How does the chaos in Egypt affect the U.S.?

Many of us are trying to get a handle on how the United States emerges in the catastrophic events taking place in Egypt. Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center provides some clarity in deciphering the complexities of the international crisis erupting in the Mideast. The Special Report is titled The Revolt in Egypt and U.S. Policy. Seeing Red AZ doesn’t claim to be an authority on the upheaval, but like many of you, we are becoming increasingly concerned by the events that are unfolding as anti-government protestors have taken to the streets in Cairo.

Associated Press reports that Hammam Saeed, the leader of Jordan’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood warned yesterday that unrest in predominantly Muslim Egypt will spread across the Mideast and Arabs will topple leaders allied with the United States. His comments were made at a protest outside the Egyptian Embassy in Amman, inspired by massive rallies in neighboring Egypt demanding the downfall of the 30-year reign of President Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak’s sons are reported to have fled to London.

According to the AP report, Saeed said Arabs have grown disgruntled with U.S. domination of their oil wealth, military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and its support for “totalitarian” leaders in the region.  “The Americans and (President Barack) Obama must be losing sleep over the popular revolt in Egypt,” he said. “Now, Obama must understand that the people have woken up and are ready to unseat the tyrant leaders who remained in power because of U.S. backing.”

Meanwhile, thousands of passengers are stranded in Cairo’s airport as flights were canceled, leaving them unable to leave because of a government-imposed curfew.  Reuters reports that crime is rampant as police disappeared from the streets when the army was sent in to take over security in Cairo. Witnesses have since seen mobs ransacking supermarkets, commercial centers, banks, private property and storming government buildings in Cairo and elsewhere, while Egyptians armed with sticks and razors have formed vigilante groups to defend their homes from rampaging looters. The simplistic Disney song titled It’s a Small World, After All, takes on new meaning, reminding us we can’t afford to be complacent.

The crackdown on protesters has drawn stern criticism from the Obama administration along with a threat to reduce a $1.5 billion foreign aid program if Washington’s most important Arab ally escalates the use of force.

FOX News has more here.

10 Responses to How does the chaos in Egypt affect the U.S.?

  1. Seen It All says:

    The seriousness of this situation and it’s impact on the United States should not be underestimated. The fear, of course, is that Muslim extremists will take over Egypt. Mubarak, though imperfect, is not in league with the fanatics.

    Two words to keep in mind: REMEMBER IRAN. When the Shah fell, so did any semblance of normalcy. Not our brand, to be sure, but after his defeat, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Shariah law and Islamic fanaticism came into power in what was called the Islamic revolution. The country has been a hellhole ever since.

    • Realist says:

      I have not read either of BHO’s books for fear I would never sleep again. Is it true that in one of his books he stated (and I’m paraphrasing) that if push came to shove he would “stand with his muslim brothers”?

  2. Army Of One says:

    Think this can’t happen closer to home? Think again. This revealing post “La Raza rooted in Saul Alinsky & funded by Imperialist, George Soros,” shows the longstanding connection between billionaire leftist George Soros, Mexican revolutionaries, La Raza and the the murderous former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

    Scroll down to the photo of Arafat meeting with Mexican Raza members as far back as 1980! They consider themselves the new Palestinians, swearing vengeance against America, as the aggressor which they claim “took” their land.

    Then fast forward to last week when a Koran was found on a highly trafficked route used by illegal aliens making their way into the USA. How easy do you think it is for the border patrol agents, IF they happen to find these middle eastern Muslims,to tell them apart from Hispanics? Especially the ones who have made it their business to learn the Spanish language?

    We should all be indebted to AZ Sen. Russell Pearce for his efforts to truly secure our sieve-like border, and hold McCain’s feet to the fire for his shameful and dangerous double talk on the border. Its been documented that invaders have been entering our country from throughout the middle east, China, Korea, and numerous countries on the State Department’s list of terror sponsoring nations.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Tyrant dictator mubarak, like the “other” hussein (sadam), the Shah of Iran, Pakistan’s musharraf and hundreds of other scum-of-the-Earth (particularly in Africa and other third-world locations), has been supported with BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars of US taxpayer money and with massive clandestine efforts by the CIA and other US organizations to keep theses unpopular despots propped up. Why? The simpletons running US foreign policy figured that these scum are “the lesser evil.” It was only a matter of time until the true nature of mubarak came out for all the world to see. Like so many before, we must chalk-up mubarak as yet another horrific failure of misguided and ineptly handled US foreign policy. BIG GOVERNMENT bureaucrats are the key implementers of MOST of America’s – and the world’s – problems. Remember that the next time “You Lie!” hussein and the lunatic-left d-crat socialists INCREASE even more the size and scope of their BIG GOIVERNMENT god.

  4. Chuck says:

    Egypt has revoked the Al Jazeera Network’s licence to broadcast, and shut down its bureau office in Cairo. Days ago the Internet and cell phones were shut down. Thousands of prisoners have broken out of custody and looting is rampant.Not even the revered Egyptian Museum is immune to the rioters. Americans are being warned to get out of the country ASAP, but the airport is clogged with people who cannot book fights as chaos reigns. This is an international disaster.

    What is Barack Obama’s reaction?

  5. East Valley Voter says:

    Cheering Americans would be wise to heed the sound advice “Be careful what you wish for.” The Mubarak we know (warts and all), could be far superior to the fanatical Islamic extremist we don’t know, but know of — as Seen It All points out. Iran lost a royal potentate but he was replaced by the most vengeful Muslim extremist, turning the nation on its head, condoning violence and demeaning of women, gruesome torture and imposition of harsh Sharia law. What’s going on in Egypt is not even remotely something most Americans can fully comprehend. It is in no way akin to our revolution fought for freedom. This uprising has a strong chance of bringing extreme oppression and repression. Hold your cheers.

  6. sherriaz says:

    One thing those of us who lived through the Jimmy Carter years know- an unstable Mideast means much higher oil prices with possible rationing. It’s laughable that the U.S. is being blamed for controlling their oil- we are at the mercy of OPEC, more so now that we have an idiot left winger in the White House who is determined that we will have no oil exploration under his watch.

    Time and again this inexperienced community activist has been shown to lack the knowledge to lead this country. Though his approval numbers, for some unknown reason, have risen, this current crisis may well be his undoing. Spiking oil costs won’t play well with the folks here at home and any support for the Muslim Brotherhood will demonstrate BHOs true sympathies.

    • American Dad says:

      Once again, a dose of reality from Sherri. Obama is also no different than Carter as far as his leftist leanings and complete disregard for the welfare of state of Israel.

      And who can forget Obama’s deferential speech to signal his administration’s stance in the Mideast when he spoke at Cairo University soon after his inaugural? He very clearly and succinctly told the Arab world where he stood. It was with them.

  7. Richfield the plumber says:

    Sure, these unstable, racist fanatics are running around the Middle East despoiling their cities and terrorizing at will against American imperialism. This is just another perfect example of why we need to bow out of tampering with these wicked governments, withdraw our troops and disengage ourselves from policing the world.
    All our 10-year occupation of Afghanistan and our brutal assault against Iraq have done is to make hoards of legitimate America-haters in the region. If we brought our troops home from the 60 countries we police, we could protect our own borders against the foreign invasion and let the Arabs, etc., fight and kill themselves, as they have been doing nicely since the 7th Century.

  8. Watchful One says:

    Rational insiders here in the United States as well as knowledgeable sources in Israel, our sole democratic ally in the region, must be quaking in fear that country after country in the unstable mideast could topple and fall under the rule of Muslim extremists. The Muslim Brotherhood has a massive presence both here and abroad. They have infiltrated American universities. The far reaching consequences are too horrible to imagine.

    How many have seen this exchange between a San Diego university Muslim student and David Horowitz? Watch it. It’s a real eye opener.