ASU’s Crow tackles budget reductions by raising tuition – again

Crow gives “special-class international students” otherwise known as illegal aliens, in-state tuition and other perks 

KKNT 960 AM radio reports that ASU President Michael Crow has released a letter to faculty detailing the university’s plan to manage the $90 million reduction in state funding by increasing tuition, outsourcing services and employing the novel concept of cutting costs.

In June 2007 the Arizona Board of Regents unanimously voted to gift Crow, a 25 percent raise in pay and benefits bringing him to a record $720,000 a year. That figure excluded an additional bonus of $150,000. Crow is one of the top ten highest paid university presidents in the nation.

Regent and Democrat former Arizona U.S. Sen. Dennis DeConcini said, “He’s worth every dollar he gets paid because he delivers.”

Back in 2008 when Seeing Red AZ again exposed the high salaries ASU President and his wife Sybil Francis were hauling in, we printed a quote from Johnnie Ray, ASU’s Foundation’s president and CEO who explained that spouses of university presidents spend an enormous amount of time promoting the university’s interests, adding that Francis is present at many university events and helps cultivate potential donors. Calling Michael Crow’s wife a “senior adviser” he justified the $160,000 annual salary she was then receiving.

“There are some universities that choose to pay spouses of presidents as employees and some who do not,” Ray said at the time. “We are one who chooses to pay because we believe that service has a huge return on that investment.”

Meanwhile, student fees and tuition rates continue to escalate, while Crow ensures that illegal alien students, whom he refers to asspecial-class international studentsare the recipients of financial largess from his caché of private benefactors, enabling them to obtain in-state tuition, adverse to the restrictions imposed by voter approved Proposition 300.

We have a creative approach for cost containment: Defund Mrs. Crow (Sybil Francis) and give her hubby Michael a much needed salary adjustment. By the state university presidents’ own admissions, the schools are doing much better financially than they let on.

House Appropriations Chairman John Kavanagh (R-Dist.8), recently noted that Arizona’s  three-university system has $595 million more in revenue now than it did before the economic downturn began and would you believe — even the accommodating Arizona Republic has outed them as deceptive –- reporting that the schools have “more money today than they did three years ago.”

This con on Arizona taxpaying citizens and students has got to stop.


10 Responses to ASU’s Crow tackles budget reductions by raising tuition – again

  1. Joe Evans says:

    Michael Crow and his bride have taken Arizonans to the cleaners in the toughest of times. I agree with the poster that Sybil Francis should be off the payroll and Michael Crow should have a salary adjustment. There is no reason for anyone to get a 25 percent raise! Have any of you ever been treated that well by your employers, assuming you still have one? Those figures are not recent. I wonder what the elites on the Board of Regents think this duo is worth now?

  2. Another LD11 PC says:

    A couple hundred million on (failed) SkySong.

    A couple hundred million on the new Walter Cronkite building.

    A couple hundred million on the nursing school and joint (failed) downtown medical campus.

    A couple hundren million here and there adds up to real money!

    Better take more from the undergraduates and import some foreign undergrad prof assistants to teach them cause they’re cheaper.

    The undergrads can get federally subsidized loans right?

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      Will wonders never cease? I actually agree with you on this, Another LD11 PC!

      • Another LD11 PC says:

        I’ll bet you agree with me on most all things if not all, once you realize you’ve been sold downriver by several of those you think are “conservatives” who really aren’t and you’ve been disabused of some of your current assumptions.

  3. Kent says:

    Does Crow think he’s a federal judge with a lifetime appointment? Does he have a contract? When is it reviewed and by whom? This arrogant guy has to be brought back to reality. He’s also been too cozy with Democrat Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon for my tastes.

  4. Milton says:

    The sad truth is most state’s follow this example with regard to university salaries. State institutions were formed to provide affordable education to instate students. That was their only intended purpose. What has happened is these institutions started deviating from that purpose and believing they needed to compete with the private sector. That switch in function/ideology is a major contributor to excessive salaries and rising educational costs. University presidents/administrators are often highly educated people in other non administrative fields. Regents hire these people, not based on job experience or their administrative abilities but for the prestige it brings to the institution. Thus university abc can say they have so and so running the place, even though that person may not even be qualified to do so or expects a demanding salary. Just because an academic has a PHD after their name or multiple degrees, doesn’t mean they should be a university president.

    The students are then faced with higher costs, because the regents think that their schools should have the same prestige as private institutions. Arizona is not alone, the UC system is even worse.

  5. telemoonfa says:

    I have one small idea for cutting costs at our public universities. Cancel all professors’ sabbaticals. They already get summers off, usually. I had one professor who spent her sabbatical supposedly writing poetry at her house, but nobody ever saw the poetry. I also think colleges should cancel the women studies program and maybe applied indigenous studies, and peace studies and LGBT programs, and maybe ethnic studies. These new liberal arts “disciplines” keep growing and growing, and they’re polluting the minds of many twenty-somethings, and they’re destroying the country. The money saved by canceling those classes, programs, and departments, can be put back into subjects that people ought to be studying in college: math, science, English, history, law, business, medicine, engineering, etc.

    • Vince says:

      Why all the “maybes” telemoonfa? Stand for something or stand for nothing. You would be right without the equivocations. ALL of the subjects you mentioned, and no doubt others, should be cancelled post haste.

  6. chick says:

    I am an ASU alum, when tuition was reasonable. My kids attend now. The “fees” tacked on to the tuition costs are dubious. Upper classmen pay “fees” to support lower classmen. I read ONCE, one time, that Michael Crow was “crowing” that 20% of all the tuition moneys of those that PAY the school tuition (students, parents, student loans) are given to other students to have a “free ride”. This is thievery IMHO. Taking from those who can and can’t afford it, without their permission, to give to others so they can attend for free. My kids have had to get loans. Tuition 10K/year. 2K of that is given to someone else, my kids have to pay that and the interest on the loan.

    Michael Crow needs to go. He’s used taxpayers money for too long, without enough oversight.

    The bit of paying his “wife” is ridiculous. Let her go try to find a job in the private sector.

  7. chick says:

    More ASU garbage schools, within the University. From the trib:

    “Arizona State University is inviting the community to a ceremony and conference to launch a new school within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to develop “cutting edge transborder knowledge” for and with residents of the U.S. Southwest and northern Mexico region.”

    From the Trib’s, “Deportation A Love Story”, another questionable “School” at the University:

    “H.L.T Quan of ASU’s Justice & Social Inquiry School of Social Transformation.”

    What the heck is that? Does each of these now have to have: space, offices, professors, deans, assistants, moneys for firing up a new “school”? There’s some of the waste.

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