Flake says: “Get off this kick”

In response to the recent Public Policy poll that found a majority of Republican primary voters don’t believe President Obama was born in the U.S., Rep. Jeff Flake — now a U.S. Senate candidate — said he didn’t believe the findings.

Fair enough.

Here are the results: 51% of respondents said they don’t think Barack Obama was born in the United States, while 28% firmly believe that he was and a substantial 21% remain unsure.

13 Responses to Flake says: “Get off this kick”

  1. Ricky Lujan says:

    That’s a very arrogant response from Jeff Flake. Just what we’ve come to expect from this narcissist who takes his own glamour photos.

  2. Angie says:

    You are so right Ricky! He is the worst candidate
    that could possibly aim for the senate seat to be
    vacated. He needs to stop looking in the mirror
    and look into his own soul!

  3. Overtaxed1 says:

    I will do everything in my power to help defeat this arrogant vacuous shell of a person. He cares only for himself and nothing for the people or the truth. Personally I would rather see a democrat win so the good conservative Republicans do not get blamed for his liberal mess ups.

  4. Doc says:

    uuuhhh…don’t we already have an arrogant senator? Who also happens to be selfish, rude, aisle crossing, mavericky, etc…

  5. Sovereign says:

    Alright, Jeff Flake. I ACCUSE YOU of MISPRISION OF TREASON!!!!

    Consider THIS:

    On January 20, 2009 this country suffered a Coup d’Etat when a USURPER was sworn in the office of the President of these United States.

    At THAT moment we CEASED being a nation under the RULE OF LAW and we became a nation under the RULE OF MAN!

    We are no longer a Constitutional Republic — we have DEVOLVED into a despotic Democracy. History has seen this de-evolution before. The progression leads to a DESPOTIC DICTATORSHIP!

    The Democrats NEVER VETTED OBAMA for his eligibility to the office of President. Instead, they put up a candidate ineligible for the office per Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION which states:

    “No Person, except a Natural Born Citizen, or a Citizen of the UNITED STATES, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of the President.”

    The birth certificate issue is actually a RED HERRING!!! By his own admission, Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, acknowledges that his father, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject at the time of Barack Obama’s birth. As such, his father was NOT, and COULD NOT HAVE BEEN, an American citizen, for British law allowed NO DUAL CITIZENSHIP. So, where EVER Barack Obama was born, he still CANNOT be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!!! He is, THEREFORE, INELIGIBLE to be the President.

    Now, LISTEN UP FOLKS!!!! It’s bad enough that we have a USURPER in the office of President… but… IT GETS WORSE!!!!


    The Democratic Party, under Nancy Pelosi and others, put Barack Obama up for the democratic nominee for the office in the 2008 presidential election. THEY KNEW HE WAS INELIGIBLE… and yet, they put him up ANYWAY!!!! They said NOTHING!!!!

    The Republicans put up McCAIN who was ALSO INELIGIBLE… (yes… but that’s another post) for the republican nominee. They even tried to pass a Senate Resolution to declare McCAIN’s eligibility!

    So, there real question Americans needs to be asking ourselves is this: HOW IS IT THAT BOTH PARTIES of our REPRESENTATION colluded and conspired to give us not one, but TWO INELIGIBLE CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT in the 2008 Presidential election????

    I could not care less where OBAMA was born… The REAL QUESTION IS FAR MORE CRITICAL!


    For over two years now, people have done everything in their power to expose this colossal CRIME against THE UNITED STATES and WE THE PEOPLE. The CRIME? NOTHING LESS THAN THE OVERTHROW of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

    And yet, the media, BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS, and even the U.S. SUPREME COURT, have done EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to prevent the fraud from COMING TO TRIAL!

    John Kyl said Obama was eligible because SNOPES.COM said so.

    Did you KNOW that SNOPES.COM is funded by GEORGE SOROS?

    Here’s an important definition for you to consider:

    MISPRISION OF TREASON: The bare knowledge and concealment of an act of treason or a treasonable plot by failing to disclose it to the appropriate officials; that is, without any assent or participation therein, for if the latter elements be present the party becomes a principal.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All those complicit in the perpetration and concealment of this fraud are guilty of MISPRISION OF TREASON!!!

    To the 49% percent of respondents to that poll who either think OBAMA was born in United States, or who are unsure, I would pose one simple question to you:

    How much effort have you made to become informed and educated on this subject matter?

    AMERICA, You’d better start to PAY ATTENTION to what is BEING DONE to YOUR country… and FAST!!!!!!!!

    That is, if you even give a darn…

    The Eqyptians gave a darn…


  6. Sovereign says:

    Oops… a correction:

    I wrote:

    “…All those complicit in the perpetration and concealment of this fraud are guilty of MISPRISION OF TREASON!!!”

    It should have read:

    “…All those complicit in the perpetration and active concealment of this fraud are guilty of TREASON against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    All those who KNEW of the TREASON and said nothing, and have continued to say nothing to unconceal it are guilty of MISPRISION of TREASON.

    ALL OF CONGRESS KNEW AND KNOWS the TRUTH! THIS INCLUDES JEFF FLAKE! The Senate action on S-511 stands as proof of their knowledge of the FRAUD! GO LOOK IT UP!

    • Night Owl says:

      A certificate of live birth is not the same as an actual birth certificate with a raised seal. Recently the governor of Hawaii where Barack Obama was supposedly born, said his birth certificate was lost.This was after saying it would not be made available. All of this could be easily handled if Barack Obama wanted to — which he obviously doesn’t.

      As to McCain. His father was in the military service when he was born in Panama. Of course he’s a U.S. citizen. I don’t like the guy, but let’s get real here. Both of his parents were American citizens.

  7. Sovereign says:

    Yes, Night Owl, McCain is a US Citizen. I never asserted he was NOT… I simply said he was NOT eligible to be the President because he is NOT a NATURAL-BORN citizen. THAT, Sir, IS A FACT!!!!

    Take the time to read up on this subject:


    This document SPELLS out the issues in a clear and understandable way… quite in contrast to all the BS and mis-information that swirls around this issue.

    Trust me, it’s worth a read.

  8. John Q says:

    And now, the little flake is one of only three Republicans to vote against the GOP Budget Bill, HR1.

    How many times does he have to vote against the will of the people before the electorate decides he is out of step with them.

    The Flake Gutierrez amnesty bill, the DADT bill, the START Treaty, the Budget, etc. Those bills alone pretty much cover the whole panoply of issues – Sovereignty, Rule of Law, Family, Defense, Spending. Seems like he is not only NOT a conservative, he is not even a Republican.

    RINOs usually do not violate ALL of the major issues of the party, so maybe we should call him a DRAINO – DEMOCRAT/Republican apparently in name only – and flush him.

  9. Maggie says:

    Flake voted against the budget bill? What on earth could have motivated that loony move, especially as a senate candidate? Conservatives need a candidate to jump into this race, and soon. Flake will suck up all of the air and endorsements. He’s the establishment’s hand selected boy.

    I sincerely hope JD Hayworth will run again. Those tea partiers who supported Jimmie Lee Deakin picked a loser while not realizing they were giving their votes to McCain at the same time. Now Deakin has bolted the GOP. So much for his commitment.

    Be aware. Jeff Flake is McCain, Jr. In fact, he’s worse because he’s younger and will be there more years to do untold damage. He is an open borders liberal who plays the role of a free market economist. In fact, he’s a ego-driven hack.

  10. azgo says:

    ‘Fight the Smears’ is Paid Political Advertising

    The ‘Fight the Smears’ web page with the image of a birth document is a political advertisement and conforms with U.S. Code 441.d, Publication and distribution of statements and solicitations. This code section deals with campaign funding, reporting and other parameters but does not require the material to be truthful by the person advertising. Political advertising is legal even if the advertiser does not tell the truth. In Edenfield v. Fane (91-1594), 507 U.S. 761 (1993), the Supreme Court said this in regard to the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and advertising;

    “But the general rule is that the speaker and the audience, not the government, assess the value of the information presented.”

    The campaign threw up an eye-catching wizardry of a political advertisement displaying graphics for visual impression, displaying statements of impression such as ‘native born’ and the candidate’s status as a ‘citizen by the 14th Amendment’ and solicitations of impressions to ‘donate now’ and tell others, all for the truth about the candidate.

    The state of Hawaii has not ever stated that the online image was issued by them as the ‘issuing authority’ of a genuine ‘identification document’. The political ad by the campaign did not provide any further information verifying that the image came from the Hawaii Department of Health, Vital Records. The original online newspaper and fact checking organizations (L.A. Times, Daily Kos, Annenberg Political FactCheck, Politifact) who received the image from the campaign said they received the image from the campaign.

    So therefore, the online image of the birth document means nothing…

    …except that many many Americans were duped into believing the image was for real including the media and our own state and national public officials!


  11. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Hey, FLAKE – if you’ve found the REAL “You Lie!” hussein birth certificate that has been buried in a mud hut in Kenya all these years, please share it with the rest of America. Then we’ll “get off this kick”.

    For those that missed it, the lunatic-left d-crat socialist governor of hawaii now admits that he cannot produce “You Lie!” hussein’s birth certificate. Apparently, the governor’s plan to dig a hole through the Earth from hawaii to the mud hut in kenya where the certificate is buried ran into a snag.

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