AZ RINOs crumble to business lobby demands

Hamer’s tongs

CEOs representing dozens of business groups and employers signed a letter distributed midweek by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce‘s Glen Hamer, declaring that passage of additional legislation dealing with the problems of illegal immigration would damage Arizona’s economy and tourism.

Arizona should instead push for federal action on immigration and border issues, according to the letter signed by heads of construction companies, hospitals, developers and service industries such as the Arizona’s Hotel and Lodging Associations and other illegal labor profiteers who rely on a low wage, exploitable work force.

And what a surprise to find Robert Delgado CEO of Cindy Hensley McCain’s mega-Anheuser-Busch wholesale beer distributing empire on the list. Cindy’s hubby has long supported amnesty, even partnering with liberal icon Ted Kennedy and Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl on authoring an abysmal creation known as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” The legislation, which raised the hackles of American citizens across the country, failed in 2007.

The Chamber’s letter includes this gem: “Arizona’s lawmakers and citizens are right to be concerned about illegal immigration. But we must acknowledge that when Arizona goes it alone on this issue, unintended consequences inevitably occur.”

Could those “unintended consequences” be the withholding of campaign donations for those who don’t go along to get along? Responding to the veiled threat, these gutless Republicans sacrificed Arizona’s citizens to the relentless illegal throng and their surrogates.

Read the letter here.

What have we come to when American businesses favor diminishing the sovereignty of the United States while supporting Balkanization by costly illegal aliens who invade our nation while displaying brazen disrespect for our laws?

10 Responses to AZ RINOs crumble to business lobby demands

  1. Blaine Dunning says:

    We sent these Senators to fix two really big problems, the budget and our illegal alien population. They simply didn’t get the message clearly enough that we don’t want any more excuses, just solutions. We should all remember their names in the next election if nothing ever comes of these illegal immigration bills. We gave them the majority and we can take it away as well.

  2. Doc says:

    So, recently, The Pachyderm Coalition presented us with a “scorecard” I posted that my personal scorecard didn’t necessarily coincide with theirs.
    Here’s just 1 (ONE) example of what I meant, & still mean. Nancy Barto isn’t even a Republican on my scorecard. She BARELY rates R.I.N.O. rating.

    While I GREATLY appreciate The Pachyderm Coalition’s views, I must say that this is proof that there’s no telling what a legislator will do. Evidently, it just depends on who’s got th’ biggest wallet.

    I’d also like to point out that the CEO of the Arizona Repulsive’s signature is present in the list of signers. If they were trying to imitate the Declaration Of Independance…they screwed that ALL UP!

  3. Capt. Marvel says:

    Glen Hamer left the ex. dir. post at the AZ GOP to take the top position at the pro-illegal chamber. First act on his new job? He endorsed Janet Napolitano for governor!! Great guy, trustworthy and above reproach, wouldn’t you say? And this is the guy who wields the big money clout to sway these despicable and reckless legislators. It would seem from their votes that none of them have any children they care about and they are all infirm themselves. Why else would they vote against maintaining the integrity and respect for the rights of citizens of the United States? For Hamer and his cronies, it’s all about money.

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    I’ve lived here long enough to remember the legislative sting called AZSCAM that took down numerous state legislators who were up for taking bribes from a supposed front-man for the casino gambling industry. They fell like dominos for the ploy. How is this any different when the Chamber is in effect saying the high dollar contributors in the business community will turn off the tap for their campaign funding? What does this portion of the letter to the legislators sound like to you?

    “But we must acknowledge that when Arizona goes it alone on this issue, unintended consequences inevitably occur.”

  5. Army Of One says:

    Ah, yes. AZSCAM. There does seem to be a parallel of sorts. The words “unintended consequences” are clearly aimed at the legislators who earn $24,000 and are always on the prowl for funding for their next campaign, less than two years down the road.

    The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office caught a whole load of such desperados when it reeled in the AZSCAM net. A guy with a bulging billfold claiming to be a former Mafia honcho named Tony Vincent, was offering bribes to legislators in exchange for their votes in favor of legalizing gambling. Many took the bait.

    Google AZSCAM and you’ll get a full accounting of the downfall of a pack of AZ elected officials who were all too eager to yield their honor for a wad of hard cash. In this case the Chamber of Commerce seems to be cagily vying for the starring role of Tony Vincent!

  6. Night Owl says:

    Army: Googled AZSCAM and I found McCain’s presidential campaign manager (with her pre-marriage last name) at the top of the story. What a surprise to read that she was working for the Chamber of Commerce in those days. Funny how these pieces are all aligned, sort of like the planets in Aquarius…when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter is aligned with Mars…

  7. azwayne says:

    Do voters have any say? De we get screwed every time we think we elect Republican. Far too many don’t know the meaning obviously. What is to be done? can we get list of voters and exercise recall, how else will anything change. Obviously business dollars mean more than party dollars so why screw the voters? I’ve never seen a better time for a conservative party.

  8. ZOO says:

    To Arizona State Senators: Barto, Crandall, Driggs, Gray, McComish, Nelson, Pierce, Yarbrough

    After yesterday’s defeat of all illegal immigration bills by your siding with Democrats, I was wondering if any or all of you recall what happened in 2004 with Arizona Proposition 200? The Arizona Chamber of Commerce put up $2 million dollars to have convicted immigration law criminal Grant Wood head a TV campaign of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on the people of Arizona. Using actors dressed as police and firemen, they fronted a scare campaign of untruths to line their pockets from cheap illegal labor and retail sales to the illegal invaders. They managed to pull support for Prop 200 from about 85% to 57% on election day. And although they LOST, they bragged later that if they would have started earlier, they would have defeated 200.

    This is the same group of pro-illegal filth that sent the now infamous “CEO letter” to Russell Pearce before all of you voted yesterday. By siding with the Democrats, you have demonstrated that business interests and illegal profits come before protecting the citizens of Arizona from crime, blight, and an unsustainable social services financial burden that is costing every Arizona household an extra $1,000 per year in taxes. DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE TACTICS OF THE ARIZONA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND ITS MEMBERS ARE WHY WE HAVE THE PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH??? THE MAGNET THAT

    You have also demonstrated that Republicans turn on a dime AFTER they are elected to office and that their election campaign rhetoric is absolutely worthless. You KNOW that the Democrats, as insane as they are, do NOT have this reputation riding their coattails.

    The concept that the state needs to take a “vacation” from illegal immigration is totally idiotic. You know damn well if we had not been saddled with six years of the joke – Janet Napolitano – we would not be in the mess we are right now – not only with illegal immigration but the crippling deficit mess as well. We are literally fighting the biggest powers in the U.S. to save our state from the fate of California, and you have just betrayed us worse than any Democrat that ever lived.

    All of you will be targeted in your reelection bids. If we are repeatedly betrayed by the like of lying Republicans and are doomed to hand our state over to Mexico, we will vote for Democrats all day long. Shame on all of you. You have betrayed the citizens of Arizona, and you have betrayed the future of your children and grandchildren as well. I pray that each of you will be out of office after the next election.

  9. Fed Up says:

    The Chamber of Commerce has influential members, but remember this: It and they are not the friend of the average American worker. The mission they hold in common is self promotion with the aim of increasing the bottom line. I’m a conservative Republican and as such believe in a free market economy, so on the surface I would have no problem with these folks. However, their bottom line excludes most of us. That is exemplified by the fact that they promote illegal workers, who undercut the salaries of Americans, and often depose us, particularly in service industries and construction jobs. Couple these folks with the “compassionate” churches aiding and abetting the illegal entrants and now our own elected officials, and you see where this is going. We’ve long known about the open borders propensities of Kyl, McCain and Flake. Now we see that all of this has seeped down to our state legislators. I am thoroughly disgusted with these turncoats. Those whose names appear on my ballot can count on this fact: They will never get my votes again. I’ll write in my dog’s name first!

  10. LD20PC says:

    Z00, they will be out of office, there will be challenges to each and every one of them. I felt like a lone voice against McComish, now I am finding out there are many in my LD. We need to elect real conservatives in all areas of government, and get rid of McCain, Flake and anybody else who votes along with them. If I hear that it was a blow to Russell Pearce again I am going to scream, no no it was a vote agaisnt the citizens of Arizona. Lets all work together to get our PC Districts to post there votes on the web sites for all to see, lets put mailers out to every voter in the Districts let them see how their Legislators and Senators are voting against us, put them on the offensive. Remember just because they vote conservative before the election does not mean they will vote that way once reelected.