Jeff Flake’s chum Gutierrez pushing amnesty via Executive Order

Jeff Flake’s radically liberal congressional buddy Rep. Luis Gutierrez is currently on a national 20-city tour to rally support for another attempt at gifting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the United States. It wasn’t all that long ago Gutierrez was complementing Flake for helping him to “turn more red states blue.” But now Flake is a senatorial candidate and is showing a more circumspect face.

So this time, in view of polling showing overwhelming support of Arizona’s SB 1070, the Chicago Democrat Gutierrez is bypassing Congress and taking his message straight to the White House.

Last year Gutierrez wrote that our Arizona law making it a crime to be in the state illegally “calls for congressional action.”

Barack Obama is reportedly holding meetings to determine if illegal aliens can be granted amnesty by Executive Order as he continues pushing his tyrannical “democratic socialism” in an overt violation of the Constitution.

On the heels of the groundswell of support after the killing of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, Obama’s own infallibility levels will persuade him the time is right to move on amnesty by writ of an Executive Order. Such actions will ensure the 2012 election as we witness this willful abuse and exploitation of power over the American people.

At a rally this past weekend in Chicago, Gutierrez told a crowd that Obama should use the executive power of the presidency to stop deportations and that he (Gutierrez) has “nothing but the greatest desire to be helpful, and to join arms with [Obama], and march across the country toward his re-election.”

Readers of this blog will remember the last time Luis Gutierrez took his amnesty sideshow on a 17-city national tour to pressure the Obama administration to prioritize legalization of those in our country illegally. Flake was nowhere to be seen in 2009 when it stopped off in Phoenix. He has always presented a different face to his East Valley constituents, talking endlessly about his abhorrence of ‘earmarks,’ while never acknowledging his partnership with liberal Gutierrez on amnesty issues.

National Journal’s Sean Sullivan cuts right to the chase in this piece on Arizona’s upcoming U.S. Senate race, taking Jeff Flake to task for his duplicity evidenced in this ambitiously revealing statement: “In the past I have supported a broad approach to immigration reform — increased border security coupled with a temporary worker program. I no longer do.” Sullivan termed Jeff Flake’s illegal immigration position switcheroo as a “turnaround as swift as it is predictable,” as he emulated his mentor, John McCain.

The amnesty proponents at the Arizona Republic were so dismayed they mocked Flake as a mere “politician” — no longer a “statesman.”

He is currently running unopposed for the U.S. Senate seat soon to be vacant when Jon Kyl retires. Beware Arizona. This will be viewed as a mandate. We can do better.


15 Responses to Jeff Flake’s chum Gutierrez pushing amnesty via Executive Order

  1. azrally says:

    There must be someone to step up and run for this seat besides Jeff Flake. C’mon Matt Salmon, John Shaddeg, anyone with a conservative backbone! It is imperative that the southwestern states bring common sense, and respect for the law to the immigration debate. We are most directly affected, and cannot let the midwestern or eastern representatives with their emotional “pie in the sky” arguements frame the debate.

  2. Maggie says:

    The thought of this arrogant Flake running unopposed is nauseating. You’re right. He will consider it a mandate. Not only that, but it will be a first for a US Senate seat and exhibits an inherent weakness in the Republican Party that will not soon be repaired. Our children and theirs will reap the detrimental affects of this liberal masquerading as a conservative. If you like John McCain, you’ll love Jeff Flake. He’ll be whatever you want him to be for a moment. Then he’ll be whatever the person next to you wants him to be — for another moment. Jeff Flake has no core. He can smile widely, and take off his shirt. That’s not good enough for me.
    Of course we can do better.

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    I’ll write in Mickey Mouse rather than vote for this cheap suit. I’ve had enough ‘packaging’ to last me a lifetime. I want a statesman. Maybe they no longer exist.

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    End running congress is par for the liberal’s course.They are like spoiled children wanting their way, regardless of how they get it. This will be a disaster for America. Those who obey the law have always been welcome here. Those who defy it should get the hell out!

  5. Blackbeard says:

    I read that although Luis Gutierrez was born in Chicago, his family moved to Puerto Rico, where his parents were both born. He returned to Chicago to attend college. So his roots are not in America. He thinks of himself as an immigrant.

    But first and foremost, he’s a Chicago machine liberal in the style of the Daley’s, crook Tony Rezko, Barack Hussein Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and crooked ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

  6. Dan Conyers says:

    I thought Trent Franks was considering a run for the Senate. Did he change his mind?

  7. SuzanneC says:

    We need someone known across the state as a fighter for us on the illegal immigration issue, someone who is known as an anti cap and trade supporter. Someone against gays in the military and against the Dream act. I do not believe that would take much, but remember Jeff Flake is a filthy dirty campaigner, like his pal McNasty, remember what he did Russell Pearce’s wife when Russell decided to run against him for congress. Someone who served with Flake in congress and knows his dirty laundry, please step forward.

  8. East Valley PC says:

    Yes, Dan. Both Trent Franks and Matt Salmon were looking at the senate seat, until they were “persuaded” to change their minds. Team McCain is said to have presented both men with the results of their opposition research that could prove embarrassing. Such tactics used to be called blackmail.

    And Suzanne’s response is right on target.
    The GOP elite power brokers have decided this seat will go to Jeff Flake, who will continue their left of center policies. Flakey is an accomplished liar in the mold of his guru Señor Juan McAmnesty. And just like McAmnesty, Flake has had a pre-election conversion on controversial subjects such as gifting citizenship to an estimated 20-35 million illegal aliens, although he is on record opposing SB1070. The day after McCain was comfortably back in office for another six year stint, he circled back to his old amnesty position, now called “temporary guest worker program.” The words “amnesty” and “comprehensive immigration reform” fell flat with focus groups, so they recrafted the language to fit the same old agenda.

    Flake flaked out on his term limits pledge, saying he made a “mistake.” The real mistake is in reelecting him. The people here in Congressional District 6 have no idea what he is up to in Washington. As he hawks saving money by eliminating earmarks, he partners with the most extreme liberal in congress on hugely expensive issues like the STRIVE and DREAM Acts, providing citizenship and college scholarships to illegals. My American citizen kids don’t qualify for such benevolence, do yours? And in the tradition of Al Gore, Flake was one of the first GOP lawmakers to introduce legislation imposing a carbon tax on producers and distributors of fossil fuels. Republican Speaker John Boehner was forthright in his comments: “Cap and trade is code for increasing taxes, killing American jobs and raising energy costs for consumers. The so-called ‘cap and trade’ proposal amounts to a carbon tax, plain and simple.”

    He also voted for gays in the military and supports ending the embargo on the Communist dictatorship of Cuba, although Cuban Americans want it to remain in place. He was one of only three Republicans to vote with the Dems against the spending cuts bill. When called out on it, he said he did it because it didn’t go far enough.

    The Family Research Council called Libertarian Flake a “huge disappointment,” and the Tea Party Patriots are onto him, but where is a conservative competitor — or even a true Republican one? He runs as a Republican because Libertarians can’t get elected.

    • Stanford says:

      Thanks East Valley PC. Your compendium of information is enlightening. I live outside of Flake’s Congressional District and haven’t paid as much attention to him as I should have. Now he’s running statewide and we all need to arm ourselves with facts. Someone needs to take him on. This is not a good situation.

      • Army Of One says:

        It’s far more than “not a good situation.” We are facing a disaster of monumental proportions. Jeff Flake is not now, nor has he ever been, a conservative. He is at his core, an open borders panderer. His church is doing major recruiting within the Hispanic community and they make zero effort to ask about legal status. It’s all about increasing the church roster and filling the pews, regardless of the ultimate consequences.

    • amattclarkson says:

      Yawn. These are the same issues people brought up last cycle when Flake destroyed his opponent in the primary by 30 points.

      I love how you folks accuse elected officials of being left of center when they might be considered left of you. It’s like male peacocks trying to prove who has the most colorful plumage. First, the argument has mainly to do with perception. So you think Jeff Flake isn’t as conservative as you? He was one of three Republicans that didn’t vote YES on the spending cuts bill because they didn’t cut enough. “How dare that turncoat? He wants to cut more money from the budget.” Second, the argument is often conveyed to be principle differences when it is nothing more than applied differences. For instance, people are frustrated with the broken immigration system. Many support S1070 which essentially says “Breaking the law means…your breaking the law.” Instead, Flake tried to reform immigration law completely so that it more mirrored economic principles instead of bureaucratic ones. “That stinking commie, relying on the free market like that.”

      Sadly, the level of critical thinking skills necessary to understand some of the complex problems facing our nation are not held by many of the readership of this site. But that’s okay too, analysts on the Hill have to make sure their reports are written on an 8th grade reading level so our elected officials can understand them.

      • LD 18 Voter says:

        If you are so bored here by the lack of mental alacrity, why not move on? The purple ring around your mouth is evidence of your Flakey Kool Ade guzzling. We think, but not in East Valley lockstep. Face it, Jeff Flake is an arrogant Junior McCain. He is as big a liar and every bit as glib and slippery. Did you like the way Flake savaged Russell Pearce and his wife using his brother-in-law Kevin Gibbons and Nathan Sproul as front men? Did that make you respect him? They are all amnesty phonies.

        You convince no one with your flaky slavishness. I don’t take kindly to your insults. Take your comments to those other websites you spend your time on. We know what you’re about here.

      • Doc says:

        amatt-I’ve just got 1 (ONE) question for you, sir. What part of ,”lied to his constituents…” do you not understand? I know many politicians do it, but this was over a BASIC promise he gave his constituents. Many politicians do it because they are ALLOWED TO DO IT!

        “You folks…”? Well, if ya’ don’t like th’ company here, ya’ oughta’ go back to yer own kind…

        …you folks??? Well pardon us…

      • Lucy says:

        I don’t exactly know what you mean by “reformed immigration law completely so that it more mirrored economic principles.” The free market doesn’t mean an endless supply of cheap labor so corporations can benefit and the “folks” can then pay for all the social and welfare cost associated with that. Illegal immigration drives down the wages of working Americans and hurts the unskilled and uneducated the most–including immigrants who are here legally. Besides Rep. Flake was not for SB 1070. I called his office several times at the beginning of the whole sit in fiasco at the capitol and he refused to take a stand saying it was “a state issue.” Oh, now is he saying he supported it? Yea, just like he was for comprehensive illegal immigration reform before he was against it!

  9. Not Fooled says:

    If this Republican pretender runs unapposed, I’ll vote for the Democrat, something I’ve NEVER, EVER done. Might as well get screwed by one of them than a dipping and diving fake wearing a Republican cloak.