Meet Arizona’s Benedict Arnolds

Yesterday the Arizona Senate defeated five bills dealing with the continued invasion of our country by illegal aliens.  Democrats voted in unison against all five bills. Republicans who ran as conservatives, misrepresented their positions to their constituents. Here are the Republicans who voted to defeat the measures:

SB 1308: Birthright citizenship:

• Frank Antenori, (Dist.30)

• Nancy Barto, (Dist.7)

• Rich Crandall, (Dist.19)

• Adam Driggs, (Dist.11)

• John McComish, (Dist.20).

• John Nelson, (Dist.12)

• Steve Pierce, (Dist.1)

• Michele Reagan, (Dist.8)

• Steve Yarbrough, (Dist.21)

SB 1309: Birthright citizenship:

• Frank Antenori, (Dist.30)

• Nancy Barto, (Dist.7)

• Scott Bundgaard, (Dist.4)

• Rich Crandall, (Dist.19)

• Adam Driggs, (Dist.11)

• John McComish, (Dist.20)

• John Nelson, (Dist.12)

• Steve Pierce, (Dist.1)

• Michele Reagan, (Dist.1)

• Steve Yarbrough, (Dist.21)

SB 1405: Hospitals checking legal status:

• Nancy Barto, (Dist.7)

• Rich Crandall, (Dist.19)

• Adam Driggs, (Dist.11)

• Linda Gray, (Dist.10)

• John McComish, (Dist.20).

• John Nelson, (Dist.12)

• Steve Pierce, (Dist.1)

• Michele Reagan, (Dist.8)

• Steve Yarbrough, (Dist.7)

SB 1407: Schools checking legal status:

• Rich Crandall, (Dist.19)

• Adam Driggs, (Dist.11)

• Linda Gray, (Distt.10)

• John McComish, (Dist.20)

• John Nelson, (Dist.12)

• Steve Pierce, (Dist.1)

• Michele Reagan, (Dist.8)

SB 1611: Immigration omnibus:

• Sylvia Allen, (Dist. 5)

• Nancy Barto, (Dist.7)

• Rich Crandall, (Dist.19)

• Adam Driggs, (Dist.11)

• Linda Gray, (Distt.10)

• John McComish, (Dist.20)

• John Nelson, (Dist.12)

• Steve Pierce, (Dist.1)

• Michele Reagan, (Dist.8)

• Steve Yarbrough, (Dist.7)

34 Responses to Meet Arizona’s Benedict Arnolds

  1. LD 8 PC says:

    Notice how the Democrats present a united front while our so-called Republicans fray at the seams? It’s past time to give these amnesty supporters the boot. As I read through this list, I feel nothing short of disgust.

  2. Ricky Lujan says:

    Barto, Nelson, Crandall, Pierce, McComish and Reagan. These names are already known to disdain conservative Republicans.

    What was Russell thinking? We may squeak these bills through 16 to 14 if we’re lucky? Those bills lost back on Aug 24, 2010 in the Republican primaries.

  3. MacBeth says:

    There needs to be a concerted effort against these self-interested so called representatives of the people. They sure don’t represent me or my family!

  4. Seen It All says:

    Thanks all! You have deceived us properly enough to set an example of what not to vote for. This is shameful behavior.

  5. Doc says:

    Has anyone considered the letter sent to the Senate the other day from some Arizona business owners asking the Senate members to stop pursuit of this type of legislation? I’m reasonably certain this letter has something to do with this. Here’s th’ Fox 10 news link:

    Also, several of these Senators have voted for photo radar, knowing their CONSTIUENCY doesn’t want it. But their legislative support is self serving. It’s all about the $$$ in their pockets, citizens be damned. I personally believe this attitude remains intact on this legislation as well.

    “it’s time for us to take a timeout,” said Republican Sen. John McComish of Phoenix. “It’s something that the people don’t want us to be focusing on.”


  6. Hunter says:

    I think the Republican Senators who voted “No” on 4 or five of these bills are following the Chamber (of Commerce) Policy of the State (POTS) agenda. Rather than being referred to as betrayers of the Republican Grassroots voters or the gang of 8, I will think of them as Republican Chamber POTS.

    Things will only get worse. The budget vote that passed on party lines was a cheap vote for the Chamber POTS since they know that budget will never get enacted. When the real budget votes come up, you know where the governor will find support for higher taxes and maintaining higher state government spending.

    The governor and Chamber POTS will be working together to undermine a small, limited government budget.

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  8. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Although, as an American, I am nearly ALWAYS embarrassed by the actions of the lunatic-left d-crat socialists, I am downright ASHAMED of the actions of RINO TRAITORS.

  9. Overtaxed1 says:

    If you were shocked by the votes of these RINOS you weren’t paying attention to them in the first place.
    They have all been faithful to the left at one point or another.
    Like McCain, their true colors were there and a lot of Republicans are mindless wonders just to look for the “R” after their name and not look at their past record….shameful.

  10. Jane says:

    @SeeingRed, as usual great coverage of important news!

    Action on this may be very time-sensitive if the following information is correct:

    …Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who is pro-illegal immigration, had made comments indicating that she might want to motion to reconsider. She understands very well that only a Senator that voted “No” can motion to reconsider the bills. She’s also aware that if these bills fail twice then they cannot be brought back to a vote; more or less killing the measures as they stand. And since a motion to reconsider takes precedence, these bills will not again be reconsidered — killing the movement. So to those that support the anti-illegal immigration position, and to those that understand what these bills are and what they do…you have about two or three days to act. A motion to reconsider could happen as soon as Monday…so I say again, you have 3 legislative days to contact all of the Senators that voted “no” and persuade them to say yes the next time this comes to a vote. If you don’t take action, then consider yourself part of the problem.

    Arizona Senate fails on Immigration…again.

  11. Merle says:

    Life before SB1070, life after SB1070. My life is the same,how’out yours? Nothing is going to change until the border is secure and the border will never be secure as long as we have a US Congress that has been convinced by Mexico that US dollars need to move to Mexico so thing south of the border do not get worse than they are already. Mexico is calling the shots not the AZ State Legislature. Foreign aid can now be defined as our jails max’d out with illegals,your tax dollars going to fight a drug war instead of going for health care for our own seniors and veterans, millions going for English as a second language classes for a group that is only here to milk the system. How many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans need help with housing? And the vets are on waiting lists behind the illegal mowing your lawn. This “foreign aid” to Mexico has now been instutionalized.

  12. Not Surprised says:

    Really, is anyone surprised by these names? I’m not. With MAYBE the exception of one.

  13. Viramontes says:

    Has anyone here considered that this bill was poorly written? Read it, its terrible. It is much too vague and has ambiguous language. The way it is written would even make it through the 9th Circuit, let alone the Supreme Court once the AG Holder files a lawsuit against. So all you single issue voters should be grateful this version failed. Now can we finally focus on things that actually bring businesses to AZ and not push them away?

    • Neo48 says:

      Looks like Haney hit it on the nose:

      “The excuses given by these senators for their actions were the same platitudes we’ve heard repeatedly from those in the business community bonded to the concept of an exploitable, cheap labor force. They are joined in their efforts by the liberal media, the ACLU and the Democrat Party when opposing legislation or policies (Prop 200, employer sanctions, sanctuary cities, SB1070) which sought to enforce our immigration laws. They protest: “…we have more pressing issues to deal with such as the economy …there are more issues than illegal immigration …it is poorly written, etc.”

      I’d say you fall in the “we have more pressing issues” and “it is poorly written” column.

  14. District 20 Voter says:

    Sen. John McComish is quoted as saying “We are suffering from an immigration fatigue.”

    Let me tell you what I’m suffering from. I’m a resident of District 20 and I can unequivocally state that I’m suffering from McComish fatigue. I thought I was voting for a Republican. I was wrong. He will not get my vote again. End of story.

    • Another LD20 voter says:

      I agree with you! However, I realized a few years back that I would never again ‘waste my vote’ on RINO’s or “lesser of two evils.” Therefore I did not vote for McComish in the last election. I just left that one blank. You have to ask yourself why did McComish “run” unopposed? With his voting record, the Dummycraps don’t need to spend the funds to challenge the Republicrats in LD20!!!

      McComish NEEDS TO GO! His years of aristocratic “rule” within Ahwatukee will come to an end in 2012.

  15. sherriaz says:

    Yes, we ARE suffering from immigration fatigue- but not in the way that the RINOS mean. We are also suffering from a lack of jobs while illegals are employed at a higher rate than the native born- how about showing some concern there?

    Don’t like any of the 5 bills? How about passing one that states that all CURRENT and future employees must pass E-Verify? How about a bill that establishes routing audits of personnel files? How about publishing the addresses and phone numbers of each of the CEOs who didn’t support means to end illegal immigration?

    Anything that makes illegals want to leave Arizona is a good thing. Employers who want to pay poverty wages aren’t wanted in this state- they aren’t helping American workers and they don’t deserve our tax breaks. Identify them, boycott their businesses and pressure them.

  16. DeAnn says:

    What if we boycott the businesses that are strong arming our legislators to vote against these bills?

  17. ted says:

    I am running AGAINST Michele Reagan, details to follow

  18. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says:

    So, let me get this straight, Frank Antenori is now being labeled a RINO, a Benedict Arnold? That’s a reach. Frank is a decorated war veteran of this country still working in defense of our nation. I don’t agree with all of Frank’s bills this session, but I do think he is a hard working, dedicated Arizonan who does not need to prove his credentials to anyone. Frank – come by my American Legion Post any time – we’ll salute you!

    • Angie says:

      One Rino cannot see another Rino Jon.

      • Overtaxed1 says:

        You are so right Angie and NO ONE is above accountability just because they did something good in the past.

    • Tucson Voter says:

      Regarding Frank Antenori: You bet your bippy, Jon Altmann.

      Antenori’s military service is appreciated. His giving aid and comfort to invaders of this country is not. I assume he was serving in the US military to protect and defend the United States of America. How does he square that with allowing unfettered illegal access to the invading hordes coming across our border? Are we a sovereign nation or not? You can salute Antenori anytime you want. I wouldn’t give him the time of day. My children deserve better than what he offers them.

      As I recall, Antenori was an early one to sign on with John McCain against conservative JD Hayworth. Could the fact that he works for Raytheon and John McCain is the ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee that awards the hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts to Raytheon have anything to do with Antenori’s positions? McCain has been an open-borders amnesty supporter for decades. And yeah, he served in the military, too. What’s that got to do with either of their anti-American positions today?

      Here’s just one of those lucrative contracts:


    • Diogidog says:

      Frank Antenori has made a blatant, calculated political statement to the lefties in Tucson to appease them – for a future run for Congress.

      This calculated trade off is a misstep. His base will eat him alive between now and the Primary.

      Bye Bye Frank. It was once nice knowin’ ya!

  19. telemoonfa says:

    I think I would have voted against SB 1405, hospitals checking immigration status. I think it’s cruel to go after people when they’re hurt or sick. And making hospitals check their status turns hospital workers more into government agencies. Essentially, hospital workers are selling a service to someone. How would you like it if you had to check the immigration status of someone you sold something to?

    Public schools checking status, on the other hand, though, makes perfect sense, and I wish that bill would have passed. I don’t think we should be educating illegal immigrants in public schools at all.

  20. An interesting study for someone with some time, compare the votes on the Senate illegal immigration bills to the votes on Brewer’s prop 100. Food for thought.

    • Sam Gerard says:

      Well stated Senator Gould. An interesting sidebar: Your LD3/Mohave County voted against Prop 100. However, your own two LD3 Representatives, Nancy McLain and Doris Goodale voted for Brewer’s Prop 100! Perhaps had there been a real alternative to them in the Primaries they would not have been re-elected!

      Now here’s the real question, since you brought up the Proposition Process. What is the feasibility of putting at least some, if not all of these Bills before the voters!? I distinctly recall several legislators saying that the sales tax increase be put before the voters. Shouldn’t they support “The Will of the People” be given a chance for expression?

  21. Angie says:

    I am distributing the list of all the traitors to a large list in Arizona;including Prescott, Pierce’s constituents who are basically some of the most conservative.

    As for the rest of the weak un-American’ cowards, here is a sample of what you helped create for this nation, not just for AZ by allowing to be intimidated:

    These are the good people who only come for a better life for their families??? You Rinos, helped these thugs get their sense of entitlement. Just witness
    the horrible behavior of the criminals. They kept shouting to AG Horne names like, nazy, kkk, & racist when it is them who are the violent racists. These are not nice people, they are violent, rude THUGS!

    I have seen treason from Barto, Adam Driggs, Pierce,
    and Crandall who along with rest of the traitors will see the backlash from their constituents. The chamber of commerce is concerned with the lack of cheap labor. Remember, Taxpayers subsidize it with food stamps, rent subsidies, medical and education costs for the illegals, This means nothing to the Rinos. Their sense of compassion does not extend to unemployed American citizens of many generations, only to the Chamber of Commerce thugs and the rude, vociferous, corrupt crowds of demanding illegals.

    As for Cindy McCain’s witness who testified at the legislature, I’m sure Cindy’s business misses the hordes of weekend drunken illegal aliens leaving the state. This is certain to leave a void in the beer business of the McCain’s income.

    These so called Americans make me sick! I wish they
    would live in Mexico and actually see what they are doing to this country. Treason should never be tolerated! We will have to work harder to remove this scum of legislators and send them to Mexico where I’m sure they would learn valuable lessons.
    Let’s start working on removing these Rinos.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thanks for getting this list out, Angie. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Conservatives have a mission before them.

  22. Overtaxed1 says:

    John McCain is also a decorated war hero and a traitor to the sovereignty of this country with his pro- illegal stance. War heroes do not get to rest on their badges and buttons, they must stay true to the constitution and laws of the land to be given the honor of respect after the war. A traitor to the people is a traitor no matter what ribbons he wears. Voting for the breaking of our laws is shameful and does not deserve respect from anyone.

    • Rambling Rose says:

      Perfectly stated, Overtaxed1. I’ve read the self-serving and sappy comments of Jon Altmann before. He uses every title in the book alongside his name in the various comments he posts.

      Bully for him if he thinks Antenori acts heroically. I think Tucson Voter and the others nailed him perfectly.He ran as a conservative and has been exposed as a fraud, along with his comrades who sold us out by their votes with the Democrats.

      • Teller Of Truth says:

        So true! When was the last time you saw a bloc of Democrats vote with Republicans? Don’t hold your breath waiting. But Republicans jump ship at the drop of a hat. The reason? They were never truly committed to conservative principles, so nothing takes on a line in the sand luster for them. Many ran as Republicans knowing they could never get elected in the districts from which they ran had they tried going it as Democrats. Their bonding to the Republican party goes as far as political expediency, nothing more. Don’t let them fool you when the next election rolls around. They are unprincipled and will say whatever it takes to sound reasonable. They aren’t. there is no excuse for the actions these weasels took.

  23. Lucy says:

    This issue is the biggest one that divides republicans. Votes on this let us know where our leaders stand and we need to remember this. I am in LD 21 and as far as Steve Yarbrough goes I am disappointed but not surprised.

  24. Cecilia Berend says:

    As I sit here at 4am trying to think of words to write, all I can think of is disgust, disappointment, treachery, betrayal. I can go on and on and never express myself enough. Stop already. Do what you were elected to do. Represent us everyday AMERICANS and what we work for. We will remember on election day.