Greg Stanton: Criminal case is out of your hands

Don’t be misled by the anorexic edition of this morning’s daily. Though slim as a rail, it is still chock full of mesmerizing items. Topping the list is the article detailing the desire of Phoenix mayoral candidate, Democrat Greg Stanton, to drop embezzling charges against his former campaign treasurer, Mindy Shields.

Mindy Shields is the daughter of Democrat operative, lobbyist and former fire fighter’s union boss Billy Shields. As the longtime treasurer of Greg Stanton’s political accounts, Mindy Shields admitted to the theft of $77,134 for personal use. When he realized he had been the victim of massive theft, Stanton said he hired an accountant to make sure the account was repaid. And wouldn’t you know? Most of the money has been mysteriously “restored.”

Now that the filched campaign donations have been repaid, Stanton wants the embezzlement case against the daughter of his powerful friend dropped. But criminal charges, once filed, are not contingent upon the victim’s change of heart — or in this case, a reevaluation of the impact on his future campaign fundraising. As a lawyer who worked for former Attorney General Terry Goddard, Stanton should know that.

Seeing Red AZ covered the intrigue last December, in a post titled: Is this a good idea? Dems in charge of other Dem’s money.  Candidate Stanton, with hopes of filling his campaign coffers doesn’t want Papa Shields as an enemy — even though he was “stunned and saddened” by the revelation regarding his sticky-fingered daughter. 

Phoenix City Council and Mayor’s elections masquerade as non-partisan events although they clearly are not.

Today’s daily reports that Mindy Shields is also suspected of submitting 12 false campaign reports with the Phoenix City Clerk’s Office. False reporting can be prosecuted as perjury. In November, a grand jury issued subpoenas for bank statements, canceled checks and other financial documents relating to the case.

6 Responses to Greg Stanton: Criminal case is out of your hands

  1. Capt. Marvel says:

    Some frightening choices Republicans have for Mayor! McCain strategist and RINO Wes Gullett, who openly supported Napolitano over the Republican and whose wife worked for Democrat Gordon OR Democrat Stanton who is clearly worried about his union funded pot of gold drying up and is trying to put the skids to a criminal case to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  2. Villanova says:

    Earth to Greg Stanton: The state charges individuals with the commission of a crime. It is not the victim versus the defendant, but rather the state versus the defendant. These are not civil proceedings brought by one party against another. You might have to raise money the usual way, by generating support from citizens who believe in your message rather than the union cronies of Billy Shields.

  3. Chuck says:

    Stanton’s just looking out for Number One. What Dem in his right mind would want to tick off a union hot shot? I once lived in Chicago and got the lay of the land mighty fast.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    A good point is raised here regarding the fallacy of “non-partisan” elections. They are fakery at its finest. Phil Gordon is a leftwinger from way back, and Stanton’s coziness with Terry Goddard is no secret. Gullett works for McCain, so he is less than a marginal Republican. Where are our choices?

  5. Tomfoolery says:

    I have just one question that should be easy enough for Greg Stanton or either of the Shield’s to answer: How was the $77,134 stolen money “restored?” It sounds magical.

  6. Night Owl says:

    “When he realized he had been the victim of massive theft, Stanton said he hired an accountant to make sure the account was repaid.”

    How odd. Why didn’t he call the police as any other rational person who had been robbed would have done? Accountants are not law enforcement. How was the accountant supposed to make certain the account was repaid? Something smells mighty fishy with his story.