Paul Babeu’s ambition mightier than the facts

It’s a rare occurrence when Seeing Red AZ and the far-left Arizona Republic newspaper even partially agree. But Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s claims of Pinal being “the number one pass-through county in all of America for drug and human smuggling” have continually lacked factual basis. The newspaper finally calls him out on his assertions.

We vehemently disagree with the newspaper’s contention and that of Department of Homeland Insecurity (DHS) chieftain Janet Napolitano and other Obama administration officials who declare America’s border is more secure than ever.  But first-term sheriff Babeu, a former headmaster of a Massachusetts school for troubled teens, is a man with colossal aspirations, who has shown himself as ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make a name for himself.

The fact remains Pinal County is not a border county. Its boundary actually begins 70 miles from the border. Yet based on his hyperbole, he has managed to wrangle an award from the National Sheriff’s Association as America’s Sheriff of the Year.

Here Babeu cuddles up to pro-amnesty John McCain, declaring “Senator, you’re one of us” as the two sauntered along the border in a duplicitous campaign ad and McCain vowed  to “complete the danged fence.” After his reelection insured six more years in the senate, he reverted to his McAmnesty stance and developed amnesia  on the subject.

Read the newspaper’s report in which it sought public records verification of Babeu’s inflated claims from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, DHS and other federal agencies.

Which soars higher — Babeu’s ambition or his exaggerated statistics?

15 Responses to Paul Babeu’s ambition mightier than the facts

  1. Kent says:

    Thanks for this expose on Paul Babeu, the man who would (if he could) be King.

    This guy is a walking, talking ego with little to back up his claims but a burning desire to suck all of the air out of the law enforcement room. The trouble is, he has little other than his mouth going for him.

  2. paul marchant says:

    The border may lie 70 miles south of Pinal county but in between Mexico and Casa Grande are 70 miles of Tribal Land in which the cartels have many ‘scouts’ and have free reign at night. Trust me on this one SR. I will agree that Babeu is a self promoting expert at shaking the FEd’s tree for money, but the midnight drug running trucks with their lights turned off blazing across the desert are very real to those living nervously in southern Pinal County.

    • Tyler M says:

      And these fears are even more real to those of us living in Pima County. The Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol has almost 1/2 of all apprehensions of illegal border crossers & cross-border drug runners in the entire United States.

      This all goes back to our horrible former openly gay RINO Rep. Jim Kolbe who along with “shirtless Congressman Beefcake” Jeff Flake wrote the open-border amnesty bills supported by George W Bush.

      I’ll at least give Babeu credit for continuing to talk about this issue even if it is only for the purpose of personal political gain. But he’s wrong if he thinks that the situation in Pinal County even pales in comparison to the problems we face south of him.

      Kolbe, Flake & Bush pushed a system of ignoring the problem in hopes of cheap labor for their big business buddies. Now, Obama & Napalitano continue this horrible policy on steroids in order to get more future Democrat voters. They assume that the anchor baby children of illegal aliens will support Democrat candidates in order to help legalize their parents & other illegal family members & friends who sneaked across the border after them.

      The sad thing is that Kolbe & Flake are so bad on illegal immigration & border security that if Gabby Giffords does recover early enough to run for US Senate – even she could outflank Flake on the issue of being tough on illegal immigration.

  3. Jill H says:

    Right, as soon as John McCain was reelected he clamored right across the aisle again vowing to “work with President Obama” to secure the border. What a joke!

    Thanks a lot for nothing “Sheriff Paul.”

  4. Stanford says:

    The ubiquitous Sheriff Baboon is working fast and furiously to build a résumé — mostly his own inflated public relations creds — to give him a platform to run for governor. Don’t fall for this flimflammer.

    Those who liken him to Sheriff Joe Arpaio miss the major component: Arpaio has actually credentials from a lifelong career in law enforcement, including leadership posts in DEA here and overseas. Baboon can only wish for a curriculum vitae that is the quality of Arpaio’s. He is responsible for helping John McCain get back in the senate. How committed is that to building “the dang fence?”

    Babeu’s own Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputy Louie Puroll finally confessed to lying about being shot by five…count ‘em, FIVE….drug smugglers in a remote area of the Arizona desert. He must have learned his skills from his boss.

    The New Times reported on the charade, calling it “Pinalcchio:”

  5. Ricky Lujan says:

    Paul M, We know there are real drug smugglers and illegal alien coconspirators flooding the desert between Pinal County and the border. What has John McCain doen about it in his 30 years in D.C.? Nothing but encourage more of it with his pandering to La Raza and the profiteers of illegal immigration.

    That is why Babeu is considered duplicitous. One day he screams for real border security and the next he is working hard more of the McSame.

    When Baboon endorsed McSame over JD Hayworth he proved he had only one priority…himself.

    • Clementine says:

      A much needed reminder that Paul Baboon is out for himself and his endorsement of McCain was an endorsement of more of the same from McAmnesty. Neither man cares a whit about the illegal invasion of our country except as twisting the facts can benefit them.

      Nothing has ever changed with the old Maverick. He is as useless today as he was when he first ran decades ago. Shame on anyone who cast a ballot for this self-absorbed liar. And Paul Baboon is more of the same. But exactly like Jeff Flake who holds to the same pro-amnesty position, they are younger and becoming entrenched. If they are elected, our goose is cooked. They will be in office for decades as well, giving our children the royal shaft.

  6. Mesa conservative says:

    Interesting topic. Lots of unanswered questions about carpetbagging Sheriff Babeu and his background. He’s never had a tough political race so no one’s ever researched his background to a great degree.
    We know he came from Massachusetts where he seemed to be running for office every year and supposedly moved to AZ to become a cop.
    Lots of rumor around about him moving to Pinal County and running for Sheriff simply to position himself to run for Congress. If AZ GOP was open borders Babeu would probably be leading the cheers.
    Also lots of questions about his lifestyle. Will be interesting to see how that plays with conservative LDS voters if he runs in a district that includes Mesa.
    Babeu says he is unsure what to do with the illegals already here. My guess is he won’t commit on that until after the 2012 election. We need to watch this Massachusetts flimflam man real good.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Read this, Mesa Conservative. It was printed in the Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper. The writer claims to be Paul Babeu’s sister. If this were not true, why would the newspaper leave this up?

      • Tyler M says:

        I don’t know if it’s right to make these kinds of accusations about Sheriff Babau. But if it is a potential issue, I think it’s something that the voters would have the right to know whether it is true or not. I suggest that voters ask him about this during a voter forum or something.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    Sheriff Ego Baboon (thank you Clementine) is a charlatan, a snake oil huckster of the oldest tradition. He is pro-amnesty, from the ground up. But first, let’s examine his law enforcement credentials.

    He came to AZ and got work as a police officer in a troubled east-valley city department. His entire stature evolved from his position as the AFL-CIO union-head of that department. His most ardent work was his defense of a fellow officer who murdered a young woman who went to a pharmacy with a forged prescription, while the poor woman’s infant child watched from the back seat of the car. Baboon later hired that shooter to work in his jail system in Pinal County, where he continues to accrue complaints from citizens.

    Baboon ran his campaign for Pinal County as the southern reflection of Sheriff Joe, but after the votes were tallied he never again had a kind word to say about the only real sheriff in AZ. He has NEVER had his deputies perform ANY real enforcement action under the anti-illegal laws of the State of AZ. Just note that all of his many public photo-shoots call for “secure the border first” but never mention any kind of deportation enforcement. So what will come “second”?? You guessed it—amnesty.

    This past winter, Baboon was selected as the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) “Critter of the Year.” According to Baboon’s Cochise County Twin, Sheriff Larry Dever, that same NSA at the same meeting adopted a position paper that recommends and endorses amnesty for illegal aliens. No wonder Baboon got the award—he was the amnesty guy who was getting all of the national media attention, a perfect poster boy for the pro-amnesty NSA.

    Baboon is a total McCainiac and showed it as he campaigned hand-in-hand with Juan McAmnesty. Nothing about Baboon has changed, and that is why he is the darling of the media, just like his daddy McAmnesty. Baboon’s ambitions are dangerous for Pinal County, for Arizona and for America.

    God bless America, including Pinal County.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Your research is excellent and enlightening. I am deeply indebted to you for this information. I intend to send it our to each and every Arizonan on my email list and hope others will do the same. This fraudulent wannabe intends to run for statewide office. We need to be prepared for that and insure that conservatives know the truth about him.
      Here is the link I’m sending out. It includes all of the comments as well as this post:

      Paul Babeu’s ambition mightier than the facts « Seeing Red AZ

  8. Doc says:

    LEO-Excellent expose on the sheriff! I too will be sending the information out to my fellow conservatives, & everybody else on my list! Thank You So Much!

    So, what th’ hell is it about Mr. McCain that corrupts people…or corrupted people draw to him? Wierd, huh?

  9. Diogidog says:

    Here’s more about the Republican Gay Mafia (Salmon/Flake) taking hold in Arizona. Baboon is just another twist in the wrinkle!

    Link here:

  10. Gary says:

    Paul Babeu is a nothing from nowhere with a big mouth and bigger ego. We can’t afford to let him play us for fools. We’ve been down that path too often lately, and look where it’s gotten us.