Jeff Flake tacks right, recasts himself as McCain Jr.

The Hill exposes the fraud that is the coreless Jeff Flake. He has now unequivocally revealed himself as willing to do or say whatever will serve his purposes as he campaigns for the Arizona U.S. Senate seat being vacated via the retirement of Jon Kyl.

The local daily runs a similar piece unveiling Jeff the Flake’s latest election strategy. Arizonans familiar with Flake’s amnesty partnership with far left Chicago Democrat U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez will need a fly-trap nearby since their mouths will hang agape watching him abandon his long-held open-border stance in this calculated election repositioning. Seeing Red AZ has often exposed his duplicity on this issue, such as noting that he kept his distance from Gutierrez here in Arizona.  Canoodling on the banks of the Potomac is one thing, but the Congressional District 6 voters tend to be a conservative lot. Gutierrez is the one who credits Flake for helping to turn more red states blue.

When it suits his purposes, we‘ve known Flake to change his mind before. His boundless ambition convinced him his pledge to limit himself to three congressional terms was a “mistake.” He is currently in his sixth term.

Now polling reveals his amnesty stance doesn’t fly with the Republican base, so he rejects yet another entrenched position for expediency.

John McCain, an original architect of the flagrant amnesty scheme known as “Compressive Immigration Reform” experienced a similar election-based epiphany when he became a phony border hawk during his last campaign. The fraudulent scheme, along with a nearly $30 million war chest, worked for him and Flake is hoping to repeat that deception.

Don’t allow yourself to be conned. There is too much at stake.


38 Responses to Jeff Flake tacks right, recasts himself as McCain Jr.

  1. Another LD11 PC says:

    It’s called the “McCain Jig” to the tune of Hokey Pokey.

    A little to the right, (primary)
    A little to the left, (amnesty after primary win)
    A little to the center (get those independents)
    Then you shake it all about.
    Get that Soros money and then turn yourself around.
    That’s what it’s all about!


  2. District 18 Voter says:

    Good analogy. LD11 PC !
    It’s imperative that someone of substance steps up to challenge this faker. He will be a young version of the RINO McCain, but with a peroxide pompadour instead of a comb over. This man is a fraud, who recruited his own immigration lawyer brother-in-law to challenge Sen. Russell Pearce here in my district. The guy named Gibbons then hired Nathan Sproul to slime Pearce. It was as shameful a display as I’ve ever seen. Pearce sucker punched him at the polls and Gibbons has been silent ever since. We need to do the same with Flake.

  3. Ben F says:

    Exactly. It is somewhat reminescent of an America’s Cup contest. Always tacking one way or the other, never directly towards the goal. The difference there is that the wind, something you have no control over, determines the direction. The little Flake thinks that the average voter cannot figure out the game. Of course, he is just emulating the actions of the current officeholders. Both John and Jon have done this consistently and gotten away with it. We have to make sure that the little Flake loses.

  4. Stanford says:

    Good information in these links. This man cannot run unopposed!

  5. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Ha! You’ll notice the Republic has disabled comments for their report. Their boy wouldn’t be well served by the irate crowd of commenters.

  6. amattclarkson says:

    This article is a prime example of being “damned if you do or damned if you don’t.” Can you folks not find another picture to use? It’s becoming cliched.

    Because both sides of the immigration debate have gotten so polar, with no one willing to come to the table for compromise, Jeff must see this as the only option to fight illegal immigration. Oh how I wish Arizona constituents were able to understand that our illegal immigration problem is more than just the border.

    • Chuck says:

      I’ve read enough of your subservient comments to understand your angst over Flake’s rejection of his previous position. Get used to it. This is who Flake is. The man cannot be trusted.

      As to the photo used here, I checked back on the site and it’s only been used once before, so how is that clichéd? However, if it was used with every post on the Flakster, that would be just fine with me. I would never stand at a podium in support of McCain and will not support anyone who does. This photo speaks volumes about your candidate. I hope it see it a lot. People need to be reminded of who and what he is.

    • Ellsworth says:

      You can’t be “damned” if you have core beliefs and stick with them. Not everyone will agree with you 100% of the time, but at least people respect you for having a honest perspective that doesn’t change with the political winds. Flake is showing his lack of principles. Glad he’s doing it. It makes it easier for me when I talk to others about what a weasel he is.

    • amattclarkson says:

      There are several reasons Flake could have chosen this stance instead of his prior stances. I already gave a perfectly viable one.

      The other I’ve come up with is that the type of immigrant has changed. During the boom years in Arizona, many people came seeking work. Now that there is no work, the only people crossing the border are smugglers. I think that would warrant a tone change.

      What I don’t understand is how so many people here feel that this stance change is indicative of a character flaw. In my mind, Flake has changed his stance on two things in his entire elected career, self-imposed term limits and now this (although, Jeff has always voted for more secure borders.) Both have more than enough credible reasons. Did he back down from big spenders when he lost his committeeman seats in 2007? No. Has he wavered on any other issue? No.

      I would think people on this site would be happy that they have one more ally on securing the border. Oh…I forgot that I mentioned earlier that he has always voted to secure the border…so I guess we’ve always had the ally.

      • Night Owl says:

        Nice try. No cigar. Your man Flake is a poser and an opportunist. Face it, he thinks he’s hot. We need leadership not an amnesty supporting one minute and hawk the next, bleached beach bum who flexes for his own camera.

        The nation is in crisis mode. He’s not the guy for the job.

      • Maggie says:

        “The other (reasons for his latest position flip-flops) I’ve come up with?”

        What are you, amatt, the chief apologist and bottle washer for McFlake? Too funny!!

  7. Luke says:

    Seeing Red AZ:
    If you’re counting, place me in the keep the McFlake photo column. That old line about a picture being worth a thousand words is exemplified here. It’s perfect! Good work, guys!!

    • Vagabond says:

      I’m with Luke. Keep using the photo. It’s all that needs to be seen. Words become extraneous with this picture telling the tale.

  8. neo48 says:

    ((sniff sniff))

    Yep. I thought that stench smelled familiar.
    Must be election season.

  9. Tomfoolery says:

    Further proof of Flake’s shiftiness is taken directly (second paragraph) from Flake’s interview with leftwing publication Mother Jones.
    “Facing similar slams on immigration, Republicans like Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) have flip-flopped and swerved to the right on the issue. But in an interview with Mother Jones Tuesday, Flake held fast to his previous views on immigration and suggested that he’ll campaign as a social moderate—regardless of any blowback from the right.”
    Yeah. Right.

  10. Steve Calabrese says:

    It’s pretty obvious that SeeingRed got feedback from Flake’s East Valley Tea Party appearence a couple nights ago – where Jeff Flake was very well received.

    It was really amusing when an audience member asked Flake to explain his 2005 Immigration Plan and say why it wasn’t amnesty. Oh, Flake’s plan had triggers to beef up border security? Check. Had fines and penalties, and required education? Check. Required applicants to return to their home country FIRST, and apply to reenter? Check. Sent those here illegally to the back of the immigration line, giving precedence to those who followed the rules? Check. By the time he was done, no one thought Flake’s old plan was ammnesty. And, although he maintained it would have worked in 2005 – when the demographics were different, and most were just coming here looking for work – he also said he would not propose it now, because now illegal immigration – as a result of being ignored for 6 years – is too tied up with drug smuggling.

    Seeing Red has learned that any Tea Party opposition to Flake lasts only until someone actually talks to Flake about what he stands for. Since Seeing Red has its own candidates it wants to run for Senate, that’s gotta be alarming. And comparing Flake to Weak-On-Gun-Rights, Voted-For-TARP McCain is laughable.

    • Another LD11 PC says:

      Good point, Steve!

      Ironically, there was another “conservative” Congressman (Chris Cannon, R, UT-3) who Flake almost perfectly resembles.

      In Utah, he was asked for YEARS how his amnestly plan was NOT amnesty as Cannon claimed it was not.

      He was finally replaced by TeaPartier Jason Chaffetz.

      Cannon was also the House whip for the Bush amnesty push in 2006. Guess who the Senate whip was for the plan? Yep, Jon Kyl.

      So, for consistencies sake, Kyl needs to not gain any other office. Flake needs to not gain any other office. Both need to be replaced by candidates who will OPPOSE amnesty under ANY NAME and under ANY circumstances!

      Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, there may be some “demographic” overlap between Flake’s personal life and the teapartyers’ personal lives in the deep East Valley that help the teapartyers there overlook Flake’s undesirable past and undesirable political stances.

      • Steve Calabrese says:


        Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, there “may be some “demographic” overlap between Flake’s personal life and the teapartyers’ personal lives in the deep East Valley…”

        Let us be frank. Are you referring to the fact that Flake is a member of the LDS church?

    • paul marchant says:

      Steve, I actually sat down and read the Strive Act last week at the encouragement of a friend. i liked the limitation curbs but mostly like the biometric plan (fingerprint id). the far left and the far right hate the idea of a national id card but i have worked with S Phx cops and it is frustrating not knowing who you have pulled over because of all the fake id’s and dubious Matricula Consular/ Voter Id cards the mex consulate in PHx hands out. Let’s face it, the two main problems with immigration whether it be legal or illegal is that; first, our welfare state cannot sustain itself let alone millions of new recipients and second the Dem’s are using immigration (one million a year by many estimates) as a perpetual voter drive! Other than that, the Strive act would be a workable piece of legislation. I Don’t blame the illegals, I blame the Dems for using them as pawns of a welfare system that rewards them if they stay off of health insurance and on ACCHS. Thanks for the parting gift Janet! As for MR Flake, I believe in my heart that his brother in Law has had too much influence over him for too long regarding immigration. His fiscal policies other than immigration prove he is Rock Solid as a conservative. I even think he dabbled in the voo-doo with global warming (which i wish he would just mea culpa instead of passing off his whole carbon tax proposal as a ruse), but I still can see either Flake or Frank as outstanding conservatives who if elected would represent the Party well. Let’s just hope they will represent the STATE.

    • Sam Gerard says:

      Steve Calabrese,

      Your comments remind me of the 6 Blind Men who encounter an elephant for the first time! The phrase “…very well received…” exemplifies precisely an extremely limited perspective, to say the very least. I’ve spoken to leaders and other attendees who do NOT give such a ‘glowing’ account of Flake’s appearance!

      Let me ask you this: Were you EVER a journalist for the Tass News Agency or Pravda? Your description of Flake’s appearance would frankly be hilarious, if it weren’t so misleading. But such is to be expected of a McCainiac.

  11. SuzanneC says:

    Oh not true Steve. Flake will have no Tea Party Support.

    • Another LD11 PC says:

      He does in the East Valley! East Valley Tea Party supports him.

      • Sam Gerard says:

        In your WILDEST DREAMS!!! Read my comment above to Calabrese’s hilarious statement! I must necessarily repeat the nagging question: “Were you EVER a journalist for the Tass News Agency or Pravda?”

        Oh I forgot; you’re another McCain sycophant & ‘Progressive’ Republican,like Ol’ Johnny boy and his ‘Valley Girl’ intellect daughter.

        So don’t make utterly ridiculous and dishonest statements. Is there ANY official statement by the East Valley Tea Party? I DON’T THINK SO!!

  12. Doc says:

    I agree with Luke & Vagabond-KEEP TH’ PICTURE. To any & all Flake supporters: You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion. HOWEVER, at the end of the day, Mr. Flake L-I-E-D…that’s LIED, Told a Fib, BOOLSHEETED, etc. You can make excuses all day long. You can attempt to justify how he said he “made a mistake” about the number of terms he said he’d serve ’till you’re BLUE IN TH’ FACE…& @ th’ end of th’ day…he STILL LIED.

    Ya’ might wanna’ chew on that for a while before you stuff him into Mr. Kyl’s soon to be vacated Senate seat. If he’ll lie about that, then make excuses for it, what else will he lie & make excuses for?

    …nuff sed…

  13. Diogidog says:

    Jeff Flake is a phony. He is McKyl light!

    Mexico is building a fence of its own along its southern border with Guatemala.

    Mexico, which often criticizes the American government for putting up barriers which restrict the flow of illegal immigrants across the U.S. – Mexico border is building a fence of its own along its southern border with Guatemala. You see, over 500,000 illegals cross the border every year into Mexico, and the fence is being built at the southern end of Mexico to keep people like Guatemalans out. It’s the Mexican southern border that they’re protecting. You know, Calderon demands that the United States not build a fence. He arrogantly demands the Arizona law not be enforced, but when Mexico has problems with illegals coming to “take jobs that Mexicans won’t do,” Calderon says he’s building a fence on his southern border, whether illegals like it or not.

  14. Villanova says:

    Another vote here for keeping the picture that so riles amatt. The truth is always the best defense, and this truth obviously has touched a nerve.

  15. Army Of One says:

    Amnesty Flake speaks to the liberal Brookings Institution with his leftist open-borders buddy Luis Gutierrez :

    Do you agree with these liberal sentiments,amatt?
    “They simply overstayed.”
    “The undocumented must be able to come out of the shadows.”

    No wonder the Flakster if your man!

    • amattclarkson says:

      I didn’t know it was a liberal sentiment to recognize that almost half of illegal immigrants came here legally and overstayed their visas. It sounds like reality to me. I also didn’t know that it was liberal to want to know who all the undocumented immigrants are. By your tone, it sounds like you don’t care if people overstay their visas or stay in the country without papers. Now that sounds liberal to me.

      I’ll do my best to answer any real questions from you folks. One-liners and nicknames do nothing but show that you have no substance to your argument.

      • Frankly Speaking says:

        You’ll “do my best to answer any real questions from you folks?” Now that’s pretty funny! Are you Jeff Flake?

        Reading your constant flow of pro-Flake comments, I’ve suspected you were a Flake plant. At one point you indicated you were a student. If that’s true, you must be on a long hiatus from class since you are constantly on this and other websites giving the Flake side of every issue. That must heavily intrude on whatever classes you take, since his positions switch frequently.

        Do you get a daily morning email with each day’s talking points?

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  17. Vince says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never known a bottle blond who wasn’t deceitful.

  18. Kimball says:

    I’ll bet Jeff Flake would give his glossy capped teeth to get Luis Gutierrez to pull that article in the Progress Illinois publication where he credits Flake with helping him “turn more red states blue!”

    Flake thinks the things he does out of the district are not known here at home, but he’s very wrong, thanks to the Internet. His attitude is reflective of the low regard in which he holds us “hometowners.” That puts him in the same league with McCain and Kyl. They play us like fiddles during campaign season, and then kick us to the side of the road once they’re back in office for another SIX YEAR term!

  19. Night Owl says:

    Know this. As a conservative, I will vote for anyone but Flake. I’ve seen the damage one “maverick” has already done. A younger version with years to inflict more of the same via doubletalk and forming “alliances” with far left wingers is not going to get my vote. Thank you SRA for providing this forum and the information I haven’t seen anywhere else.

  20. Sam Gerard says:

    For sake of argument, let’s forget that he supports amnesty. (JUST for a minute!) Last December Flake voted for repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” legislation.

    JUST recently, he introduced a bill taxing Carbon emissions. Well, EVERYONE’s breath is CO2 or Carbon Dioxide. So here is Flake’s tune: “Every breath you take, I’ll be taxing you!” He is a “Progressive” (that is: ‘Oppressive’ or Oppressor, your choice) of the first magnitude!

    Now recall his position on Amnesty. ‘Free’ trade of human capital will be the destruction of our border security and national sovereignty. This principle is part of both the Libertarian and Progressive/Marxist platforms. So there you have it: Three Strikes against him. He’s out of there! ‘Beefcake’ Flake will lose.

  21. Luke says:

    Fom your lips to God’s ears, Sam! But I suspect we are going to have to work hard to defeat this establishment selectee.Just as we are geared to working in support of candidates we hope to represent us, so we will have to dedicate ourselves to defeating this pretender.

  22. […] cuts right to the chase in this piece on Arizona’s upcoming U.S. Senate race. Referring to Jeff Flake’s illegal immigration position switcheroo as a  “turnaround as swift as it is predictable,“ Flake is caught with his McPants […]

  23. DanielBooneAmerica says:

    The ignorance kills me! To say that Jeff Flake is not a conservative is like trying to convince me that the sun doesn’t shine in Phoenix. Jeff Flake is a true free market conservative! In fact he is the most conservative rep in both the House and Senate, even more so than Ron Paul (Paul beat him the first two years Flake was in office but Flake has won every year since). What the new guys like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and other “tea-partiers” ran on was what Jeff has been doing for years. If you truly believe that government is too big and has overreached then there is no one better for the job then Jeff Flake. That’s why I will stand with the national tea-party organization “Freedom Works”, Mike Lee, Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindall etc and vote Jeff Flake!