Border crossers reading includes celebration of Islamic suicide bombers

Border leniency comes at our own peril

This report* detailing a book celebrating suicide bombers found in the Arizona desert just north of the U.S.- Mexican border, should be a wakeup call to the proponents of keeping our national border porous.

The book, “In Memory of Our Martyrs,” was found days ago by a U.S. Border Patrol agent assigned to the Casa Grande substation, while patrolling a route known for smuggling illegal aliens and drugs.

Statements from U.S. officials, including FBI director Robert Mueller, have raised serious concerns in recent years over “OTMs” —  illegals other than Mexicans — who have crossed the southwest border at alarming rates.

As far back as 2005, Mueller testified before the House Appropriations Committee saying “there are individuals from countries with known Al Qaeda connections who are changing their Islamic surnames to Hispanic-sounding names and obtaining false Hispanic identities, learning to speak Spanish and pretending to be Hispanic.”

Within the past year Department of Homeland Security acknowledged detaining aliens from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan,  Saudi Arabia and Yemen. U.S. Border Patrol statistics indicate the numbers of increasing, with 108,025 OTMs detained in 2006, compared to 165,178 in 2005 and 44,614 in 2004.

As far back as October 2001, WorldNetDaily reported on “Arab terrorists’ crossing border: Middle Eastern illegals find easy entrance into U.S. from Mexico.

Last year, WND filed this report, titled Feds: Smuggled Chinese immigrants up 500%.

And here’s more detailing the deception of our own elected representatives titled The return of McAmnesty: Connect the dots.

*FOX News’ William La Jeunesse previously worked for KTVK-TV 3 in Phoenix.

4 Responses to Border crossers reading includes celebration of Islamic suicide bombers

  1. Elizabeth says:

    If I hear McCain say he’s “going to secure the order FIRST” again, I’m going to scream. First? Before he legalizes hordes of lawbreakers, among them terrorist from nations on the U.S. State Department’s Watch list? I used to dislike him. Now I detest him for putting us all in harm’s way for his own political self aggrandizement. Kyl is no better. And watch out for Flake. He wants to be a U.S. Senator so bad he was willing to pose as a beef-caker on a desert island. They all stink.
    I love my children too much to ever vote for any of them again.

  2. LD 18 Committeeman says:

    Someone identifying him or herself as “True Republican” wrote a comment under the Babeu fundraiser post about voting for Deakin instead of McCain during the last senate race. What a Class AAA dufus. A vote for Deakin WAS a vote for McCain. And a vote for McCain was one cast against our future. If this person considers thinks he/she is a “Trud Republican” they need to do a bit of reading. Start with the US Constitution and then read a bit of history.

  3. Kathy says:

    The next terrorist attack will be directly because of politician like McCain – the amount of blood on their hands (already) is a National travesty. But as long as it’s not theirs they will continue to do nothing – why? for votes.

    • Fed Up says:

      You would think these so-called elected representative (THEY SURE DON’T REPRESENT ME!) had no families of their own, the way they show no concern about the future of our people, our welfare and our nation. They should be ashamed that they put American citizens below their own egos and desire for power, as they pander to illegal invaders.