PAChyderm Coalition: Newly released legislator ratings

The PAChyderm Coalition, a Reagan Republican organization, has just released its latest cumulative evaluations of legislators. 

This list reflects legislative actions as of 3/25/2011. It was last updated 3/29/2011. Scroll down to see the bills used in the evaluations and the summary of criteria used to weight bills.

Howard Levine’s narrative follows:

There was some movement in the ratings as a few more votes have been taken. We are in the process of reviewing amended bills. As always, we are always interested in feedback from fellow Republicans. We especially welcome information concerning bill amendments that you think should affect the weight assigned to a bill.

Scroll down to see the bills used in the evaluations and the summary of criteria used to weight bills.

4 Responses to PAChyderm Coalition: Newly released legislator ratings

  1. LD 7 PC says:

    Glad to see the defectors on AZ’s illegal immigration bills dragging bottom. When Republicans vote in concert with a Democrat bloc on an issue of such importance, this (the bottom) is exactly where they belong!! Good work Pachyderms! If former district 7 Sen. Jim Waring was still in the legislature, I bet he’d be voting right along with them. He worked for McCain.

    • Chuck says:

      Not only should they “drag bottom,” they should be actively challenged by conservatives in the upcoming elections. They misrepresented themselves to the voters when campaigning as Republicans.

  2. boo says:

    It’s called the Republican party. Not the Reagan Republican party. If you want to change the name or start a new party that’s great. Read the GOP platform, it’s very dynamic. Expedient, even.

    • Republican Voter says:

      No one said it was the Reagan Republican Party, Boo Hoo. The Pachyderm Coalition holds Reagan as the embodiment and inspiration of the conservative principles we follow. Obviously you don’t get that. Come to a meeting. All are welcome. The organization is growing so large as to form new groups around the valley to accommodate new members. We have top notch speakers and knowledgeable leadership. The camaraderie is great!! Standing on the sidelines nitpicking produces no results.