AZ Republic: Buying ink by the barrel provides power to destroy

You remember the scenario. A frustrated teacher wrote a letter to AZ Senate President Russell Pearce (R-Dist.18) detailing the belligerence he encountered in his Glendale classroom and describing with specificity the attitudes of the 8th grade students to whom he was trying to teach history and language arts.

Sen. Pearce passed the letter on. The incident culminated with Sen. Lori Klein (R-Dist.6) reading it aloud (video link) in the legislative chamber on March 17.

Now we witness the result of substitute teacher Anthony Hill’s letter. If you are thinking that the students at the low-performing Harold W. Smith Elementary School were reprimanded, you’d be wrong.

The students aren’t under fire.  It is the teacher.

For daring to expose the flagrant behavior of many in the class, his personal martial discord leading up to and including allegations made by his wife during their 2007 separation, are now spread across the newspaper.

The agendized Arizona Republic, in close collaboration with legislative Democrats, is now trying to remove Hill’s ability to earn a living. Sen. Steve Gallardo (D-Dist13) publicly questioned the wisdom of using the letter in “light of Hill’s background.”

The newspaper’s tried and true retribution tactic is underway with numerous articles attacking the man’s credibility. Now it wants his earning power reined in.

Hill’s scholastically disinterested students have learned something. They’ve been exposed to powerful lessons about how those with agendas will rally to protect their system rather than ensure excellence in education. They’ve learned that under-achieving students are rewarded for defying authority. And they’ve been given a front row seat watching the erosion of the Mr. Hill’s First Amendment freedoms.

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  1. Overtaxed1 says:

    I have been a substitute teacher in the schools here. The administrations will do anything possible to protect the image so there won’t be a mass exodus of parents who want a good education for their children.
    Mr. Hill is right. Senator Kline was so justified in reading his letter to the Senate. It is all about the money and not the children who get away with being disrespectful to our values and a more civil way of life.
    The thugs are running the schools and that includes the teachers. I got out of teaching for that reason.

  2. Wesley W. Harris says:

    And, of course, you are surprised by all of this. The ‘left’ will alway ‘kill the messenger’ rather than accept the message. That is the Saul Alinsky way. Disparage, divide, win at whatever the cost. We have to fight fire with fire.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Wesley W. Harris:
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  3. Seen It All says:

    Cross the Republic’s very liberal and decidedly pro-amnesty agenda and you can expect repercussions intended to ruin your life. That’s the newspaper’s pattern. It is all they have left as they are a dying publication.

  4. 1776 says:

    The attempts to punish the messenger in this case may be too late. There is word that letters and emails from others in Arizona education both current and retired have been arriving at the Senate and they confirm and expand on Mr. Hill’s experience. Arizona spends roughly 50 cents of every dollar in the total budget on education. A thorough investigation of what we are getting for some $6-plus Billion of our taxes is long overdue.

  5. American Pride says:

    After hearing about this letter and Senator Gallardo’s response I sent an email to Senator Gallardo with pics of Hispanic children sitting and walking on our USA and Arizona flags (that had been spray painted and torn) right outside of our state capitol. There were adults watching and leading them in the desecration. I told him that we hear the same rhetoric that the teacher spoke of everytime we go to protests coming from adults and children. I told him that this is what they are teaching their children. I told him that the pictures don’t lie.

    I decided later that day to send a copy of the email out to all of the senators and reps. To date I have only had one response. That was shortly after I sent it to the others and it was from Rep Gallego who said, “So if what you say is true why is 20 percent of the military hipanic?” I informed him that nowhere in my email did I say that there weren’t some Hispanics who love our country and we went back and forth until he gave up.

    I have yet to hear from Gallardo.

    I made sure to include in my email that I am an American of Mexican descent.!/group.php?gid=116210498400272

  6. Dist. 7 PC says:

    Bravo, Sen Klein!! You did a great job exposing this monumental problem, brought to us by the teacher’s unions, La Raza and the reconquista movement, all teaching Hispanic students that they don’t need to learn English or American history, etc, since this country will be “reclaimed” by Mexico.

    They’ve done such a fine job with their own culture of corruption in Mexico, they want to make sure we have the same high crime rate here.

  7. chick says:

    I have my teaching creds, have subbed while looking for a full-time teaching job. I would be afraid to detail my experiences due to the hatchet job of “silencing” that the RAG has engaged in along with the Dems. I have children to protect. Has the RAG done expose’s on pro-illegal immigrants, such as Salvador Reza? Heck no.

    • Republican Voter says:

      My wife teaches. Horror stories abound. She regrets her choice of profession. Not because of the salary (it’s actually more than fair, considering that she actually works 9 1/2 months and has great benefits) or her dislike of what she does. Not the case, either. She is a dedicated teacher. But she hates the union dominance and the bent to diversity rather than unity that has always been such a uniquely American strength.

  8. chick says:

    In light of all Mr. Gallardo’s traffic offenses, should HE be speaking out?

  9. TeaPartyPatriot says:


    …name three things the lunatic-left d-crat socialists fear.

    An informed electorate is their worst nightmare.

    • Maggie says:

      And you get it, too, Tea Party Patriot. Good comments today!

      Thank you, Seeing Red AZ for the posts that make us all think.

  10. PV Voter says:

    The newspaper wants its pound of flesh from any Republican with enough temerity to run, win and vote against the illegal onslaught and issues such as same-sex “marriage” and abortions that it holds so dear.
    That Sen. Klein has a mind of her own, and a conservative one at that, drives the editorial board to distraction. I’m proud of her and wish I could vote for her. I will send her a check.

  11. Steve Calabrese says:

    My personal favorite is the news clip from Channel 10 that the Tea Parties are circulating, in which outraged reporters and parents are claiming that there’s no gang problem there…even as the kids in question are flashing gang signs in the background at the camera! Pathetic. Absolute denial of reality by the liberals.

    • Night Owl says:

      Arizona is dealing with a unique set of problems created by the flood of illegal immigration. When people come here by virtue of breaking laws, continuing to do so is not out of the realm of reason. They initially purchase stolen or fraudulent ID in order to get established, renting and making purchases, enrolling children in school, etc. because of this, the illegal immigrant culture has become one that is steeped in criminality and flagrant disregard of our history and laws from day one. Not so with others who arrived here legally and wanted nothing more than to be American citizens. Previous immigrants to this country didn’t march by the thousands through our cities and make demands that we speak their language and wave the national flags of the countries they left behind. The fact that our own elected leaders go along with this outrage is equally contemptible. I won’t cast my ballot for anyone who supports the invasion. Period. End of story.