Tea Party candidate Jeff Smith wins LD 22 chairmanship redux

Election intrigue played out last night in Legislative District 22 as the precinct committeemen held their third election for chairman.  Much to the delight of the conservatives, Tea Party candidate and former Jeff Flake congressional rival, Jeff Smith emerged victorious, taking the special run-off election 128 – 118.  He was challenged by Adam Armer.

The initial election for district officers was held in November but the voting was deemed illegal since the process did not conform to the county rules requiring that proxy carriers be registered Republicans from the same precinct as the person whose proxy they carry.

The second election ended in a tie and the parties opted for a third election.

The district’s previous chairman Chad Heywood worked as an aide to Congressman Jeff Flake. This election is regarded as another repudiation of the political class exerting control over the grassroots activists.

10 Responses to Tea Party candidate Jeff Smith wins LD 22 chairmanship redux

  1. Tyler M says:

    Jeff Flake: lover of amnesty, lover of open borders, lover of Cuban dictators, and lover of homosexuals serving in our Armed Forces needs to lose next November. Jeff Smith should go for it again & will take him out the next time around.

    • alice says:

      Tyler M,

      You left out lover of Cap and Trade which makes him a believer of humans cause global warming as we all suffer through the worst winter in decades.

  2. telemoonfa says:

    Run for Congress again, Jeff Smith! Jeff Smith is a great guy. I think he’s taking steps in the right direction to run for Congress again. Right now he does not have much of a political record, but he’s working on getting one, but he has a great private sector record. He’s tea-party conservative for sure!

  3. Ricky Lujan says:

    Great! Now all PCs who voted for Smith need to get busy recruiting to make sure McFlake’s days are over.

    • East Valley PC says:

      Recruiting AND getting ready to raise the money necessary to beat the entrenched Flakey One.

      Remember his 2000 promise to term limit himself to three terms and leave office by 2007? Later he called that pledge a “mistake.”

      • Doc says:

        GREAT REMINDER, E.V. PC! My Mom& Dad taught me that what you reminded us all of is more commonly referred to as a LIE…not a mistake. How sad that your Congressman doesn’t recognize the difference.

  4. Kimball says:

    Exactly, Doc.
    What a joke! That term-limit lie speaks volumes about his “integrity.” Now he’s waiting for McCain to vamoose and run for his U.S. Senate seat. If I were McCain. I’d watch myself around this all too eager to move on to the next rung on his career ladder guy.

  5. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Congratulations, Jeff!!!

  6. paul marchant says:

    I’ll catch grief for this but my utmost respect goes to Adam Armer (the other candidate for chair) his entire slate, John Lindblom and Chad Heywood as well as Jeff Smith, Erin Scroggins and the ‘conservative coalition’. WE all fought hard for our ‘preference’ but kept this as professional and dignified as one would expect from within the GOP. there were others (progressives and Dems) who were salivating for the whole thing to erupt into a fight. The tedious process gave me greater respect for our system and our leadership here in LD22. It is now time to come together; all of us who cherish the constitution and the conservative ideals the Grand Old Party stands for.

  7. GOPJet says:

    Look forward to meeting and working with another Conservative District Chairman in Maricopa County!

    Congrats Jeff!