McCain and Obama share another Kumbaya moment

MSNBC reported it as Obama, McCain end long-running feud; 2008 rivals discussed areas where Democrats, GOP can find common ground.

That concept would be considered a stretch to the many Arizona conservatives who have little reason to believe there was ever much of an impasse between the two men, outside of McCain’s persistent longing to kick his shoes off under the desk in the Oval Office.

For the most part, John McCain has played the faithful lapdog to the radically liberal President Obama, beginning with his enthusiastic defense of him to worried Republican voters during the 2008 presidential campaign. It was McCain, not Obama, who declared the middle name Hussein off limits, although Obama proudly used it during his inaugural ceremony. And the two men have both been promoters of amnesty, making promises to the same Hispanic illegal advocacy groups during the run for the White House. In fact, there is little of substance that separates them.

Yesterday, Obama and McCain met once again for an Oval Office tête-à-tête.

To say that the Tucson shooting in which U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was among the wounded and murdered, was a turning point or Obama’s memorial service message requesting civility between politicians in Washington began a thaw, is absurd. McCain was never more than lukewarm rival to Obama. Had he campaigned against him with the same vigor that he pursued his senatorial challenger J. D. Hayworth last fall, Obama might not have had such an easy victory. In the race for the presidency, McCain narrowly carried his own state of Arizona by a mere 8.5% margin.

And who can forget last month’s praiseful Washington Post opinion article penned by McCain in which he licked Obama’s boots to a gleaming spit polish? Ever the aisle-jumper, forming alliances with the most liberal Democrats throughout his career, the aging McCain is now intent on crafting his own legacy. There are no more battles ahead. But, make no mistake. It’s still all about Johnny.


19 Responses to McCain and Obama share another Kumbaya moment

  1. LD 18 Voter says:

    This nails McPain perfectly! Good job! I’m sending the link to this post out to my tea party friends who voted for Jimmie Lee Deakin over JD Hayworth, not realizing that they helped reelect the guy they were so vocal about detesting named John McCain.

  2. Doc says:

    Mr. McCain’s comments re: fear of (senator) Obama were correct. Mr. Obama could be easily held in check if our elected representatives would honor their oaths of office…instead of aisle crossing…in my opinion.

  3. Realist says:

    Today McShame announces he doesn’t think we should be concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood.
    What in the hell goes on when the manchurian and his wannabe meet privately ???

  4. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    “Obama, McCain meet to talk”

    This can’t be good.

    NO CHARACTER, AMNESTY-JOHN mccain might well be working with “You Lie!” hussein on another scheme to get AMNESTY for ILLEGALS – or even something worse.

    NEVER, EVER TRUST a RINO TRAITOR (or their lunatic-left d-crat socialist pals).

  5. Sgt. flapjaw says:

    I am one of the many proud Republican State Committeemen who worked tirelessly to thwart the attempted takeover of the state party by the McCain led cabal.
    We thrashed them in the Maricopa County election, and prevailed in the state election. January was a great month for Constitutional Conservatives.
    Thank you Rob Haney, Tom Morrissey, Tea Party, and everyone who helped try to rid us of the “McCain Stain”.

    There ain’t no stain on me.
    There ain’t no stain on me.
    You will get a stain from John McCain.
    But there ain’t no stain on me.

  6. American Dad says:

    McCain shamelessly helped elect Obama so it stands to reason he would heap accolades on this Socialist who intends to bankrupt our nation and enslave our future generations.

  7. Maggie says:

    McCain called Obama a “patriot” using his presidency to “advance our country’s cause” and rejected arguments “that his (Obama’s) policies and beliefs make him unworthy to lead America.” In fact, he called Obama’s speech in Tucson “terrific” and said he “comforted and inspired the country.”

    Do you feel comforted and/or inspired by Obama?
    Señor Juan McAmnesty does. I don’t.

  8. Kathy says:

    Donald Rumsfeld new book hits the target on McCain – he changes his views to be the media darlin!! Love Rummy!

  9. Seen It All says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth about this extremely deceptive man. And, no. I don’t mean Obama, although he could be described in similar terms and I fear his leftist agenda is meant to bring America to its knees.

    But in this context, I speak about John Sidney McCain, who was, is, and continues to be, a miserable disaster as a senator supposedly representing Arizona Republicans. He does a better job representing Democrats.

  10. DeAnn says:

    It sickens me that so many establishment Republicans pushed so hard for this poor excuse for a Senator. At least most of them are out of leadership positions in the party.

  11. Barbara Espinosa says:

    I’ll bet a $100.00 the tete’ tete’ included how to hornswakle the American people into believing amensty for invaders of America is a good thing. That it’s the right thing to do for American taxpayers to spend $39million + on handouts for illegals.

  12. […] an op-ed in the Washington Post last month, John McCain heaped warm praise on his friend Barack Obama, describing how he “comforted and inspired” the country after the Tucson massacre. […]

  13. Mad Gramma says:

    Schwiekert seems to think McAmnesty has got the message, sure don’t look that way to me. Comprehensive Immigration Reform still means AMNESTY! The Manchurian Candidate elected by his cronies to go back to DC never saw a Dimocrat he couldn’t agree with.
    Some things don’t change “Dang it”!

    Voters remorse anyone??? Prob not cuz ya just can’t change ESTIPIDO! Alto Juan McBobo!

  14. […] duped Arizona voters last fall with his $25+ million dollar senatorial campaign, described his Wednesday meeting with Obama as “cordial,” as his relationship with the president “has always been.” […]

  15. The old McCain is back | Dump John McCain says:

    […] it’s all over the news about McCain’s meeting with Obama on Wednesday. The blog, Seeing Red AZ writes: “MSNBC reported it as Obama, McCain end long-running feud; […]

    • Braveheart says:

      The fact that there is such a site as Dump John McCain shows the level of discontent with this slimball. But fighting his accumulation of wealth and name ID was impossible, even with a fine, conservative candidate such as we had in former Congressman J.D. Hayworth. Team McCain made hay out of a perfectly legal infomercial they plastered all over television in an effort to besmirch him. Then they were helped in their efforts by that inconsequential Jimmie Lee Deakin. Money buys elections and opposition research –whether true or not. And the mindless viewers sitting in front of their TVs lap it up. Too many Americans are not only mind-numbed and fat. They are also stupid.

  16. Ellsworth says:

    Fools voted for this liar. What they will get for their purchased votes is more lies, more deception and the promised McCain/Obama Amnesty for those who have no respect for the USA, our laws or our culture.

    How can you look yourselves in the mirror? How can you say you love your children? Think of what you’ve given them.

  17. Really Angry says:

    I didn’t vote for McScamnasty and was dismayed at the people who did vote for him. The AZ state GOP got him elected with the “open primary.” And $25 million will get you elected. His nasty commercials targeting J.D. Hayworth were what he should have had in his arsenal running against Obama. But McNasty hates conservatives – to the core.

    There was a recall McCain petition going hot and heavy in 2001. Then 9/11 happened and priorities changed. We should get another one going and make this guy’s life miserable like he does ours (Conservatives). The constant sight of him on TV is nauseating.