AZ’s Fiesta Bowl scandal: Grant Woods merits his own “woody award”

Amid allegations of serious misconduct within the highest ranks of Arizona’s Fiesta Bowl — leading up to yesterday’s firing of longtime CEO John Junker and resignations of other top ranking officials — what a surprise to find the arrogant Grant Woods‘ head peeking out above the fold of today‘s daily.

The newspaper reports reveal details of an ongoing investigation of alleged contract irregularities, lavish spending, political campaign finance violations — including reimbursements for employee donations which were then concealed — and other financial misconduct. The New York Times coverage is here, unequivocally acknowledging the breadth of these actions.

The complete 276 page report can be read here courtesy of the AZ Republic.

The Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors faces an ongoing investigation by the Arizona Attorney General’s office into the campaign contribution scheme, which threatens to put its nonprofit status at risk of being revoked.

Grant Woods, a former Arizona Attorney General and onetime John McCain Chief of Staff was hired by the board to conduct an investigation into suspected irregularities in 2009. Woods, in turn, hired as his assistant, Gary Husk, a lobbyist who had been working for the bowl and who, investigators now say,  played a key role in collecting political contributions from employees. Husk was a congressional candidate in 1994, soundly defeated by J.D. Hayworth.

Woods’ examination reportedly found no evidence of wrongdoing.  Odd, given that misconduct was rampant. He paid Husk $20,000 for his assistance with the probe.

Renegade Woods is seen here giving one of his Woody” awardsHe should be crafting one for himself right about now.

13 Responses to AZ’s Fiesta Bowl scandal: Grant Woods merits his own “woody award”

  1. Rambling Rose says:

    I read that Junker wept while being questioned. The glamour, prestige and the money train have ground to a halt. I’d cry too.

  2. Ditat Deus says:

    SRA, no mention of Mr. Pearce’s involvement? Or are we selectively ignoring that headline?

  3. Seeing Red AZ says:

    The Arizona Republic did not “headline” Sen. Pearce. There was a small black and white photo of him and Democrat state Rep. Ben Arredondo on page 7. You are obviously aware that Sen. Pearce is the newspaper’s nemeses in the state legislature for having crafted and shepherded through SB 1070, the bill the editors, reporters and columnists cannot write about without using the word “controversial” before it.

    You make no mention of educrat Rep. Ben Arredondo, Democrat Linda Lopez or Rich Crandall, yet zero in on Pearce, who also accepted tickets. The full color photos of the people identified as “The Major Players” includes Grant Woods and Gary Husk along with John Junker and the other Fiesta Bowl execs.

    It was Woods (a former attorney general) and Husk (also a lawyer as well as a former congressional candidate) who conducted a bogus investigation and concluded there was “no evidence of wrongdoing,” although they must have been deaf and blind not to see behind the charade. Someone needs to investigate how many tickets and other perks they received.

  4. Ricky Lujan says:

    As AZ Attorney General from 1991 through ’99 I’m sure Grant Woods saw no sign of an increase in the illegal alien population either. Hopefully, he will be found guilty of whitewashing the Fiesta Bowl crimes and get sentenced to a lot more than an eye exam.

  5. Jason says:

    Woods, A Republican (?) for Janet and later for Rotellini, is a bona fide scum bum. Years ago he threatened to re-register as a Dimocrat. He never did, but should have. The Dims probably don’t want him either.

  6. Fed Up says:

    To think of Grant Woods as Attorney General gives me a sick feeling. If he could be elected to public office, anyone can be!

  7. jim says:

    A question was once asked. Why don’t the Dems run someone against Woods. Answer–it is cheaper to buy him. Bottom feeders crawling in the muck see bottom feeders as the norm. Poor Grant, he is a cheap politician, easier to buy than “the maverick”. RINOs are worse than Democrats. Dems are sick immoral perverts out in the open. RINOS are the enemy within pretending to be just like us.

  8. MacBeth says:

    The Republic must be tying itself in knots trying to figure out how to bring down the Republicans and give aid and comfort to the Democrats and RINOs — Grant Woods, chief among them.

  9. Steve Calabrese says:

    Grant Woods is a disgrace to Arizona, the Republican Party, and politics in general.

  10. Luke says:

    In 2003, the Fiesta Bowl offered free weekend trips to at least 10 Arizona lawmakers to Chicago and South Bend, Ind., for a seminar and a game between the University of Southern California and Notre Dame. Then-Senate Minority Whip Pete Rios and then-Senate President Ken Bennett said at the time that they would attend the game.

    These facts are reported in the Arizona Daily Sun:
    Gov. Jan Brewer and U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl were in a bipartisan array of 23 federal, state and local candidates (including Pearce) who the report said received contributions totaling at least $46,539 since 2002.

  11. Ditat Deus says:

    Please do not take my comments as an offering of justification or support for Woods. Woods has his own issues, regardless of any involvement in this situation. What is interesting to me is the failure here to call out the “Rule of Law King” Mr. Pearce.

    The campaign donotations/reimbursements get murkey. Time will tell with that. However, it appears pretty clear that Pearce (and others) failed to report, as required by law, the receipt of the perks associated with multiple trips over the course of a couple of years. Applying Pearce’s same black and white approach (illegal is illegal) doesn’t bode well for him.

    For the ideals that this blog clearly upholds, my assumption is that this would be a bigger deal. Pearce broke the law by failing to appropriately disclose these benefits. Yet no mention. Interesting.

    I would bet a grand that if Pearce’s name hadn’t been associated with these reports, and that it was Crandal alone that had been called out, we would have seen something HUGE from SRA.

    • Seein Red AZ says:

      Ditat Deus:
      Yes, you called that right. We support Senate President Russell Pearce. He is a man of high integrity and honor and an American patriot.

      According to reports, “Pearce stated on a financial disclosure statement covering May 2007 through May 2008 that he received a gift from the Insight Bowl.” Like you, we only know what we read — bearing in mind the newspaper is not an admirer of Mr. Pearce.

      We won’t take you up on your grandiose bet of “a grand” on what we would or would not do concerning Sen. Rich Crandall. His way of providing cover is by calling himself ”a moron.” Was that for participating or being outed? Either way, we won’t argue with his description of himself.

      One thing we can likely agree on is that there is more to come. Stay tuned.

    • chick says:

      You apparently can’t see the difference between someone HIRED to do an investigation and finds NOTHING, where there clearly is SOMETHING and this person hired USED TO BE THE AG OF AZ.

      Perhaps if Grant had done his JOB THAT HE WAS PAID TO DO, this digrace would have ended earlier.

      You clearly have an agenda against Pearce. Other legs accepted trips/tickets, including DEMS.

      Pearce wasn’t hired to do an investigation, take the money, and declare “no wrong doing”. If you can’t see the difference between the two, take off your BLINDERS.