Since when does snot belong in an editorial?

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the taxpayer subsidized deal being brokered between the City of Glendale and the Phoenix Coyotes hockey franchise or the position taken by the Goldwater Institute’s CEO Darcy Olsen, it’s difficult not to be appalled by Doug MacEachern’s vulgar editorial in this morning’s Arizona Republic.

Editorialist MacEachern’s verbal buckshot veers far from civility — not even within range of what remnants still remain of journalistic standards — as he wildly flings the most base of adjectives. Calling the GI’s objections to the $100 million taxpayer subsidies to incentivize a Chicago mogul/purchaser “haughty obstructionism” was the least of it. Referring to Goldwater’s lawsuit as a “protection racket” is de rigueur for this flagging newspaper.  But then comes the “snotty” description of Olsen’s March 21 press release.


Could that be an indictor that those increasingly coarse folks at the newspaper didn’t like it?


9 Responses to Since when does snot belong in an editorial?

  1. Chickaboom says:

    How about John McCain showing up at the arena Sunday night to meet with Matthew Hulsizer to repeat how important the Coyotes franchise is to Arizona? Since McCain, who lives in central Phoenix, not Glendale, is so hot to trot on this issue, he ought to come up with the big bucks to underwrite it himself. For a guy who’s married to an heiress and owns 8 to 11 homes, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

  2. amattclarkson says:

    Right on. I haven’t completely given up on the Arizona republic, but their view on this deal is so far off base. Hulsizer’s letter is another stunt at political posturing. It does nothing to fundamentally change the deal. It is still a huge potential expense for taxpayers.

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    Don’t be too hard on them. The newspaper is not capable of more than this. It’s a sad ending to behold. There are many of us who remember the days when the Arizona Republican (yes!!) was a conservative news source. When it was owned by Gene and Nina Pulliam, it was worth reading. The word “snotty” would never have appeared on its pages( let alone an editorial), nor would it have been rife with grammatical and spelling errors. There were real reporters then, not out-of-their-league journalism students from the leftward Cronkite School at ASU.

  4. Steve Calabrese says:

    The frothing at the mouth by the AZ Republic has gotten so over-the-top that I wonder if money is changing hands somewhere over this deal. Why so much pressure to pour taxpayer dollars into a bankrupt sports franchise illegally?

  5. LD10PC says:

    “Puke” is the word for this Republic editorial….as in it makes me want to.

  6. Calypso says:

    Any surprise the newspaper is a mere shadow of its former self? This is not the way to influence opinion. It’s juvenile and intended to shock. All it actually does it annoy. I’ve raised teenagers. Once was enough.

  7. Sgt. Preston says:

    Besides having the long knives drawn for Goldwater’s Darcy Olsen, the snot flingers at the Republic also detest Grover Norquist and his group Americans for Tax Reform.
    (BTW, this was a very good post!)

  8. Fed Up says:

    Notice there is not a word about John McCain’s involvement in this issue. He told the Goldwater Institute to ‘back off’ on their lawsuit against the City of Glendale for using $100 million Glendale taxpayer monies to subsidize the Phoenix Coyote hockey team. He’s on every issue, just like dog sh*t. I turned on the television late one night and there he was giving his “expert” opinion about professional boxing! Beware if his boy Wes Gullett is installed as Phoenix mayor and his favorite fella Jeff McFlake wins the AZ Senate seat, currently occupied by Jon McKyl. None of this is happening in a vacuum. It is planned and being cleverly executed at top levels.