Dump Dupnik effort begins in earnest

The Washington Times reports on the effort in Pima County to recall the too-long-at-the-fair sheriff, Clarence Dupnik.

Dupnik is the lightweight partisan who responded to the tragic Tucson shootings by calling Arizona “a Mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”  As sheriff, he is on record as opposing SB 1070 and saying he would not enforce the state law, gaining him praise from the open borders proponents at the Arizona Republic.

A longtime lawman who should have known better, Dupnik, 75, jeopardized the investigation by making comments that reflected his own political agenda, while persistently inserting his newest vocabulary words of “vitriol” and “rhetoric” as he blamed talk show hosts for the massacre rather than the shooter.

It’s time to put Dupnik out to pasture where he can devote more time to expanding his personal language dictionary, enabling him to use more than two words repetitively.

Here is the man in action:

11 Responses to Dump Dupnik effort begins in earnest

  1. Doc says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that th’ muslim squatter was praising this clown? Why doesn’t that suprise me?

    “dopenik” gives EVERY LAWMAN IN AMERICA a bad name.

    • Jason says:

      Your recollection is correct, Doc. They are both committed leftists. It’s the birds of a feather routine.

  2. nfbailey says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Enough is enough!!

  3. Rambling Rose says:

    The old saying “there’s no fool like an old fool,” rings true in this instance. Especially an old fool who appears to dye his hair with black shoe polish.

  4. BrainDoc says:

    Do I understand correctly from you ultra-far-right folks who have posted here re: Dupnik’s comments, that you wish to quash his right to free speech because YOUR right to free speech, or the right to free speech of fascistic talk-show “hosts” somehow trumps/overides Dupnik’s? When will you people even begin to acknowledge that this really is a FREE country, where EVERYONE has the right to express their opinions, even if they happen to be an elected official, whose opinions are not in accord with your own quite strange interpretation of what the original “Tea Party” and the Constitution were/are really about? Yeah, sure, start a recall effort, maybe get us our very own Joe Arpaio down here in Tucson, the sole, tiny bastion of clear-headed thinking in this forever-moving-rightward state! Y’all boys will not be satisfied until EVERY voice of dissent against bigotry, hatred, racism and fascism is silenced. Get out your AK-47s and reload, you’ve a long, hard fight ahead of you, against those of us who choose words over guns.

    • Doc says:

      If you’re a “braindoc” we’re all in HUGE trouble. Of course the man has every right to say what he did. Here, lemmee draw you a MAP; try & keep up, o.k.?

      As an elected Political Figure in the public eye, in light of the incident that brought his words to the surface in the first place, & the fact that he has said them WHEN he did, as a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL, gives anybody who DOESN’T need brain surgery pause for concern. This guy was in CHARGE of the case! And he’s running around, looking for ANY camera he can poke his nose into, for the sake of PUBLICITY, just so he can spew his rhetoric! This dope turned a horror story with 6 deaths & 13 injuries into a 3 ring political circus, in front of GOD & everybody within earshot of a T.V.! While he’s entitled to espouse his views, a little discretion during a tragedy of this magnitude is in order.

      Apparently sir, you’re just like most doctors that I know, many of them FINE MEN & WOMEN, but “book smart…but ain’t gotta’ lickka’ sense!”

  5. watching says:

    Hey Brainless Doc: It’s not about free speech, it’s about a sheriff potentially inciting a riot; publicly stating he will not enforce the law; and last, but not least, speaking about a case that will go to trial in a manner that might well endanger the finding of an unbiased jury.

    I know it is hard to have one of your idols called out for his misdeeds, but for you to then make false accusations against those who would uphold the laws of Arizona is just plain wrong…so choose your words carefully – I don’t own an AK-47…….

  6. metsfan says:

    the sheriff was speaking in his official capacity as the sheriff in this case. his role should be restricted to the facts as he knows them. he can speak his opinions anywhere, anytime on his own personal time.

  7. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    For those that don’t know about “The Shame of Arizona”, Pima County, which contains left-wing tuscon (home of nut-job bearded marxist boycotter grijalva) is a de-facto ILLEGALS sanctuary area dominated by d-crat socialists. It is a lunatic-left cesspool, unlike the sanity that prevails in the rest of Arizona. dupnik is, of course, a d-crat socialist extremist who is so irresponsible he has consistently REFUSED to enforce ANY immigration laws, whether they be state or federal. As a direct result of dupnik’s negligence, Pima Country and tucson have the highest per capital crime rates in the state. (It’s safer to be in midst of the mexican drug cartels than it is to be in Pima or tucson.) His inflammatory bs rhetoric is exactly what one expects from the lunatic-left.

    Because of the left-wing extremism in pima and tucson, plus the MASSIVE voter fraud by ILLEGALS (that was key to the very close re-election of giffords and the bearded marxist boycotter grijalva) I don’t believe that even a nut-job like dupnik would be recalled there.

  8. Tucson Citizen says:

    What this man did by exercising his free speech is to possibly taint any jury pool. He as a long term lawman should know better than to start spewing this trash before doing an investigation. He should be investigated by internal affairs for this and thrown out by the people for his lies (Jared is a socialist) and unprofessional behavior.

  9. Dan Baltes says:

    This issue, as addressed in the press conference today is that this is not “some guy in Utah” calling for the recall of Dupnik but a national organization, contacted by Pima County residents for representation and support.

    This effort is based in Pima County and more directly on Grant Road. AZ Tourist News and internet talk show host http://beyondpuke.com Tony Venuti heads the local effort. While this movement has national support i.e. http://restoreourdream.org Restore Our Dream it is most definitely a local movement.
    The official sanctioned recall effort can be found at http://recalldupnik.com