Janet Napolitano reporting from the border

Recently Arizona’s former governor and current Homeland INsecurity chieftain, Janet Napolitano told Americans the southern border has never been more secure.

Seeing Red AZ covered her claims here.

Having overseen such a marked change she has begun moonlighting as a reporter, using the alias Richard Marosi. And she’s found time to pull double duty. While writing for the Los Angeles Times she’s also hired on as a stringer for the Arizona Daily Star.

Why not? Napolitano has so much free time now that the illegal invasion of our country has screeched to a halt under her able leadership.

Here she substantiates her claim that illegal aliens have virtually stopped penetrating our border. The invasion has ceased.  The crime wave has subsided. Our economic house will get back in order as the staggering health care, educational and social benefits toll on taxpaying citizens wither. The need for Spanish language interpreters in the over-burdened criminal justice system and bilingual teachers for English language learners in the schools will disappear.

Napolitano has done such a bang-up job that Border Patrol agents are now so bored they’re playing games, watching movies and snoozing.

But how do her claims square with border county Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County? He told Fox News that a supervisor with the U.S. Border Patrol informed him earlier this month that the federal agency’s office on Arizona’s southern border was under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods.

Don’t think we’re not grateful for the swell job you’ve done, Ms. Napolitano.  But surely you missed this recent report? And this?  How about this? Maybe this?  Try this. Give this a try. This one is also worth your time. And this, this, or  this —- just for starters.

5 Responses to Janet Napolitano reporting from the border

  1. Blaine Dunning says:

    Janet’s tune changed quickly once she got to Washington, she no longer needed to talk about securing our border to keep her job as Governor. She now has to tow the line of the open border progressive liberals or she wouldn’t have lasted very long in Washington. She knows there is a problem and so does Obama, which makes them both responsible for the continued problems with illegal aliens and drugs.


  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Dever also is quoted as saying, “Janet Napolitano says the border is more secure than it’s ever been. I’ve been here for 60 years, and I’m telling you that’s not true.”

    I’d take his word before I’d take hers. Napolitano is an accomplished liar and as Blaine Dunning points out, is a stooge for the Obama administration. With all of her blunders and gaffes, she should have been dumped long ago. But Obama values her for the early endorsement she gave him and the various (at least three) constituencies she delivers.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Lunatic-left d-crat socialist wrong-way napolitano was incompetent as governor of Arizona and she is even more incompetent at DHS. Just as TAX CHEAT tiny tim geithner symbolizes the absence of integrity and ethics in the pelosi-hussein regime, “systemic failure” napolitano symbolizes its gross incompetence.

  4. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Cochise County Sheriff Dever is a Republican who doesn’t mince words about the comprehensive immigration reform scheme written by John McCain, Jon Kyl and liberal icon Ted Kennedy. It was the same amnesty plan Bush advocated for and attempted to sell us out on. Even Reagan got hornswaggled on this. Sheriff Larry Dever is a breath of fresh air in the RINO smoke filled room.

  5. Steve says:

    When this dedicated liberal was governor and frustrated Arizonans pleaded for border action she actually dismissed their concerns by saying, “Show me a 50-foot fence, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.”
    That’s the full extent of her concern regarding border security.