Federal Judge rules ObamaCare unconstitutional

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson has ruled today that the Obama administration’s health care overhaul is unconstitutional, siding with the more than half of the states in the union suing to block the federal over-reach. Obama signed the 10-year, $938 billion health care bill into law in March 2010.

Arizona is a party to the lawsuit.

The federal judge accepted without trial the states’ argument that the new law violates people’s rights by forcing them to buy health insurance.

Read Judge Vinson’s 78-page ruling here.*

Obama’s lawyers had argued that the states did not have standing to challenge the law and that the case should be dismissed. Two other federal judges have upheld the insurance requirement, but a federal judge in Virginia also ruled the insurance provision violates the Constitution.

In his ruling, Vinson, a Reagan appointee, went further than the Virginia judge and declared the entire health care law unconstitutional

Expect the next stop to be the U.S. Supreme Court.

FOX News carries a complete report.

Michelle Malkin reports that Sen. Jim DeMint tweets that all 47 GOP Senators are now on board as co-sponsors of his ObamaCare repeal bill. Read the Department of Justice’s retort here as they ready their appeal.

The Washington Times reports that in ruling against Obama’s federally mandated health care, Judge Vinson used Obama’s own position from the 2008 campaign against him, when he argued that there are other ways to tackle health care short of requiring every American to purchase insurance.

“I note that in 2008, then-Senator Obama supported a health care reform proposal that did not include an individual mandate because he was at that time strongly opposed to the idea, stating that ‘if a mandate was the solution, we can try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house,’” Judge Vinson wrote in a footnote toward the end of the ruling.

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7 Responses to Federal Judge rules ObamaCare unconstitutional

  1. Blaine says:

    I believe that the ruling today by Judge Vinson is a great day for upholding the Constitution in limiting government. The Constitution isn’t about granting rights, its sole purpose is to protect them from those we send to govern. If they can regulate inactivity for any reason, then what is to stop them from regulating any activity we do.


  2. American Dad says:

    Thank you, Judge Vinton. You give us hope for the survival of this great nation!! Please don’t retire. we need you on the bench.

    • Freedom Lives says:

      God Bless this honest judge, who obviously has done more than sniff at the corners of the United States Constitution as it was waved under his nose in law school. He grabbed it, read it and was influenced by that grand document that has withstood the test of time. Bravo!!

      I echo what American Dad has said. Eat healthy, exercise and stay on the court, sir. We need you.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Another nail in the coffin of this lunatic-left d-crat socialist atrocity.

    obozocare isn’t about healthcare. It’s about lunatic-left d-crat socialist CONTROL of one-sixth of the US economy, lunatic-left d-crat socialist WEALTH AND INCOME RE-DISTRIBUTION, lunatic-left d-crat socialist EXPANSION OF ABORTIONS WITH TAXPAYER MONEY and lunatic-left d-crat socialist NANNY STATE DICTATES to the American people.

  4. Doc says:


  5. Night Owl says:

    Good job on that call, Doc! I hope this plays out the same through its next legal steps.

    And see how important judicial apointments are? Judge Vinson was a Reagan appointee. Think any Obama judges would be this constitutionally based in their decisions? Politics would be their main consideration.

  6. Realist says:

    The Obama administration is refusing to heed the judge’s decision. We have a potential constitutional crisis brewing in this country and the media is using subterfuge (Egypt, gun control etc…)to divert our attention.
    The conservatives in D.C. need to gather on the Capitol steps and denounce BHO and his cronies!!!