Sen. Andy Biggs named as Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Andy Biggs (R-Dist.22) has been tapped as Majority Leader to succeed Sen. Scott Bundgaard, who was removed from his post today.

Biggs, a retired attorney, is an Arizona native who has lived in Gilbert with his family for the past 25 years.

The Senator has a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from BYU and a J.D. degree from the University of Arizona. He earned a M.A. in Political Science from ASU.

Biggs served Legislative District 22 in the State House of Representatives for eight years before being elected to the State Senate in November of 2010. He is Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Judiciary and Government Reform Committees. In addition, he serves on the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and the Joint Committee on Capital Review as well as numerous statutory committees and subcommittees.

Sen. Biggs has earned the designation “Champion of the Taxpayer” from Americans for Prosperity for his cumulative service in the state legislature and has been honored numerous times by the Goldwater Institute as a “Friend of Liberty.” He carries a “Reagan Republican” rating from the conservative PAChyderm Coalition.


8 Responses to Sen. Andy Biggs named as Senate Majority Leader

  1. Capitol Watcher says:

    Biggs is a good man. He’ll handle this task well.

  2. East Valley Voter says:

    Congratulations to Sen. Biggs on being selected for this post. I regret the reason for the honor being given to him, as I would imagine he does, as well. But I have every reason to believe he will perform his duties admirably.

    May God bless Sen. Bundgaard.

  3. paul marchant says:

    Andy Biggs stuck his neck out for some ‘tea party’ candidates last summer when he had nothing to gain from it and earned my respect. He is a constitutional scholar and a he__ of a guy. I will sleep a little better tonight.

  4. Maggie says:

    Bundgaard was beaten up mercilessly in the press. I hope all of this dies down for him. He’s a decent and very bright man. His holier than thou pilers-on repeat one another’s stories as fact, when they know precious little. Best to him and Biggs. Let’s give this a rest.

  5. TruthSquard says:

    We replaced a man who hits a woman with a guy who hasn’t had a job in 10 years since he won a lottery. Yep, he’s real representative of folks who are struggling middle income Republicans with kids just trying to get by while big business interests get special tax deals.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      What a bitter one you are TruthSquad. (If that’s the handle you choose, you should at least learn how to spell it correctly.)

      Unless you were there in the car with the twosome on the freeway, you have no facts. It would be prudent to keep your opinion to yourself at this point.

      Sen. Andy Biggs is a very bright man, a dedicated husband and father, and a fine legislator. So he won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. Does that marginalize him? I suspect you wish it was you, instead, and then of course the dynamics would change and God would have been smiling down on you that day, right? Biggs practiced law for years. Working in the legislature is not a walk in the park. You sound like a pathetic, disgruntled, uneducated and jealous boor. Is there anyone up to your standards? Anyone quite as wonderful as you? Do you secretly want to hold elective office and know you’d never be able to muster the support since you are the king/queen of negativity?

      Add something constructive to the dialogue and quit carping.

  6. Steve Calabrese says:

    Andy Biggs understands the AZ budget like few other people.

    This is a great day for Arizona.

  7. azwayne says:

    I hope Mr Biggs knows more than budget. Arizona needs many laws and practices corrected. For the Republicans to kill the efforts to correct illegal aliens leaching of Arizona assets, is beyond common sense, can he help with that or make it worse. If we don’t secure our borders, stop giving our tax dollars to leaches we are doomed. Yes we need federal support but maybe we better show the way. I would like to see someone with a spine.