Gov. Rick Perry: Weak on the border, opposes SB1070

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is reported to be weighing a presidential run. But even as a border state governor whose own southern border is a war zonehe stands firmly against Arizona’s SB 1070.

Ciudad Juarez — where the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels are battling over drug-trafficking routes, abuts El Paso, Texas. Last year the death toll in the region stood at 3,111. According to this report in the LA Times, 2011 projections will be closer to 5,000 dead.

But Perry, sounding an awful lot like George W. Bush, who callously allowed illegal immigration to escalate, says: “Texas has a rich history with Mexico, our largest trading partner, and we share more than 1,200 miles of border, more than any other state. As the debate on immigration reform intensifies, the focus must remain on border security and the federal government’s failure to adequately protect our borders.”

John McCain has perfected the line “We must secure our border first.” (Watch his waffle on this link while speaking to Sean Hannity). Jeff Flake, running to replace Jon Kyl in the U.S. Senate has become adept using the same coded talk.  The question to ask is “First before what?”

The answer has always been amnesty.

8 Responses to Gov. Rick Perry: Weak on the border, opposes SB1070

  1. Clementine says:

    Rick Perry is pandering for Hispanic votes. That’s his MO. He’s another RINEGO. (RINO with a humongous ego.).

  2. American Pride says:

    No way Jose! I’m not giving my support to this illegal alien supporter or that supporter of a ‘pathway to citizenship’, Sarah Palin. I’m sick of seeing my country being invaded and watching past and current administrations not only allowing it to happen but encouraging it by making clear their support of amnesty and opposition to laws to prevent it.!/group.php?gid=116210498400272

  3. Overtaxed1 says:

    If Texas backs him they deserve what they get with the illegals. A lot of Arizona’s illegals are moving to Texas and they can keep them. Perry is a RINO and doesn’t even support the people of Texas who do not want amnesty. He is another dishonest McCain and hopefully doesn’t have a chance to win. God Bless Texas and spare us all from another RINO.

  4. Kim says:

    I’ve lived in Texas. Gov. Rick Perry is a persuasive speaker who looks and sounds good. I pray the voters look past the facade and realize he is an establishment amnesty fraud in the mold of our Arizona deceivers. You’d think none of these people had children or grandchildren since they seem not to care a whit about what they are leaving future generations, just as long as they win their next election.

  5. LD 7 PC says:

    ANYONE who is not for ACTUAL border security, including a fence, is following the McCain model and will never get my vote. This is a vital national security issue that has nothing to do with ethnicity. I am so disgusted with our elitist political class, who regard us as fools. Perhaps we are, since they keep getting reelected. Not another dime, not another vote for these traitors.

  6. sherriaz says:

    Recent reports noted that Texas is now dominated by Hispanics. The obvious fact is that Hispanics have only become the largest national minority thanks to illegals invading our country seems to be lost on politicians more intent on garnering votes than removing the invaders.

    The litmus test for any candidate for me is their stance on illegal immigration: it touches so many other areas. Mortgages given to illegals helped fuel the meltdown, leading to Americans losing their homes while illegals simply moved on with newly purchased IDs. Illegals continues to be employed at higher rates than Americans.

    Passing laws is all well and good, but let’s see some real action. Until business owners start losing their livelihoods in big numbers, we won’t see any end to employing illegals. We also need to remove the societal supports. This will be a state by state fight- and those that fight illegal immigration will see more Americans flock to them as the rest of the states turn into mini-Mexicos.

  7. Doc says:

    From Michelle Malkin’s site:
    Maybe Mr. Perry, Mr. McCain, Mr. Kyl, Mr. Flake, etc…are hangin out with these folks…