The border charade continues

WorldNetDaily exposes the farce that masquerades as border security from the highest levels — the White House. The article carries the catchy name: “Hey Arizona! Obama ‘committed’ to immigration law enforcement.”

Although the Arizona Republic went to great lengths in a front page story to report “Push by states for migrant laws fades,’ facts are stubborn things. Here even the slanted mainstream media outlet ABC News concedes that additional states want more stringent laws dealing with the mammoth and costly problems associated with illegal immigration. The skewed language provides clear evidence of the press’ discontent, as claims of inroads by the pro-illegal labor force business community are given prominence. But the law they repeatedly refer to as “controversial” has sired many replicas. 

States across the nation enacted a record number of bills and resolutions dealing with issues related to the illegal onslaught during the 2010 session. Each and very state meeting in regular session in considered such laws, according to this National Conference of State Legislatures report. Forty-six state legislatures and the District of Columbia passed 208 laws and adopted 138 resolutions for a total of 346.

Here in Arizona we recently encountered a pathetic group of state legislative defectors, looking towards financing their reelection campaigns, with hopes of gaining the lucrative financial support of the Chamber of Commerce members.

The newspaper quotes Muzaffar Chishti, who is identified as a lawyer who monitors state and local immigration laws for the [supposedly] nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute (MPI). “Finally, business has started talking,” he boasts. He’s right in one regard. Holding the purse strings that fund campaigns, they talk the green language of money.

If this group actually had a unbiased stance, it would not lump the illegal invasion of our country under the word “immigration,” which implies legally immigrating.  For example, one article promotes “providing legal pathways for low-skilled workers,” while another wrings its hands over diaspora advocacy.” We’ve warned about the newest class of refugees seeking political asylum.  They won’t be known as “illegal” anymore. This was the ruse used to gain legal status by Barack Obama’s illegal Kenyan aunt — who although twice ordered deported, was living in public subsided housing in Boston for years.

The MPI website used to bolster the Republic’s biased coverage is also sated with misleading and distorted articles.

What a surprise!

6 Responses to The border charade continues

  1. Vince says:

    The Repulsive now distorts the truth with the same diligence they used to use to report it when it was an actual disseminator of news. This paper reeks.

  2. Kent says:

    The sources cited by the newspaper are always suspect. They must regard their readers as fools. On second thought, those who still subscribe have a screw loose somewhere, so they (the newspaper)must have gotten something right.

  3. Sally Forth says:

    Ah yes. Political refugees seeking political asylum in a diaspora? Makes sense to me. These people will stop at nothing to attain their goals of increasing the Democrat ranks. What I don’t understand is why Flake, Kyl and McCain support this.

  4. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Why do you think the RINO TRAITORS who defeated the latest Arizona efforts at immigration reform felt encouraged to do so?

    I believe that many so-called “Republican” politicians in Arizona feel that the voters (including Republican voters) no longer care about responsible, conservative principles and will elect and re-elect even the worst of the worst so long as they occasionally say the right lies and occasionally do something slightly responsible and conservative that a lunatic-left d-crat socialist would never do.

    I come to this view from the re-election of RINO TRAITORS brewer and AMNESTY-JOHN mccain last November. If “Republican” voters support somebody who blatantly increases their taxes by $3 BILLION to give to (and buy votes from) the teachers union and somebody with NO CHARACTER and as untrustworthy as AMNESTY-JOHN, then they’ll probably support anyone with an “R” after their name – even if what they do is pander to businesses that want all the low-priced illegal labor they can get.

    Yes, elections do have consequences – even some unintended ones.

  5. LD20PC says:

    The same RINO’s voted against each bill, they all use the same excuse, “It was sloppily written, it is unconstitutional”. Who are they to say something is unconstitutional? We do have a supreme court for that. If it is sloppily written they can write an amendment, or maybe they think we are too stupid to know this? Let us all remember these legislators need to run every two years, we can always run a real Republican up against them. Another LD 20 PC has been asking Jeff Dial to run for Senate, and believe me Jeff has been writting some excellent bills, showing all of us his great conservative values.

  6. sherriaz says:

    The MSM is having a field day trumpeting the census results indicating that the growth of the Hispanic minority in this country and their impact on future elections. Politicians are panicking, afraid to upset what the liberal media is touting as the new majority waiting in the wings. What is missing is the fact that millions of those counted are here illegally and should have no right to vote in ANY election. American Hispanics on their own could never have delivered the percentage jumps in population that the census claims. Most of it must be coming from illegals and illegals having anchor babies. Ditto for the growth of the Asian population. California recently shutdown an anchor baby center catering to illegal Chinese women here expressly to deliver new American citizens.

    Republicans need to not only support the means to seal the border but stop illegals from voting in elections.
    Marginalizing this group will go a long way in removing some of the clout of the various Hispanic groups vying for power.

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