our responsibility to clean up the HQ and keep the lights on. The basic expenses are $16k/month. Folks, it hasn’t been just the establishment starving the party. We’ve all been sending our money straight to candidates and thumbing our noses at the party for the past 4-6 years. But now we ARE the party. It’s time to accept the responsibility… to treat all Republicans the way we demanded to be treated… to get the fundraising and other business underway on a positive note… to step up, pony up, and LEAD.

    Let’s Roll, Baby!