Ambitious Babeu hosting his own Lincoln Day fundraiser

Republican activists are familiar with true Lincoln Day festivities. Various county GOP organizations throughout the state hold these events each year to commemorate Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President of the United States, and support the county parties.

This event, complete with an elaborate invitation, is cloaked as a Lincoln Day dinner, but the intended beneficiary is none other than the ubiquitous Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. His email says, “We continue our aggressive fund-raising schedule the first six months of 2011 in preparation to lead our Pinal GOP to additional victories in 2012.”  And to make certain recipients of the invitation don’t make the mistake of thinking this event honors Republican Lincoln, Babeu identifies himself as “Independent.”  The contact person is listed as the “Honorable Cheryl Chase,” formerly a Democrat legislator representing Dist. 23.

It’s a safe bet Babeu doesn’t intend an indefinite stay in Pinal County. The tag on the donation form declares: Proudly paid for by the Paul Babeu for Sheriff Committee. How long would it take to shift those funds into another campaign account?  Especially if a new congressional district opens?

Babeu, it should be remembered helped deceive Arizona voters by assisting the reelection efforts of John McCain over conservative former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, with this misleading “Complete the danged fence” commercial.  Listen as Babeu declares, “Senator, you’re one of us.”

As soon as the election was over, in a stunning display of total disregard of the voters he lied to, McCain began talking amnesty again.  What a surprise.

21 Responses to Ambitious Babeu hosting his own Lincoln Day fundraiser

  1. Ricky Lujan says:

    I’ve never heard of an individual politician coopting his County’s Lincoln Day Dinner event as a personal political fundraiser…until now.

    And apparently, Babeu cannot count on big support from Pinal County Republican activists. The candidate Babeu endorsed for State Chairman, Marty Hermanson, only received 32 votes out of a possible 1,200. 32? That had to be less voters to the state convention than even Marty’s home LD sent. He wasn’t even supported by his whole district, let alone his own county.

    Sheriff Babeu, you’re certainly not one of us. So, if you’re not a Babeu supporter then don’t attend the Pinal County Lincoln Day Dinner…is that how it works?

  2. Kent says:

    Babeu is far more of a showman, than a lawman. Seeing Red AZ is right in saying he is trying to shuck and jive his way into higher political office. Many of of us who pay attention have watched his egomanical antics with a healthy dose of amusement and bewilderment. As Ricky pointed out, his endorsement of Hermanson for State Chairman was worthless. Too bad his endorsement of Senor Juan McAmnesty was able to snow enough voters to put the old liar back in office. My sincere hope is they have wised up after seeing McCain get right back into his old open-borders mode of operation immediately after being sworn in for another SIX YEAR term.

  3. GOP Voter says:

    Abraham Lincoln and Republicans are not on Paul Babeu’s single focused mind. He is all about himself. As far as his invitation, the word ‘Republican’ isn’t to be found. Thanks for reminding us about Cheryl Chase, as well. She has conveniently reregistered, not because she has seen the light and error of her ways as a reliable liberal representing LD 23, but for political expediency. Babeu and Chase make quite a team!

  4. Fed Up says:

    Want a reminder of what Pinal Sheriff Paul Babeu REALLY stands for? Watch this!!!!

  5. True Republican says:

    Sheriff Babeu is the 1st republican ever elected county wide in Pinal, since 1875! The blogger should be fair…I got the same e-mail…his “Independent” as is his tag line of “Jonest – Independent – Accountable”. Isn’t this what we as tea party members want?! BTW, Hermanson received 130 votes…why is everyone so fast and lose with facts in an effort to attack the best sheriff in history of Pinal County? He reduced time to emergencies by over 5 minutes! He was just voted national Sheriff of the Year…yes, for all of America. Yeah, but you would rather say JD…the former lobbyist and infomercial huckster is more conservative? If you believe this, ask JD what is he living off of now? He’s living off the $300k of donations that you and yes – I gave him…i’d rather stick with the real thing….sheriff Joe and Sheriff Paul. I never backed McCain…I supported Deakin. Why do you still support JD…and attack a good sheriff?

    • Ajo Joe says:

      My friend,
      Your vote for Jim Deakin was a vote to keep McCain entrenched. Since you were so obtuse thinking that this bankrupt loser and sell out to McCain (with his coarse and foul mouthed wife who started loud arguments at various meetings) actually offered a realistic choice, your words fall on deaf ears. You bought the McCain brand of defamation politics. Not surprising, since McCain spent over $25 million dollars to beat JD Hayworth (who I proudly supported). Given your spew against Hayworth, it’s clear your vote was one of the ones McCain purchased. Deakin just helped him achieve his goal.

      As far as Babeu being a Republican, it’s a good bet he would register as a Vegetarian if he thought it would benefit him.

      Counting JD’s money are you? JD served several terms in Congress and doubtless has a retirement. He is also doing radio around the country, subbing for national hosts. I’ve heard him and he’s doing a great job, as usual. He is a fine man, devout and honest. There is nothing illegal about lobbying. It’s a profession no different than teaching. Lobbyists on various sides of an issue, present their case to legislators, who decide their votes after hearing arguments pro and con on matters they have scant knowledge of. It’s only the uninformed who think lobbying is a nefarious plot. Read. Learn and stop playing McCain’s sucker.

    • Maureen O. says:

      True Republican. Who are you kidding? Of course you supported McCain! A vote for Deakin was a vote for McCain just as a vote for Ross Perot was a vote for Bil Clinton! Grow up!!

    • Radical American Patriot says:

      Well, I see “True Republican” is JUST LIKE the guy he supported, Jim Deakin! That is to say, he is lying, and deliberately deceiving people with ridiculous claims. By tying Paul Babeau to Jim Deakin, you hurt Babeau, who apparently deserves to be ‘hurt’, IF he is tying himself to a Dem in Disguise, Cheryl Chase!

      Here is what I KNOW about Jim Deakin: 1. He falsely accused JD of promoting a signature withdrawal campaign last April (JD should have asked ALL the signer of his petitions to take their names of Deakin’s petitions!!)

      Deakin and his pathetic gaggle of supporters deliberately misrepresented JD’s votes on a variety of bills, EVEN accusing JD of supporting a “pilot” cap & trade program, when ALL that congress did was require the EPA to report to Congress about the existing trading of pollution credits, THAT the EPA started, NOT CONGRESS!!

      Lastly, Jim Deakin can’t even control his own finances, allowing his house to go into foreclosure, while running his lunatic campaign!

      I correctly stated that Deakin’s endorsement of Hermanson was a “Kiss of Death”. Jimmie Lee and his ‘wonderful wife’ (Regarding her, Jim told a sitting Congressman on last Independence Day, “I don’t control her, SHE controls ME!”)

      Jim and Adonia, then proved themselves to be political opportunists by endorsing Anthony Miller in the LD20 Chairman race. Everyone now knows how that all turned out! Just note all of the Seeing Red AZ stories in the last few weeks. The Tea Party movement showed its complete disdain for the Deakinistas at the GOP State Meeting by electing Miller’s LD20 opponent, Tom Morrissey to the state Chair. You really do hurt Babeau by coupling him with Jim Deakin. Anyone who gets close to them, is committing political suicide!

      So you see, “True Republican”, your support for Jim Deakin, proves to me your shortsightedness, and lack of political understanding. Your lying about JD shows me that you have no integrity as well!

  6. auh2o says:

    I think Babeu’s got the right idea. I mean no matter what you blog cowards are going to skewer him: he could pair with JD and the Tea Party for Lincoln day or he could go with McCain. No matter what you guys would call it political brown nosing. If he’s such a showman, please, tell me why he’s winning America’s Sheriff of the Year? He’s been around a sliver of the time your blessed Joe has but he’s never been awarded anything nationally prestigious. Joe’s a showman, while Paul is a pretty genuine guy.

  7. Jill H says:

    AZ Captiol Times January 22, 2011:
    Round two:
    Morrisey: 641
    Carmichael: 591
    Graham: 88

    True(?), Even at 132 that is only 10% of the vote. Pretty low for the candidate endorsed by “the best Sheriff.” Those trade group awards are a dime a dozen. Babeu, the self proclaimed independent, is horning in on a Republican tradition claiming his own Lincoln Day event. And I’m glad to know the person hitting me up for a Babeu donation is much more a democrat than a conservative, Cheryl Chase. All this makes the Babeu-McCain working relationship much more clear.

    “Senator, you’re one of us.” Those words will live in infamy. Don’t trust Sheriff Babeu to work for real border security. Trust him to apologize for Juan McAmnesty at every opportunity.

    I also noticed Democrat, Cheryl Chase, received a campaign donation from John McCain in 2002. Most of our Republicans don’t rate that high on the priority list for Juan.
    January 9, 2003 McCain donation to Democrat, Cheryl Chase:
    Now you know where Babeu is really coming from.

    • Justin says:

      Ha! Quite a cheapskate that McCain! He gave Cheryl Chase $50! For a man who doesn’t even know how many homes he owns, that’s a paltry amount, indeed!
      Still it’s better than most receive. McCain’s a taker, not a giver.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      That former Democrat legislator Cheryl Chase was also the recipient of campaign donations from Cindy Hensley McCain’s Anheuser-Busch Wholesalers PAC and some of John McCain’s hangers-on and aides.

      Is Chase the link between Babeu and his fellow election season border pacer Señor Juan McAmnesty?

  8. Blackbeard says:

    Remember McCain’s 2007 pledge to South Carolina voters when he needed conservative votes? He said: “I got the message” regarding his supposed reversal from his previous amnesty proposals. Don’t count on anything changing with this goon. He has never changed his position on the border. The commercial with Sheriff Baboon was just for the political season. If you took him seriously, it was at your grandchildren’s peril.

  9. Overtaxed1 says:

    If Sheriff Baboon was as good as he pretends to be we would not have so many illegals in his jurisdiction.
    It is completely out of control and the buck stops with him. Baboon is all talk and showmanship (like a Hollywood actor) but the illegals don’t seem to have much fear of him or his men. They are there and all he does is whine about it.

  10. J.D. says:

    Since “True Republican” is spreading blatant falsehoods about me, I must respond.

    My family and I are NOT living off “the 300k in donations that you and yes–I gave him.”

    First of all, contributions from Conservatives across the country totaled more than three million dollars.

    Secondly, an independent treasurer has oversight of any sum that remains in the campaign account, and reports any activity to the Federal Elections Commission on a regular basis–as required by law.

    As for the epithets spewed by “True Republican” in my direction, I would encourage a bit more creativity than to simply recycle the insults and whispers of a malicious (albeit well-financed) Washington-based campaign team.

    While we all acknowledge that “politics ain’t beanbag,” none of us should employ demonstrable falsehoods to embellish the causes and candidates we support.

    • Radical American Patriot says:

      HEY JD!! I sincerely hope things are going well for you. All of us here in Mohave County wish you the best!

      I can’t believe that Mr. Deakin, who can’t even control his own finances, let alone his wife; is still showing his complete incompetence! He can’t even back the right candidate, look at his support for Anthony Miller!

      I will acknowledge that his wife was cordial with me at the State meeting, which was a far cry from sticking out her tongue at me during the Mohave County GOP Picnic in August! My mother thought it was hilarious!

    • Hometown Guy says:

      Congressman Hayworth:
      You have an enormous conservative fan base, not just here in Arizona, but around the country. I have family out of state who supported your senatorial campaign and just recently asked about you. I told them about your radio hosting, which I read about on this site. Nice to know that you check in here from time to time.

      I know it’s too much to ask of you to run again, but it would be my dream to see you back representing us in Washington. The reason the RINOs spend multi-millions and expend such energy to defeat you is that they know your message resonates with tea party and Republican voters. They have to demean you, even when they know you have been vindicated.

      Many of us are grateful for your years of service and your sacrifice in running against the McCain Machine. As to that fool Deakin, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t somehow recruited by the powers that be to siphon votes away from you. He was no conservative, but some were conned.

      Best to you and your family. May God bless you all.

  11. Ricky Lujan says:

    Thanks for setting the record straight, J.D. If you’ve been following SRA no doubt you’ve noticed Sen. Kyl is not winning friends and influencing conservatives. Hayworth in 2012?

  12. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Congressman Hayworth:
    Good to see you check in with this straightforward conservative site. I come here each day to read issues presented from a sensible perspective. We sure don’t get that from the newspaper you referred to as the “Repugnant” or even from local talk radio. When you hosted the drive time show on KFYI, I was a dedicated listener. In fact, I learned a great deal from you about history and Arizona politics. The station lost me after caving in to McCain through his surrogate Grant Woods and forced you off the air. Then Barry Young in the morning and Broomhead in the afternoon began campaigning for McCain. I was shocked at first, but realized the underlying motivating factors including jealousy, since your listeners were loyal and your ratings obviously outpaced theirs. I rarely tune in anymore.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your years of service representing the people of Arizona, and putting yourself, and your family, in the difficult position of running against the heavily financed and unprincipled McCain. You are a beacon of true conservatism to many of us.

  13. MacBeth says:

    I was, am, and will always be a fan of yours. Each day when I listened to your radio program on my way home from work, I felt I was attending an institute of higher learning simply by sitting in my car and turning on the radio. I’m a college graduate, but you also gave me a better command of, and appreciation for, the English language than I previously had. Many of us miss your presence and insights on the political scene. I wish you the best, sir.

  14. Patricia (in surprise) says:

    So glad to read your posting here. As stated by AZ Conservative Guy, KFYI lost me as a listener when they began to openly worship at McCain’s altar. Thank you for using your time on the radio to educate us by “pulling back the curtain” on political issues. You answered our call when we asked you to run for Senate.
    I am sorry that the people of Arizona let you down.
    You and Miss Mary have my deepest respect.