Tucson Unified School District: Inmates running the asylum

Lunacy still reigns in Tucson, as members of the Tucson Unified School District board attempted to hold a meeting to discuss the anti-American Mexican ethnic studies program. The La Raza endorsed program which teaches students the U.S. is an imperialist nation and  the American Southwest belongs to Mexico, has obviously done its job.  The students don’t find much to celebrate in the Constitutional process as they drown out the board with shouts of “No vote! No vote!” punctuated by defiant fist thrusts as they attempt to silence free speech.

At a previous meeting these same unruly goons, using thuggish tactics chained themselves to desks, chanting, screaming, and banging their hands on the desks for two hours, to prevent the meeting from taking place.

The district isn’t calling for an end to the program — although it should. Instead, it wants to make the controversial and biased history class — that calls for “death to the invaders” and advocates overthrowing the U.S. government — an elective course, rather than continuing to allow it to substitute for required history credits. 

The Blaze provides some of the shocking excerpts of the seditious program being taught in Tucson’s public schools, funded with taxpayer dollars.

Along with the riot police who were on scene last evening attempting to maintain order, so was Ward Churchill,  the discredited and fired Universityof Coloradoprofessor, who was spotted encouraging the protests. Churchill, who taught ethnic studies at U of C, was exposed as fraudulently claiming American Indian heritage — although that’s the least of his appalling conduct. Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks he wrote they were justifiably provoked, and compared the innocent victims of the World Trade Center to financial workers in “ongoing genocidal American imperialism,” likening them to the complicity of Adolf Eichmann  in organizing the Holocaust. He called those who perished in the WTC, “little Eichmann.”

Former AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has long protested the TUSD  program and  was instrumental in the passage of  HB 2281 which “prohibits a school district or charter school from including courses or classes that either promote the overthrow of the United States government or promote resentment toward a race or class of people.” (Complete bill information here). Fortunately, Republican Horne is now the state Attorney General with the responsibility to ensure the effective enforcement of this law.

Jonathon M. Seidl at The Blaze does a masterful job shining a bright light on the dark goings-on in Tucson as riot police were called in to try to restore order to last night’s meeting.  The vote was tabled and another vote has not been scheduled.


10 Responses to Tucson Unified School District: Inmates running the asylum

  1. American Pride says:

    These rude, disrespectful people go to this meeting and act like rabid animals (as usual) and Isabel Garcia says, “It’s shameful that you have all of these cops all around us. It’s outrageous that you treat brown people as we’re going to be the criminals,” WTH else would any intelligent person expect????
    This is the only kind of behavior that these INVADERS are capable of and their behavior is being taught to our children! It has to be stopped NOW!!!


  2. LD20er says:

    Where is the new Supe John Huppenthal on this? During his campaign, he claimed it was he who learned about, exposed the LaRaza studies and led the fight for legislation against it in the future.

    And why are these goons allowed to enter TUSD meetings a second time? If the Mex goons damage property and aren’t forced to pay for it, the member of the TUSD Board should be forced to pay for it out of their traitorous pockets.

    How would Vladmir Putin handle goons like this?

    • Chandler GOP says:

      The word out here in the East Valley is that Huppenthal is “out to lunch” on this issue. He is doing zip. Thank God for Tom Horne’s excellent service as Education Superintendent. The guy’s brilliant, got moxie and moved decisively on the issues.

      I couldn’t support Huppenthal when he ran for this post. There is nothing to recommend him. I live in his district.

  3. sherriaz says:

    This seems to be the only thing the La Razans understand: screaming, yelling, threatening and inane arguments. Had our Founding Fathers behaved in such a fashion, we would not be the country we are today.

    We’d be Mexico.

    • Steve says:

      Good assessment, Sherriaz.
      Mexico is what their own citizens are running from and yet they want to recreate it here in the USA.

  4. American Dad says:

    Garbage is passing itself off as “students” in Tucson. What a disgrace!

  5. Doug Johnson says:

    Ward Churchill? His appearance speaks volumes about the real anti-American agenda that unlies the entire bogus ethnic studies program. The whole thing is rancid and should be disallowed. These are American public schools for cryin’ out loud! This is what political correctness has brought us.

    Again, take a look at the leftwing teacher’s unions.

  6. chick says:

    Interesting. I read nothing of this second meeting in the RAG.

    • Pima Pal says:

      You’re not surprised by the lack of coverage, are you, chick? The Arizona Republic supports the thugs posing as students. These actions are right up the newspaper’s promtion of divisive-ethnicity over American-unity alley.

  7. chick says:

    No Pima, I’m not surprised. Wonder if Valdez is happy with her “little piece of heaven” (in liberal Tucson).

    If I want to know what’s going on, the RAG is the last place to look. Even the East Valley Trib has gone downhill.

    The cholla jumps had a good story on this and linked to John Munger’s analysis of the teaching materials.

    Apparently one little hoodlum held up a sign that said, ‘Dumb F*** Gringos, you’re standing in Mexico’.

    There are three TUSD board members who are cheering on the thugs. Time for them to be held accountable as well as the students. Apparently, NO ONE HAS BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the two near riots and BAD STUDENT BEHAVIOR.