Double exposure — and then some

You won’t want to miss this exposé.

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  1. SuzanneC says:

    I am so glad you have told all of us who wrote that mess. I received a copy of that last night and sent a message back to the sender telling him to do the same thing. For weeks people were trying to tell me is was Rob and Marnie Haney, the paranoia was running rampant in a certain LD, now please tell me what Rob and Marnie would have to do with Jeff Vath a McCain apologist?

  2. Dist.11 PC says:

    As one who is well acquainted with the Haney’s, (I live in LD11 where Rob was the best district chairman I have yet encountered) I can tell you unequivocally they would not be involved with McCain sycophant Jeff Vath or anything so reprehensible as to threaten the Arizona Republican State Chairman. They wouldn’t do such a thing in the best of times. They certainly would never engage in such vicious practices during an election cycle. This is pure Vath. Thanks to Seeing Red AZ for exposing this act of treachery by the McCainiacs who were devastated when McCain’s selectee Ron Carmichael lost the state chairmanship to Tom Morrissey.

  3. LD20er says:

    Knowing the identity and “affiliation” of the server tells a great deal.

    The terms McCainiac, Political Mafioso and the desire to remove Tom Morrissey as AZ GOP Chairman are more than clues to those in the shadows on this.

  4. State Committeeman says:

    This is good news. I’ve heard about this threat also and wondered who was behind it. From the photo link that is quite a “behind” who is behind it. What a sad man he must be to engage in this vicious spew directed at Republican leadership during this crucial time. It proves without a doubt what I’ve long suspected regarding the McCain factions. They don’t care a whit about the conservative activists in the Republican party, although we are the ones who keep it running. When was the last time anyone saw Jeff Vath volunteering at GOP headquarters? I’ve been there on countless occasions and can’t recall seeing him.

    • Seen it All says:

      “You don’t recall seeing him?” Surely you jest? If he was within a mile of the building you couldn’t have missed him!

  5. Standing Tall says:

    Any candidate endorsed by the circus-y and bizarrely flashing, McCain hired assassin Political Mafioso site carries a decidedly unsavory taint by virtue of this association. And will someone please enlighten me as to why Jeff Flake would appear at a $15 a plate breakfast for Clancy Jayne?

    Flake must have missed this:

  6. Barbara Espinosa says:

    If you wouldn’t write and sign it, dont say it. “Earl Wilson”
    Suggestion stop trying to kill the messenger..No Lies in message that I can find..The message could not have been sent by outsider..Had to be from within to have the e-mail addresses of the Executive Committee, Board thye are not posted on web-site. insider is using someone elses pseudonym or getting the person to post for them..Look on the inside of Exec Comm and BOD. my 2 pennies..

  7. Jason says:

    The name of the site says it all. It’s a shoot-’em-up run by a thug. He even uses the name Tony GOPrano. Such a wannabe. He originally used a photo from “The Sopranos” that violated copyright protections and he had to remove it.

  8. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    That photo link right before lunch has caused me to delay my noontime meal. Yuck!!

  9. Unknown says:

    Okay here me out on this one.

    Ironic how we are all commenting anonymously on an article that is unsigned (TruGOP), linked from a website that is anonymous (SeeingRed), about an email that is illegitimate for being anonymously.

    I bet Jeff Vath is sitting at his computer right now laughing at the stupidity his little tongue in cheek website has caused.

    The only ones to claim their statements was Mecum in the New Times and whatever that idiotic rant was that Spinks sent out. Which if I may add my two anonymous cents those are the kinds of statements that make all Republicans look bad.

    It is sad that the Dems are sitting back eating popcorn knowing that we are lacking civility and leadership. Leadership being anyone and everyone that has been elected to this state party. When will one of our leaders actually stand up on their own, voice their opinion, and do something about it. Where is Chairman Morrissey’s statement on unity? Or as the New Times stated is he too busy out of town to have Mecum and Thayer write a civility statement, I mean that is what a communications director is for… right?. I would hate to pay a consultant to consult on a unity statement after the last train wreak Spinks caused.

    • John Adams says:

      Well Anthony Miller or whatever snake you are crawling out from under some rock coming out of hibernation, only to blindly bite whatever’ in front of you. OOPS! It’s one of your fellow snakes! How Apropos!

      I’ve seen the completely dishonest and sleazy communications from the McProgressive KylCain wing of this Party, including yours and Vath’s. Bragging about being despicable liars!!

      And for you to think it’s funny that people are commenting anonymously when Vath (anonymously) attacks a person with his real name and picture. So this is the type of person McCaniac haters of Arizona and the US; who really don’t give a damn about our country, just getting rich on the backs of illegal aliens and the people whose incomes have droppped drastically due to the Illegal Alien invasion McCain and Kyl sponsored.

      So you pathetic piece of slime, despicably dishonest and crooked: when you reveal YOUR name, I’ll gladly tell YOU who I am! I’m not worried about your sleazy henchmen buddies!

  10. Orion says:

    From what I understand he doesn’t get out much, stays pretty close to the alter he erected to his savior John McCain. He’s unable to kneel in front of it, but kisses the comb over on the top of McCain’s photo hourly.

  11. TheOnlyTrueConservative says:

    I hate to be one to inject facts into a good old fashioned smearing, but Mr. Vath has absolutely nothing to do with the effort to Recall Tom Morrissey.

    • Blackbeard says:

      The facts will come out when and if the threats come to fruition. I don’t know this Vath creature from a hill of Twinkies, but what I’ve heard and the photo attached to the post are more appalling than appealing.

  12. 1776 says:

    The gross photo appears to have been “sanatized”. For real conservative adults it must have been all the stomach could take. In any event Mr. Vath, by permitting the sleeze on his site, is every bit as responsible as whoever (or whatever) calls itself TOTC. Tootsie, I love it! It that’s what a “true conservative” is then Obama is a modern George Washington!

  13. MaskedTruthman says:

    My brethren, you are obsessing over anonymity when the essence of the original article was the exposure of the threat and, as a plus, the exposure of the author of the threat. Good work! We must wait to learn whether there will be any civil or criminal liability to the issuer of the threat. The case would be clear had the threat included physical violence but, with respect to political consequences, the case is not so clear.

  14. 1776 says:

    You are correct Truthman. Chairman Morrissey, E.D. Mecum and the staff and volunteers at the Arizona Republican Party HQ are fine, hard working folks that the majority of grass roots activists elected to lead us. Normally that would be that but after tasting a little turn-about in LD-11 the RINOs thought they could march back into the front office and hand it back to the D.C. elites they worship. No doubt promises were made but then faces were egged on January 8 and 22. Remember, some folks were extremely disappointed too, when King George was on the losing side in 1776.

    We are in a battle for the future of our Country and it is literally “to the death” because if we lose and the Left wins there will be nothing of the America we know and love to live for. Every time a moderate Republican “reaches across the aisle” to concede ground to a liberal Democrat we come a little closer to the European Socialist model. People who want that should go there. It’s time for rock-ribbed Republicans and other Conservatives to replace RINOs with folks who will fight with us and not undermine us.

    This recall effort is another gasp from the sick, decaying, elitist left wing of the old Republican Party best known for candidates who make eloquent concession speeches and wish we could “get over Reagan”. They’ve been trying to undo what he did since he left office and they were succeeding, until we woke up.

    So, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Small Government Advocates, Property Rights Defenders, all you Patriots of the America the Founders gave us, this is our time. We have let the Left inject decay into our culture for far too long. Now we are hastening their descent into the dust bin of history and it can’t come too soon.

  15. Night Owl says:

    Bravo, 1776!! Excellent piece of prose, Thanks.

  16. Sgt. Preston says:

    It appears Jeff Vast doesn’t like being the object of the identical tactics he is known for. He and his friend can deny his involvement in this threat, but he’s been outed — as disgusting a prospect that is to endure. Maybe his patron saint McCain will bail him out of this vicious misadventure? It’s all about replacing the GOP state chairman with one of their own against the will of the Republican state committeemen.

  17. GOP PC says:

    The name Jeff Vast is perfect, both for his obscene expanse of girth and for his equally obscene viciousness as he tears into those who neither know him or care about him. Except for his gargantuan size, he is totally irrelevant. I do wonder what his grocery bill must be. You can’t maintain that lardness without trying damn hard.

  18. Luke says:

    Threats are vicious. Anonymous threats are actually hilarious, since the threatner will have to appear to carry it out. When Jeff Vast shows up, there won’t be a blanket large enough for him to hide under.

    I’d like to say I can’t wait for Monday. Or is the bomb supposed to be detonated on Sunday? Or is it Wednesday? The truth is no one cares.

  19. American Patriot says:

    Anyone who salivates over John McAmnesty and his surrogates is worthy of contempt. Our nation is in the crosshairs and these fools have nothing better to do than try to bring down the AZ GOP leadership and promote amnesty for illegals.

  20. LD 18 Committeeman says:

    This is preposterous. Only state committeemen can vote in a recall election of the state Republican chairman, if one were to actually take place. If such an election were to proceed, it would be to the detriment of the Republican party and the entire slate of candidates for each and every office on the ballot. This is obviously the work of those who want to undermine our party. That, however, does not eliminate some registered Republicans. This has Team McCain’s fingerprints all over it.

  21. Orion says:

    What in the world happened to the original link on this post? I sent a friend to the site and he wrote back that he didn’t understand it. I checked it out and saw exactly what he meant. Have you gone all wussy on us? That’s not what I’ve come to expect here.

    • John Adams says:

      Orion, does your friend and you have a problem explaining yourselves? The link still works and if you go to the link embedded in the Yellow sheet report, you’ll find the McPathetic idiocy of Jeff Vath.

      I just tried the link and everything worked fine!

      • Orion says:

        No my friend and I “does” not have a problem explaining ourselves. You do with your odd grammatical alliterations.

        Yes, the link works. But the original photo has been altered along with the addition of two unnecessary explanations. THAT’S the point I was making.

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