The New York Times and its Arizona misstep

The once venerable New York Times hasn’t been in dancing mode for some time as  subscriptions have slumped and layoffs have caused its staff to dwindle to anorexic proportions.Still, it put on its fanciest dancing shoes to take a spin around the facts in a convoluted article that jumbled together a mish-mash of reports out of Arizona.

In Talk of Bipartisan Progress Fading in Arizona, three reporters in three different cities, worked up a lather in a disjointed marathon that began with the Tucson shooting and ended up with those wretched Tea Partiers calling for Pima County Sheriff Dupnik’s ouster for his bizarre and case-compromising statements following the carnage that left dead and wounded in its wake.

From there, the trio of reporters move into lengthy tango steps, beginning with the left’s favorite word “controversial” when placed before any legislation they find distasteful — such as addressing birthright citizenship, or requiring verification of citizenship of presidential candidates on the Arizona ballot. No doubt they didn’t care too much for SB 1070, which is strongly supported by the majority of Arizonans and is being emulated in legislatures across the nation.

They take a swing around the dance floor in an amague with last fall’s losing candidate for state treasurer, Andrei Cherny, now given the consolation prize of Democrat Party chairman. Cherny refers to the birthright citizenship bill as  “a direct assault on the very idea of America.”  And state Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a former Green Party candidate who has had more success as a Democrat, and always ready to pucker up to the microphone, tosses in a quote or two.

But it was the deep dip gancho at the conclusion of the dance that tells any Arizonan reading this bunk that the NYT is clearly out of its league as they take on the zany Anthony Miller scenario. Seeing Red AZ readers will recall that McCain operative Miller got crossways with conservative members of legislative district 20, culminating in his resignation as chairman. The secretary and communications director followed him out the door. Miller turned the political differences into a racial battle, and in a clear reference to the attempted murder of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, said he wasn’t going to take a bullet for anyone, though no threat was ever made. Turning the situation on its head gave him his 15 minutes of fame, which the Times is working to resuscitate for an additional 12 seconds.

The Times should write about issues closer to home such as corrupt unions, their own sordid politicians and dishonest Imams forcing their offensive mosque within blocks of ground zero.  Short of that we invite the Times staffers to check in with editorialist Doug MacEachern whose Quick Hit in the Republic coincided with their theme of civility.  In a few dozen words he did a far better job than the Gray Lady did using nearly a thousand.

*Last year, by the newspaper‘s own assessment, “circulation at The New York Times dropped 5.2 percent on Sunday, to 1.4 million copies, and 8.5 percent on weekdays, to 950,000.”

14 Responses to The New York Times and its Arizona misstep

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    The mental disease known as “lunatic-left d-crat socialism” has finally destroyed the last few remaining brain cells of the lamestream propagandists at the “All The News That’s Fit to Fake” NYT. However, like certain other body parts, the brain of a lunatic-left socialist is extraordinarily tiny, so there wasn’t very much for this extremist disease to destroy. (NB: the lunatic-left affliction to “recklessly spend other people’s money” is NOT controlled by the brain, but is one of their more disgusting bodily functions. That’s why crazy pelosi, who has been brain dead for decades, managed to waste more than $5 TRILLION as the WORST HOUSE SPEAKER IN AMERICAN HISTORY.) The good news for these lamestream propagandists is that they are now mentally on a par with their leader “You Lie!” hussein, whose severely drug-damaged brain was barely able to keep up with their only partially impaired one previously.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    The New York Times is in the same pickle the Arizona Republic is in, and for the same reason: Taking a liberal prospective on any issue to come down the pike, regardless of evidence that disputes their agenda.

    And thanks for pointing out the use of the word “controversial” as a preface to any issue or legislation they don’t personally like. Just report the damn news and leave the editorializing to the editorial page.

    We canceled our subscription to the Repugnant nearly three years ago, after coming to the conclusion (albeit far too late) that our day got off to a rotten start by reading their slanted opinions being passed off as news reporting.

  3. Lincoln says:

    Would your rather have the Arizonans for Better Government leading the efforts against recalling Russell Pearce? Or, would you rather have Citizens for a Better Arizona leading the way? According to the Gay conservative, the citizens for a better government is equivalent to ACORN. They are skirting with violating campaign laws.

    “Today I looked on the New Times’ website and, sure enough, a second recall effort has been started. A group calling itself Citizens for a Better Arizona now has a FaceBook group page on which it has posted its leaders, its intent – and some potentially damning information on the level with another ACORN-like move.”

  4. Vince Barrajo says:

    Anthony Miller describes his father’s teachings to run from trouble. In this case the trouble he is running from is his placement of an ineligible former precinct committeeman on the ballot for LD-20 1st Vice Chair and several crooked state committeeman appointments.

    I wonder if Congresswoman Giffords’ family is aware of Anthony’s slimey tie-in he has been promoting in the LA Times and NY Times.

    Anthony Miller was caught cheating his LD-20 Membership and therefore correctly stepped down as Chairman. The cover stories of the Tucson shootings and fake charges of racism are evidence of Miller’s twisted reasoning which he also used to run crooked candidates in LD-20 elections.

    He was caught cheating and lied to cover it up. The Tucson families would be ashamed of Anthony Miller if they knew.

    • East Valley PC says:

      Let me remind you all that just this past week a judge threw out the phony harassment charge brought by the LD 20 secretary Sophia Johnson against elected precinct committeeman Sandy Miller. The RINOs are all about their leftie views, race baiting and unsuccessfully trying to blast conservatives and tea party members. Their ploys are obviously not working.
      We conservatives won both the county and state Republican chairmanships, swept ALL of the elected state offices and hold majorities in the state legislature.

  5. Attila the Hunny says:

    The name Andrei Cherny sounds more like a premier in the repressive USSR than a top Democrat Party operative. Then again………

  6. Sam Gerard says:

    First off, Seeing Red AZ, Cherny lost to Doug Ducey, in the Treasurer’s race. The pasta lady, Rotelini lost to Tom Horne in the AG’s race.

    Second, I’m curious why you’d post a blog about that pathetically propagandist piece of #*(^%$ here in a respectable blog! LOL Seriously, If I care to know what that slimey rag has to say, I read the Huffington Post, which is almost never!

    Speaking of which, Miller’s Bulls**t piece appeared at the HuffPo BS website. I guess that is quite appropriate, since Anthony has as much integrity as the New York Times, and the Huffington Post.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      How right you are! You caught us with our political pants down, so to speak. The knowledge that Cherny was a former AZ Assistant Attorney General overruled the fact that we knew he was the Dem-O candidate for state treasurer. Mea culpa. We goofed. Good catch, Sam. We’ve repaired our error.

      We’re grateful that you regard Seeing Red AZ as a respectable blog. We shamelessly agree. The reason we take liberal media sources to task is to inform our often busy readers that we are not being conned by the major purveyors of editorial content masquerading as journalism. Seeing Red AZ catches the leftist opinion, cans it and presents it, already dissected.

      Glad to have you onboard. We appreciate being informed when we occasionally slip up. Thanks for your keen proofreading.

  7. Ricky Lujan says:

    The Left’s “progressive” agenda runs on the fuel of hate and indignation. Where none exists, it must be manufactured.

  8. LD20er says:

    Thanks, East Valley PC.

    But this dismissal wasn’t because Judge Rogers’ decided in favor of the rule of law.

    I filed a Motion for Dismissal of the case the day before the hearing for the same reason the judge gave on Tuesday–because Sophia Johnson hadn’t met the law’s requirements for claiming harassment. On Monday, the judge denied my motion and insisted on holding a hearing when there was no case. It made no sense.

    When we arrived Tuesday morning and saw the judge, it was obvious to us that she had already made up her mind for Sophia. The judge cut me off several times as I was making a point, reading the law, or reading inconsistent claims from Sophia’s court papers.

    Only because the judge realized I knew the applicable law do I believe she did the right thing and dismissed the non-case. The only explanation for holding the hearing in the first place when she knew that I knew was so she could rant at me for being “rude” and using “bad language” (bad being defined as what the judge disagrees with).

    For me to realize how easily I could have had the shaft had I just walked into court believing that the judge would automatically do the right thing is scary.

    I’m not sure where the NYT got the notion that I’m a Tea Party member, but I’m not and never have been. It’s easy to see why their numbers are dropping–the publication is wrong more often than right.

  9. Ajo Joe says:

    Interesting isn’t it that the New York Times has such a handle on the underpinnings of political events 3000 miles away? Rather than asking people directly involved in the matters, they go instead to reliable liberals such as Andrei Cherney, Kyrsten Sinema, and RINO Anthony McMiller. This “report” is so full of misinformation, distortion and outright dishonesty that the newspaper deserves to be losing circulation. Similar to the Republic, also a dying liberal beached carcass, it will not be inclined to save its hide by printing the truth as long as they disagree with the facts that substantiate what the truth is. They’ll both fade away because they prefer liberalism to facts. Nowhere in the Times lengthy piece is there a nod to the fact that conservatives have won every major election within the GOP party structure as well as within the State of Arizona. Dig a hole and bury your heads, NYT. It won’t alter the facts.

    • Night Owl says:

      AJ: You’ve analyzed this report to perfection. I’ll leave it at that. There’s no way to improve upon your insights. Good job, pal!

    • Sam Gerard says:

      Dittos to Night Owl’s words! I will not be surprised if Anthony Miller ultimately finds another state to ply his race-baiting RINO loving trade. He’s done in this state!

  10. Veritas Vincit says:

    @Seeing Red … have you seen the latest NYT article on Arizona’s Crossroads of the West Gun show recently?

    Seems Mr. Bloomberg sent some of his city’s undercover officers to Phoenix to attend the show and attempt to uncover compromising private sales that the Mayor could whip into his anti-Arizona anti-2nd Amendment platform.

    I would appreciate you and those reading this if they would contact their Representative and Governor and insist that Mr. Bloomberg keep his nose out of Arizona’s business.