ASU’s overpaid Crow warns of tuition increase as stimulus ebbs

Arizona State University President Michael Crow recently addressed legislators, talking big money — in the form of tuition increases for Arizona’s university students. This is his tit, so to speak, for Gov. Brewer’s tat of necessary proposed budget reductions as the state struggles to resolve the massive deficit.

The state Board of Regents approved huge tuition hikes just last year, raising in-state tuition by 15.9% at ASU, 23.7% at the University of Arizona and 17.3% at Northern Arizona University. Then there are the ever-mounting surcharges and increased fees, all of which fly in the face of the state’s Constitutional mandate that a public education “be as nearly free as possible.” *

But from his lofty tower, Crow is oblivious as he makes demands and issues threats.

The university system is impacted not only with the $170 million in general fund cuts, but with the loss of hundreds of millions in federal stimulus money as well. That dependency on redistributed money became an unsustainable gravy train which even university presidents should have realized would screech to a halt.  Surely Crow understands that a flood of federal dollars coming out of the pockets of others — many of them losing their jobs and homes — cannot continue. But maybe not. In June 2007 he was gifted with a 25% pay hike — bringing his annual compensation package to $720,000 taking him out of the realm of most wage earners.

At the time of that report, it was noted that Crow was in line to earn an additional bonus of up to $150,000, if he met his 10 performance goals in the following year. Although recent salary and benefits information appears impossible to locate, we have a sneaking suspicion he qualified for that neat perk, also.

Crow and his wife Sybil Francis are doing quite well, thank you very much. Although their 4,000 square foot Paradise Valley Lincoln Estates bungalow has lost over $705,000 in taxable evaluation in the last couple of years, it is still taxed on well over a million dollars.

While Crow continues to demand more money from taxpayers, students and their families, he has yet to participate in solving the problem by reducing bloated salaries and perks — starting with his own institution. For a reality check, these are base salaries, minus bonuses and compensation packages — last updated in June 2008. Additional salary data: U of A and NAU.

* In 1935, the Arizona Supreme Court interpreted this to mean that fees could be neither excessive nor unreasonable. Obviously those justices never envisioned Michael Crow.


16 Responses to ASU’s overpaid Crow warns of tuition increase as stimulus ebbs

  1. Clementine says:

    Wow! I see an ASU football coach named Dennis Erickson gets a base salary of $1,275,000! I obviously got into the wrong profession!

  2. MacBeth says:

    These salaries are infuriating. Slash Crow’s, and get rid of bonuses and other retention perks. I guarantee, they’ll stay on without them. Then cut his wife loose from the salary schedule. The appearance of impropriety seems to be more than a mere appearance.

    • Terri says:

      Crow’s salary is determined by free market forces and based on results. Since he’s been president of ASU, he has raised more than $1 billion in private investment, increased the number of college graduates by 45%, increased research expenditures (which go directly into the Arizona economy and create jobs) by $200 million, increased the annual contribution of ASU to the Arizona economy by $2 billion, and brought ASU from a third-tier institution to top ranking in both the U.S. and the world. Anyone who can calculate a return on investment and understands the principles of American capitalism can easily see why he earns what he does.

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        Although “Terri” does not appear to feel as comfortable identifying herself as she does revealing pro-Crow information, we will disclose only that she works at as an associate vice president in the university’s Office of Public Affairs. We will not divulge her last name, since she did not.

      • Terri says:

        Thanks. I have no problem with identifying myself as an ASU employee, which is why I’m particularly aware of ASU’s accomplishments under Crow’s presidency. The details are published online:

      • Not Fooled says:

        Excuse me for mentioning the obvious, Terri, but if you have “no problem being identified as an ASU employee,” why didn’t you state your name and position from the onset with your original comment?

        Your actions make you suspect. The fact that you glibly defend the indefensible makes you a party to terrible actions in the worst of times against those who can ill afford further exploitation: Parents, students and the rest of Arizona’s beleaguered taxpaying citizens.

      • Terri says:

        If I had not want to be identified as an ASU employee, I would have used a personal email address to post my comment, not my work email address.

        My point in responding to this post is to share facts so that others can make an informed judgment on the issue under discussion. For instance, you may not know that ASU is one of the most efficient universities in the nation, producing graduates at costs 14% lower than the average U.S. university. As noted by the Wall St. Journal, Arizona taxpayers are getting a very good return on their investment in ASU.

        Also, almost half (48%) of Arizona undergraduate students pay $0 for tuition because of the university’s financial aid programs. The average ASU student graduates less debt than the national average.

  3. Another LD11 PC says:

    It’s time to cut, CUT, C U T.

  4. State Committeeman says:

    The educrats are totally out of touch with reality. In truth, Crow is a liberal politician posing as an educator as long as it suits his purposes. I would not be surprised to see him become a candidate.

  5. Vince says:

    These people are the self glorified elites, don’t you get it? They worship one another and bathe in the babbling brook of liberal hocus pocus while sticking it to the rest of us who are trying to get an education for ourselves or our children. Soon higher education will be out of reach for the average citizen and only the university aristocrats will be running the country. It will be like the dark ages when the corrupt religious orders, then considered educated because they could read, were in control of the peons.

    • Realist says:

      Vince — your prophesy “only the university aristocrats will be running the country”.
      Hmmm…I think it’s already happened!

  6. Sally Forth says:

    Crow doesn’t concern himself with where the money comes from. He just knows that he wants it. I agree with State Committeeman’s thought that Crow has other aspirations. He’d no doubt run as a democrat.

  7. chick says:

    Crow gave out raises to faculty. Then from a “fund” gave them a bonus of 10K.

    The upperclassmen pay FEES that go to pay for the Obama scholar program or for minority students.

    The majority of the paying students now, are using students loans. They are paying (Crow said) approx 20% of student tuition goes to pay for other students to attend.

    How does he think this is right and fair? Having to take out a student loan or pay cash and 20 % of YOUR tuition doesn’t go for YOUR tuition. Add on interest rates from loans and it’s more.

    He needs to GO NOW. Under him tuition has risen astronomically.

    I have to budget and live on what I have. I have to cut. SO SHOULD YOU CROW.

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    IN ADDITION TO the outrageously over-inflated salaries and perks (does anyone care to question these rubber-stamp Regents?), it is also time to eliminate huge parts of the “new curriculum” at these state schools. They have created whole new colleges that cater to social, political and non-educational forums designed solely to turn out young new liberals and socialists, and to allow the school’s high-paid athletic stars to be counted as “academically eligible.” Oh Yes, they also allow for many more high-paid professors to be hired and hidden (a university employee gets free tuition for his children).

    And don’t forget that many of the new socialists are the illegal alien students that we are paying for. They account for a large portion of the hidden costs that Crow won’t reveal to the public. We will give them their expensive diplomas, taxpayer-funded, so they can go on to try to destroy our country.

    The taxpayers cannot and should not be expected to foot the bills for this insanity. Let the Crows of the world go to their own private schools that they can run like fiefdoms. Let Arizona’s universities concentrate on educating (legal) Arizona students to be successful.

  9. Debra J. White says:

    Crow spends money like a drunken sailor on building. He’s like a real estate baron. He expect the public to yield to his every whim. He has a slew of assistants. Take his latest crony Welling “Duke” Reiter, also his friend. Reiter a former dean left a few years ago to take over as president of the school at the Chicago Art Institute. What happened that he left I don’t know but now he’s working in Crow’s office. I smell a big fat rat. ASU under Crow has the biggest litigation budget because Crow the bully that he is tolerates no dissent and fires anyone who disagrees with him. A whole long list of people sue and win big settlements. Who pays for the settlements and legal fees? We do the taxpayers. Crow has the ego the size of a Caddy. Get rid of Crow and part of our problems will go away.

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