Jeff Flake perfects McCain impersonation

Sean Sullivan writing for the National Journal’s Hotline On Call titles his commentary: Flake defends immigration record as others disapprove. The article begins with these topical words: “Following an election cycle in which immigration and border security were front and center in several statewide contests, Arizona finds itself fractured politically, with different groups, factions, parties, and even subdivisions within parties clinging to disparate beliefs about how to address concerns over the border.

And recently declared Senate candidate Rep. Jeff Flake’s success in the Republican primary will likely hinge heavily on how he navigates the issue.”

Arizonans are all too aware that as Flake positions himself as a fiscal watchdog, he ignores the devastating effects illegal immigrationis having on states across the breadth of the nation. Fiscal responsibility does not go hand-in-hand with the  staggering costs of illegal immigration or promotion of McCain-style comprehensive immigration reform.  Like McCain, Flake has formed strong alliances with the most liberal of Democrats, standing in opposition to the grassroots of his own party.

For those who have questions about Jeff Flake’s opinion on this overarching issue, do yourself a favor and read this article, paying particular attention to the crafty word play as Flake massages this core topic for all it‘s worth.

The article is filled with a variety of noteworthy quotes from Flake and Arizona Republican Party leaders. Despite his machinations, Flake still ends up sounding like John McCain.


26 Responses to Jeff Flake perfects McCain impersonation

  1. T Dodson says:

    There are some people who think Flake is different from McCain and I have still no idea how they come to that conclusion. Would someone please ask Flake in a public forum what issues he differs with McCain on and why.

    • Steve Calabrese says:

      Uh, 2nd Amendment issues: MCCAIN = C, FLAKE = A
      Campaign Finance Reform: MCCAIN = F, FLAKE = A
      Getting rid of unconstitutional Patriot Act provisions: MCCAIN = F, FLAKE = C+
      Holding the line on the Federal Budget: MCCAIN = C-, FLAKE = A+

      These are just off the top of my head. Less quantifiable is the fact that Jeff Flake seems to be influenced by PAC money and corporate donations to a far lesser degree than McCain; McCain is very attentive to lobbyists and can be influenced by them to a greater degree than Flake.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Flake and McCain are cut from the same cloth, even using the same doubletalk regarding “securing the border first.” What they both are actually angling for is a method of granting amnesty to the 25 – 40 million illegals in the USA now, and offering a “pathway” for the never ending flow that will be encouraged to follow. Flake has never veered from this course. He gives lip service to earmarks, but has no fiscal discipline when it comes to “normalizing” millions of illegals. It has never made sense to reward criminal behavior. In the current crisis, it’s economic suicide.

    • SuzanneC says:

      Flake and Mccain are very much so alike. Flake is now talking about interior enforcement. Just like McCain, he hopes we forget his Strive Act. but Flake is not liked across the state and may not be able to buy this election.

    • T Dodson says:

      Matt you are so right, I don’t know for the life of me why so many have difficulty seeing it.

  3. alice says:

    Mr T Dodson

    I can’t believe a word McCain utters. Why would I have any more faith in what Flake utters? McCain was his tutor.

    How are all those “No drilling for oil in Alaska” or anywhere else votes by McCain working out for your gas prices, national defense and inflation?

    Thank you, recent party switcher to Libertarian, Jimmy Deakin and all you other misguided Tea Party Deakinites who have given us McCain for another six years.

    At least Deakin is where he belongs with the other losertarians and spoilers of conservative control of government.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Oil prices have risen a staggering 9 percent in the past day thanks in large part to John McCain’s refusal to support drilling our own oil. Thank him for his partnership with Al Gore on the fraudulent “science” of global warming.

  5. John Q says:

    Fiscal Conservative? The guy has used the “earmark” issue to position himself as a conservative, when in fact, he spent millions of taxpayer funds filing bills against ‘earmarks’ when he knew his bills had no chance of passage. He had only one ‘earmark’ bill passed with a savings of thousands, not millions.

    The best thing for Arizona and the AZGOP would be for Flake to follow Deakin since they are both Libertarians, not Republicans.

  6. Kelly says:

    I just found an amusing site. Check out the photos of Jeff Flake here and the varying amounts of peroxide highlights (or not) in his hair. Even his eyebrow are lightened when his hair is. Is this guy running for the US Senate or a role in a B grade-chick flick? In my callow youth I took a cosmetology course and worked in a salon, and still zone in on these things. Bleach and highlighting are not at all unusual among women, or even male celebs. But politicians? Gimme a break!,or.&wrapid=tljp1298406247250014&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1103&bih=795

    Oh, I forgot. It’s the latter.

  7. SuzanneC says:

    in the middle of all the Flake pics is a nice picture of Jeff Smith. I hope he runs for Flakes congressional seat. And let hope Flake does not get elected to Kyl’s seat.

  8. Ellsworth says:

    How funny! Those of ys in the East Valley know Flake is really stuck on himself! He’s always been a showboater. Yes, peroxide and all.

    His posings make me feel a tad sorry for Cheryl Flake. Although she’s attractive, she’ll never be as purty as her hub. I’m sure he lets her know that it the most subtle of ways.

  9. Sally Forth says:

    That’s one great photo to illustrate this post! But I’m disappointed he’s wearing a shirt and jacket. I had gotten used to him bare chested from his desert island charade.

  10. Steve Calabrese says:


    Selfishly, I hope Jeff Smith doesn’t run for Congress this time around, because I don’t want to lose him as LD22 chairman. Last thing we need is yet another election.

    However, if he DOES run, there’s a good chance I’d support him, depending on who his opposition was.

  11. Lucy says:

    Is Jeff Flake an honest person? In 2001 when he was out promoting his STRIVE legislation (which he still stands by today), I had the chance to talk to him one on one. I told him I did not agree with his legislation and that I would do whatever I could to defeat it. He then proceeded to tell me that he had just been to Yuma with President Bush. He told me that the Yuma lettuce growers were paying 16 dollars an hour with medical benefits and they could NOT get people to pick the lettuce. I told him that I had a hard time believing that. He said (in an arrogant way) well believe it or not I was there with the President and you weren’t. Then I went home and called three Yuma lettuce growers. They all told me about the same thing. They were paying eight dollars an hour and any medical benefits they got were received in Mexico. One grower did tell me that they had difficulty finding lettuce pickers so for 6 weeks they raised the pay to 12 dollars an hour. The secretary told me when they did that even the ladies that worked in the office went out and picked the lettuce!
    My question then is why? Why did Rep. Flake tell me what he told me? Did he just believe what the growers were telling him and for what reason? I am just a lowly homemaker who went on the internet and made a few phone calls. He is a congressman with many resources, staff and connections at his fingertips. When the growers told him that they couldn’t find workers at 16 dollars an hour didn’t he find that hard to believe like I did? My only conclusion is that he is not an honest person and he has sold out to big business who wants and needs cheap labor in order to have big profits. But when corporations do not pay a living wage the costs are shifted to you and me in the form of social and welfare benefits. That is one of reasons why California is bankrupt.
    I will give Flake credit. He is smooth alright. I have tried to pin him down on this issue and he always worms his way out and never really answers my question. Now that he has been in Washington so long I think he thinks he is “above” answering them.

  12. amattclarkson says:

    @Suzanne (and anyone else who misunderstood the STRIVE Act):

    Flake has been talking about interior enforcement every time he talks about immigration. He’s been talking about it so much that he proposed the STRIVE Act to enhance interior enforcement. For those of you that haven’t read the bill, it would be unwise to call it “blanket amnesty” the way so many have misunderstood it to be. While it does give a pathway to citizenship, it increased border security and interior enforcement. The pathway to citizenship was not as invasive as people believed either. I suggest reading it for yourself to get your own opinion of it.

    It also seems that the problem with illegal immigration is not the immigrants, but the entitlements they might be allowed to have if they are made citizens. Should we then be calling for entitlement reform? Illegal immigration is a problem for Arizona, but not nearly as much as our state going bankrupt because of entitlements and spending.

    • East Valley Voter says:

      Matt: We are not as inept as you and your chum Flake take us to be. We understand his intentions all too well. The STRIVE and DREAM Acts are both abominations. He is too glib for his own good and not nearly as smart as he would like us to think. Taking off his shirt on a desert island with only his tripoded camera to accompany him was a great diversionary tactic if he thinks we are more interested in his pecs than we are in our billfolds and respect for the rule of law of the United States of America. It is not only entitlements which Americans disdain. We actually expect those coming to this country to do so in a legal and respectful manner, and once here legally, to acclimate. You sound like you’re on Flake’s payroll, or want to be.
      Why don’t you ask him why he partnered with U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez on helping to “turn more red states blue?” Those are not my words, they are the words of Gutierrez. Read them here:

      Read each and every disgusting word, especially where he mentions your good buddy Flake.

      And why did Flake sneakily avoid Gutierrez when he was here with meeting with Democrats while on a multi-state amnesty tour? The people in Flake’s district have no idea what he’s really up to in DC. He talks a good game about earmarks, but the money that is spent on illegals far surpasses anything he makes book on. I’ve seen sly characters in my time, but Flaky Flake makes them all look like weak sisters. He lied about keeping his term limits pledge, and has earned the animus of the conservative Family Research Council which called him a “huge disappointment.” Flake also conned us on Cap and trade. He is as bad as McCain, but at least Johnny Mac keeps his clothes on. I wouldn’t vote for Jeff Flake for dogcatcher, but you get a D- for effort.

      • amattclarkson says:

        I’m sorry for the tone of the last post. It must not have been full of enough ridiculous nicknames or capital letters for you to understand. I’ll hit the highest points for you again so you won’t have any trouble understanding what was meant.

        I suggested for people to read the legislation themselves instead of relying on biased news spins for their opinions. Here’s a link if you want to read it:

        You must be able to read minds if you can claim to “understand his intentions all too well.” Your conspiracy theories tend to focus on external issues instead of really grasping the true principle.

        Like I said, illegal immigration is a problem for the U.S. While it is a problem, it is not as high on the list of priorities as the economy, govt spending, or entitlement reform. It seems many writers on this site are too close to the immigration situation to truly see what affects the country and Arizona as a whole.

  13. FedUp says:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo accompanying this post is priceless! How much clearer does it get? Jeff should change his name to McFlake.

  14. Realist says:

    What’s in a name?

    Barrack HUSSEIN Obama – Jeff FLAKE!

    • Steve Calabrese says:

      Making fun of a candidate’s name doesn’t really win you any votes. There are things I liked about JD Hayworth, but his constant references to “the aptly-named Mr. Flake” did him no favors. Kinda funny, actually, McCain and Hayworth in a way were both harmed by their failure to focus on their opponent – McCain, running for President, failed to keep his focus on attack Obama, and Hayworth, running for Senate, spent so much time bashing Flake that he utterly missed the fact that there were Flake supporters willing to vote against McCain. Oops.

      • Attila The Hunny says:

        It sounds as though you have a good case of buyer’s remorse as it relates to McCain. Who could blame you for that? I’d be disgusted with myself, too. But trying to pin it on Hayworth is revisionist history at its best. Instead of replaying the primary and bashing JD Hayworth, back up…take a deep breath… and admit to yourself that the election of Flake (indeed that is an appropriate name!) is not inevitable. Just last month, both the elected precinct committeemen and state committeemen, chose the anti-delegation, non-establishment conservatives to lead the Maricopa County and AZ Republican parties. There is a monumental shift occurring. Take notice! Tea party activists are far more conservative than Kyl, McCain and Flake all rolled into one.

      • Justin says:

        Libertarian Flake gives us bigger concerns than his name. He is not a conservative, folks. He’s an establishment guy who no different than McCain.

        Only this guy gives the Flake a run for his money in the unfortunate congressional name department.

      • Steve Calabrese says:

        Attila The Hunny:

        I would never “bash” JD Hayworth. I did not vote for him against McCain. I did support him against Karen English, Steve Owens and Harry Mitchell. He ran against someone else as well but I really wasn’t too aware of that race at the time. I reject the categorization of JD as the “ultimate conservative” – I have strong disagreements with some of his views, especially when he was voting with Bush to expand government – but I certainly have no desire to “replay the primary”.

        I felt that JD was the wrong candidate to take on McCain. There were other candidates who would have had a better chance against McCain.

        My point about name calling is that it serves no purpose. It is not “bashing” JD to objectively point out that his attacks on Flake detracted from his primary goal: the defeat of John McCain. Likewise, the constant name calling and focusing on making fun of peoples’ names does not ever win anyone any converts. Debating on this blog is all very well and good, but it’s usually preaching to the choir. As conservates, we should be focused on honing our skills at persuading others to vote for the candidates we support, and the moment you come out with something like “the aptly-named Mr. Flake” to an undecided person, their eyes glaze over.

        And I have no “buyer’s remorse” about McCain. He’s a flawed Senator at best, and my support for him has wavered between non-existent and soft. He has done some good things for this state and held the line on some conservative principles, and failed dramatically in some other areas and forsaken conservatism occasionally in the sake of political expediency.

  15. Attila The Hunny says:

    So you feel JD Hayworth was the “wrong candidate” to take on John McCain causing you to give your vote to McCain? What an admission! Your vote for McCain gave us SIX additional years of more of the same liberal bent and outright lies. The guy who crafted “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” while partnering with Kennedy and Kyl and then did an about face in his idiotic video on the border with Sheriff Baboon, won your vote? The guy who tried to silence free speech with McCain-Feingold and restrict our Second Amendment freedoms is your choice? I’m glad I don’t know you, Steve, because it would be difficult to remain civil in view of the fact that you have contributed to the lessening of my (and my children’s) rights while endorsing the granting of rights to those who slither into our country in violation of our laws.

    You admit that McCain is “flawed.” What an understatement! He’s an abomination! Speaking of which, McCain did everything he could to elect Obama. He campaigned harder against Hayworth than he did against the Marxist currently sitting in the Oval Office. Your priorities are screwed, Steve.

    I would support Hayworth in a heartbeat. If little Jimmie Lee Deakin and the unmemorable libertarian candidate hadn’t diverted votes as McCain spent tens of millions to purchase others, and people like you had the moxie to realize the damage their votes would cause, we would have some real leadership instead of a LaRaza praiser like McCain. Sorry, Steve, but your credibility is in the tank.

    Get off the “aptly named Flake” kick. That’s your foolish one note tune. Instead, walk over to the mirror and take a look at a guy who is responsible for electing a Republican pretender — ready, willing, and able to inflict real damage.

    • amattclarkson says:

      Consider my voice as a second note in Steve’s tune. Are you trying to convince others of your argument or just hear yourself think out loud? Name-calling is the most ineffective way to persuade undecided minds that your opinion is any deeper than a kiddy pool.

      • Attila The Hunny says:

        It’s abundantly clear you are in the tank for the Flake. I find it amusing that you appear to disdain what you term “name-calling” as you proceed to tell me my opinion is no “deeper than a kiddie pool.” Typical.

        I won’t jump to your inane bait any longer, but I have concluded by your shallow rants that you are either a relative or paid staffer (past or present) of Flake’s. Your obsessive defense of his libertarian views and lack of understanding that the massive costs of illegal immigration are passed on to each and every American taxpayer are, quite frankly, appalling. We fund medical care, education for Spanish speaking students and absorb expenses related to the escalating crime associated with those who have no respect for our laws as they enter and less as they stay — demonstrating by the thousands in our streets while waving Mexican flags. Identity theft to facilitate their ability to drive, rent housing or enroll their kids in school has grown to mammoth proportions. Car thefts here are among the highest in the nation as vehicles are taken to Mexico and chop-shopped. Additionally, this is the first group of “immigrants” who refuse to culturally acclimate to America. They are called illegals for a reason. They have come here illegally, in violation of the law while thumbing their noses at our national sovereignty.

        Jeff Flake has his reasons for wanting to open the floodgates and help Luis Gutierrez “turn more red states blue.” He will get no help from me. I’m a conservative — politically, socially and economically. I’m also busy running my business trying to keep American citizens employed. You won’t find me posing for my own tripoded camera, shirtless on a desert island or blowing kisses to Communist Cuba. I don’t bleach my hair. I work. I work hard. I have taken risks that allow others to buy homes, educate their children and make purchases which in turn keeps the economy rolling. Jeff Flake is a fraud.