Another amnesty hoax: The butterfly con job

The 1970’s movie Butterflies Are Free depicted a young blind man seeking independence. Staged in San Francisco, the plot centered on his new-found romance with a hot, worldly hippie babe who lived in the apartment next door.

The free butterfly analogy is now being used again. This time — would you believe — by amnesty proponents? And just as hippies disdained constraints, so do the open borders advocates.

In today’s edition of the daily we are treated to the ultimate of free flying con jobs in the form of misinformation and deceit on the issue of amnesty, innocuously titled, Crossing borders, Work together to fix immigration.

Accompanying the usual amnesty-for-illegal-aliens-at-all-costs tripe are two pictures. One shows Julie Pace, the case-hardened immigration lawyer representing the Chamber of Commerce’s illegal labor profiteers, who filed a lawsuit against Arizona’s Fair and Legal Employment Act (commonly referred to as the employer’s sanctions law). The 2007 law – now before the U.S. Supreme Court — charged employers who knowingly hired illegal workers.

With her blonde locks and smile, Pace is depicted as an artist who “created a poster” (also shown) illustrating a butterfly along with the words “Left Wing, Right Wing, Come Together, Solve Immigration.”  Editorialist Linda Valdez opines that Pace’s “optimistic” message is “Our left and right wings cannot fly on their own, but can achieve a beautiful result when brought together.” 

Last year it was reported that Pace was concerned that SB1070 could cut into illegal hiring. She registered no such concern over the hiring of American citizens experiencing staggering unemployment rates, or victimized by those unscrupulous employers who prefer lower-wage, exploitable illegals.

This seemingly benign butterfly facade is a hoax that began last July.  We titled our report Illegals hypocritically demand rights of Monarch butterflies. We urge you to read that post again. Information is power.

At that time the AZ Republic reported that young protestors in the “Children’s March for Family Unity” carried signs in the shape of monarch butterflies or had depictions of the insect painted on their faces. An organizer for the illegal advocacy group Puente, explained the bright orange butterfly is a symbol of free migration and open borders.

“If you know about the monarch butterfly, they migrate through several countries without borders,” she said. “That’s how it is. That’s how it should be.”

The actual way “it should be” is for parents to teach their children respect for the law, and let them know that all nations have borders — even Mexico, which vigorously guards its own borders  — while it expects us to denude our sovereignty and national borders.

5 Responses to Another amnesty hoax: The butterfly con job

  1. Seen It All says:

    Butterflies, my a**! Their emblem should be leeches! They break into our country, no different than had they broken into our homes. They set up shop. Expect schooling for their children, health care when they’re ill and take our jobs by undercutting what we require as a living wage, since we don‘t live three families to a single family residence (in violation of city codes that are never enforced!). If we don’t like it, or the rising crime stats, we’re called racists, bigots or now the crème de la crème of verbal assaults….NATIVISTS.

    Am I mad? You’re damn straight! Am I alone? No way!

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    My background includes both Irish and German immigrants. They came here legally, mastered the English language and became proud and assimilated American citizens. I drive through too many barrios in the city of Phoenix and Sunnyslope to think that is the way it is with the illegals who invade our nation and then have the nerve to march on our Capitol or through our streets waving Mexican flags and making demands of our citizens while manipulating our politicians who are all too eager to cave in to amnesty demands. The names of John McCain, Jon Kyl and Jeff Flake immediately come to mind.

    McCain and his “We must secure our borders first,” is talking in code. He left out the the rest of the sentence “before we give amnesty to the 25 – 40 million illegals.”

  3. Ricky Lujan says:

    Strange the butterfly analogy only applies to Mexico’s northern border while their southern border is mightily fortified.

    Boeing must have been coming very close to some solutions for Nappy to shut them down like that. We’ll never know the rest of the story on that one.

  4. telemoonfa says:

    If liberals love open borders so much, why don’t they sneak into Mexico and start living there? Why does “open borders” always mean everybody can move to America whenever they want? The open borders people don’t seem to be working on getting Mexico’s or any other country’s immigration policy softened- only America’s.

  5. sherriaz says:

    Comparing illegals who take jobs and benefits from American citizens to an insect is completely deluded. Whales migrate as do salmon, geese and swallows heading home to Capistrano- but they aren’t bringing in drugs and trying to get a roofing job!