Jeff Flake exposed — again*

U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake has perfected his dip-and-dodge routine to the point that he is unable to give a straight answer to questions regarding his slipperiness on conservative issues, even to decidedly liberal publications such as Mother Jones. Instead, the libertarian Flake tried to convince Mother Jones (Jeff Flake’s Immigration Problem) that we are all on the same ambiguous page — which is anything but the truth:

“As you might be able to tell,” he disingenuously says,” Arizona voters have a bit of a libertarian streak, an independent streak. I think they appreciate a politician who isn’t lockstep in any one way.”

The truth is, Republicans, Independents and voters of all stripes aligned with the Tea Party, are categorically conservative.

In his article, Ariz. Senate Candidate Jeff Flake Indicates That Visa-Overstayers Shouldn’t Have To Go Home, Roy Beck of NumbersUSA, writes that Flake showed that he just can’t let go of his pro-amnesty views despite their liability to him in his run for the AZ Senate seat in 2012.

Beck calls Flake’s quotes in the Mother Jones article “even more radical than anything he’s ever said before, and that includes all of his work with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) for a comprehensive amnesty.”

On their immigration reduction report card, NumbersUSA gives Gutierrez a grade of F-.  Govtrack Lists Gutierrez as a “lonely far-left Democrat.“ It’s a good bet most of the East Valley conservatives in Jeff Flake’s district are unfamiliar with the alliance — which Flake did his best to hide when Gutierrez was in Phoenix as part of his 17-city amnesty tour.

In this article The Numbers Are On Our Side, Gutierrez credits Jeff Flake for his support as “hard-working immigrants are turning red states blue.”

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19 Responses to Jeff Flake exposed — again*

  1. East Valley Voter says:

    I appreciate the education I get here. I live in Flake’s district and will not be supporting him. If he thinks illegal immigration and fiscal matters are separate issues, he’s as wrong as can be. The two issues are irretrievably intertwined. When three houses on my street are in foreclosure and my construction worker cousin was displaced by an essentially non-English speaking electrician nearly three years ago, it hits home. Construction jobs are now scarce and things remain tough for them. Flake can go off to a desert island and pose for his camera. Many of the rest of us don’t have such grandiose dreams to fulfill. We are busy trying to pay the mortgage and feed our families. This guy turns my stomach!

  2. MacBeth says:

    I’m glad Roy Beck is taking Flake on. Watch his video and you’ll get an idea of the full scope of the problem. Beck makes a very compelling case.

  3. Doc says:

    The man LIED about staying in office. REALLY, that just about covers it, in my opinion. Seeing Red has shown us more evidence than any jury would ever need (& Thank You for your diligence!) if this were a “criminal case”…which…well…

    But the fact remains that he bald faced, out-right LIED to his constituents about how many terms he’d serve.

    …nuff sed…

  4. Rambling Rose says:

    It’s all too clear that Flake is about himself and far and above the people he wants to elect him. At first I thought his shirtless island gig was funny. Now, the more I read, the more I find it, and him, vacuous. If he had a week to devote to leisure, doesn’t it seem he’d want to do something with his wife and family since he spends so much time in Washington? And what’s with the camera and no shirt? Sheesch!

  5. amattclarkson says:

    I have a feeling that this isn’t going to go over well, but I’ll say it anyway. While his stance on immigration might not be popular, Flake is standing strong to it amidst a storm of caustic rhetoric. McCain flipped so many times we could never really tell how he would vote. Flake has at least been consistent, as much as people that read this site dislike him for it.

    I still believe most Arizonan’s don’t have the nativist view the video above portrays. I think we understand that we are a nation built of immigrants striving to better their lives through the freedoms and opportunities the United States provides. We can demand that people go through legal means to accomplish it, but to completely close the U.S. to immigrants is not only bad policy…it’s bad economics.

    • Night Owl says:

      It’s clear you really don’t get it.I hope Flake is paying you well for your advocacy. I also hope you don’t yet have children, since your views will imperil them. And your term “nativist” gives you away as a liberal. Sorry, pal, but truth is truth.

      I believe this Roy Beck video is even more compelling. It’s the original (shortened version).

      • amattclarkson says:

        Sorry to inform you, Night Owl. My wife and I just found out she’s pregnant. We don’t know what we’re having yet, but I think we’re hoping for a girl. 13 years of grooming and we’ll have a built-in babysitter. We’ll be happy with whatever God gives us though.

        I think you’re right about me not getting it. I have no idea how people can buy the trash Roy Beck is selling in those videos. The principles he talks about are so devoid of any economic theory. All the economics I’ve learned tells me that immigration and free markets make an economy prosper a.k.a. puts money into everyone’s pockets. This mentality that the U.S. is already full and that our natural resources cannot handle anymore people is absolute bull. The belief that immigrants are coming here and stealing hardworking american’s jobs is the same belief espoused by labor unions throughout the 1900’s. You called me liberal for using the term “nativist,” which defines the above video all too well. I call whoever espouses beliefs similar to those portrayed in this video “liberal,” because anyone who sides with the unions are liberal.

  6. telemoonfa says:

    I think Jeff Flake has a good chance of winning the Senate seat, so tea-party conservative people need to unite behind a good alternative. Maybe JD Hayworth, maybe Russell Pearce… um… maybe Buz Mills, um… I really like Pamela Gorman.

    Thanks, Seeing Red AZ, for helping to get the word out about Jeff Flake. I work with a guy who lives near Jeff Flake, in the same ritzy part of north east Mesa, (they’re in the same LDS stake) and my coworker reminds me of Jeff Flake because they’re both from the same privileged, snooty part of town, you know? Flake is a pampered, pretty boy career politician (bless his heart) who needs to take a break from public office. Flake seems like a good husband and father, etc., but I don’t ever want to vote for him.

  7. Republican Voter says:

    Whatever his reasons, Matt obviously worships at the tanned and perfect feet of Flake. But in your heart of hearts, do you actually trust him? I sure don’t!

    Now really, Matt. How can you trust a guy who has his hair done up with bleached streaks? Think about it.

    • amattclarkson says:

      I very much hope that you’re not serious about not trusting a person because of the way they groom themselves. That would be a pretty sophomoric standard to base a vote off of.

      And yes, I do trust Jeff Flake. I have had several experiences hearing him at events and asking him questions about his stances and he has never wavered in his positions. I haven’t always agreed with the way he applied the principles, but he has never given me the wishy washy feeling I get from just about every other politician. He doesn’t use catchy one-liners. He doesn’t rile the crowd the way others do. He just talks about limiting government. He always has.

      • Republican Voter says:

        It’s not grooming, matt. It’s pomposity and deceit. If that’s your cup of tea, that’s your problem. Actually electing this stuck-on-himself, Castro-loving libertarian, would be mine.

        While you spend countless words giving cover to your buddy Beefcake McFlake, you haven’t touched on his alliance with congress’s most devout liberal, Luis Gutierrez, and his article in which he says Flake was helping turn more red states blue. If you don’t have the stomach to read this tripe in its entirety, start about five paragraphs up from the bottom.
        Come on, matt. give that one a whirl.

      • amattclarkson says:

        So that you know, I look at immigration solely from an economic viewpoint. There are several social issues with immigration, but I try not to focus on those because they are extremely hard to quantify.

        I read the article and there is a significant amount of political posturing. There are a few things wrong with it, but overall it’s a democrats view of immigration. A conservative republican could talk about the same points, but spin it towards conservative principles.

        I don’t know when Republican’s took on the labor union philosophy of completely closed borders, but it is bad economics. If Republicans are afraid that legalized immigrants voting for Democrats, why don’t we take a proactive approach of aligning the Latino voting base with conservative principles. Our principles are better than dems. It wouldn’t be a difficult sale. We just have to cool down the rhetoric a little.

        As far as Flake aligning with Gutierrez, at one event last year I heard him explain how sometimes he teams up with Barney Franks to stop farm subsidies. They do it for different reasons though. Flake said that immigration is a more complex issue than many are giving it credit for. Border security is important, but interior enforcement is equally as important. There are many things that need to change.

        Here’s the link to the summary of the STRIVE Act. Balls back in your court.

  8. ZOO says:

    Flake has been in lock-step with McCain/Kyl on “guest worker” and amnesty. The ignorant voters just put McCain back into term so he can take another swipe at amnesty (wait for it), and to consider Jeff Flake as the next Arizona U.S. Senator, given our current intratstate progress, is absurd.

  9. Catching On says:

    I received a link to this post from a friend, and appreciate the insight into U.S. Senate candidate Flake. I clicked on his name under “catagories” on this page and found even more information. Sincere thanks.

    Since I don’t live in his congressional district, I haven’t paid much attention to him. If he’s elected to Kyl’s seat, he’ll affect us all. It’s clear we are in dire need of a conservtive candidate for this seat. Jeff Flake is not that person.

  10. Steve Calabrese says:

    I notice no one wants to talk about how Flake voted in Congress to STRIP the legal budget of the Feds for suing Arizona over 1070.

    It seems that while everyone else is talking, Flake is trying to get stuff done.

  11. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Because of their endorsement of NO-CHARACTER, AMNESTY-JOHN, I have absolutely NO FAITH that the Arizona “repubs” will make a rational and intelligent choice for the nominee for senator to replace mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy kyl. The fools and simpletons that helped AMNESTY-JOHN clearly have no understanding of the issues or the larger picture. As long as the flake is the ONLY announced candidate, the worse the situation becomes. I truly hope that a responsible, trustworthy, real conservative (like, arpaio or pearce) announces his candidacy soon so that Arizona repubs with brains can get behind him and work to make certain that Arizona’s next senator is not another embarrassment and total disgrace.

  12. SuzanneC says:

    The Tea Party Summitt was this weekend, and Flake had nerve to show his face, we were very mad at him for that. The grassroots will not support Flake and he has no Tea Party support at all, we made sure to tell hugh Hewitt that. JD Hayworth, Russell Pearce and Trent Franks were there and we apreciated them coming in and talking to us, they all have excellent support, but Flake should just give it up. And no Jeff we do not appreciate your Independent (RINO) voting record.

  13. Ditat Deus says:

    @SuzanneC, take a look at this quote from, concerning the summit, citing co-founder Jenny Beth Martin:

    “Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin says the event is focused on fiscal issues.

    “We really stick to our three core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutional and limited government and free markets – they are primarily the fiscal issues,” Martin says.

    “We don’t get involved in the social issues. We feel like politicians from both sides of the aisle have used social issues kind of to trick us and make us watch what the right hand is doing while their left hand is taking our money out of our pocket so we don’t even notice.”

    I am hearing three things, as Martin said, primarily the fiscal issues: 1) fiscal responsibility 2) constitutional and limited government and 3) free markets.

    Why is it that Flake is hailed as a Tea Party hero everywhere in the country but by this small minority in his own state? It can be easily argued that no other politician has done more to push the above stated three pronged agenda than Flake. Either you misunderstand what the Tea Party is all about, or your Flake warmongering has made you delusional. It is too bad really, how misinformed you are.

  14. Attila The Hunny says:

    This past weekend, Jeff Flake riled many of the attendees at the Tea Party Summit, who took him to task for his liberal views on illegal immigration. It was a pleasure to behold. He was not happy, as he’s finally getting a taste of the fact that he’s not anointed to this seat currently held by Jon Kyl. He is going to have a rude awakening. The statewide population of his consistent voter base is not as high as he is used to in his East Valley congressional district. The Flake will need smelling salts.