GOP Presidential debate tonight — CNN 5:00 pm local time & UPDATE

To the thousands of interested debate watchers, who have mistakenly come here, this post is from the June 2011 GOP primary.

Information about the THIRD and FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE – OCTOBER 22, 2012 –featuring Mitt Romney & Barack Obama   CAN BE VIEWED HERE



Those of us who avidly observe and involve ourselves in the political arena are honing our perspectives of the Republican candidates who have stepped forward at this point, and expressed interest in the 2012 Presidential election.

This evening will provide an excellent opportunity with the Republican Primary Presidential Debate carried live from Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. The debate will air on CNN from 8 – 10:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM local time.  The 2012 election is slightly less than a year and a half away. It’s time to pay attention!

Seven candidates will be on stage tonight. We have linked to each of their bios:

Michelle Bachmann

Herman Cain

Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul

Tim Pawlenty

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum


13 Responses to GOP Presidential debate tonight — CNN 5:00 pm local time & UPDATE

  1. Jane says:

    There are some who say Herman Cain can’t win. Problem is, people like me are so ready for a non-politician words couldn’t express it.

    • Another LD11 PC says:

      Non-politican? He was chairman of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. Please.

      • Jane says:

        Sorry mate…political appointees aren’t automatically politicians. And no, Ron Paul won’t win this time either.

      • Another LD11 PC says:

        Perhaps, though out of all of them in the debate last night, he was the only one who served in the military. I think that’s curious.

    • Steve Calabrese says:

      Pro-TARP, anti-2nd Amendment, Pro-Federal Reserve, Cain sounds like a typical establishment candidate to me..

      • Doc says:

        Steve-So, tell me where you get Cain’s “anti-2A” & Pro-Tarp information, please. I’m not refuting here, I’ve not come across any of this, & CURRENTLY, Cain’s my horse in this race. The Federal Reserve thing was an appointment thing, AND he hasn’t said he’s against an audit of this sham/rip-off commonly referred to as th’ fed…

      • Steve Calabrese says:

        There’s a video of him literally laughing at the idea of auditing the Fed, I think he said something like, “they can audit themselves, why do we need to?” The anti-2nd Amendment stance stems from an answer he gave recently to a reporter saying that states should be allowed to restrict gun ownership as much as they want as long as there weren’t Federal restrictions. The pro-Tarp thing is pretty easy to find. I’m literally exhausted right now or else I would do some research and post some links.

    • Jane says:

      Just checking around a little, it seems the Ron Paul crowd is out in force misrepresenting Herman Cain’s position. First of all, anyone who contends with the Federal Reserve will do well not to broadcast it so everyone can hear. That’s a mistake Ron Paul makes annually. He will never get far enough on the inside to make that happen. Notwithstanding, Ron Paul is effective right where he is.

      Secondly, Herman Cain says he’s been in the belly of the “beast” and that the Fed can’t help us for hurting us. Logically, it’s hard to conclude that he’s pro-Fed or that he’s defending the Fed based on that kind of language, but that’s precisely what libertarians are doing. That fact that Herman Cain was a Federal Reserve chair could ultimately work in our favor—imagine someone who actually knows what he’s talking about—first hand! It’s right for each person to vet their own candidates, I’m just not interested in defaulting to Ron Paul on someone else’s premise that all other candidates are fatally flawed–except theirs.

  2. Blackbeard says:

    I supported Mitt Romney with too little information heading into 2008. His disastrous health care plan in Massachusetts was akin to the ObamaCare debacle being foisted upon us nationally. He should have repudiated it this go around, but instead forcefully defended it. I also distrust him on the border. The LDS church is doing major proselytizing among Hispanics while refusing to ask about their legal status. The largest recruitment is currently in Spanish speaking communities here and in Mexico, Central and South America. Sorry, but that doesn’t play well with me. The United States of America is a sovereign nation based in law. It is fundamental that those laws and our border are respected. Mitt doesn’t get the fact that we are being invaded as he tiptoes around this mammoth problem. Utah has become a ‘sanctuary state.’

  3. SuzanneC says:

    Another, Chair of the Federal Reserve does not make you a politician, it makes you are Manager. Oh, is that not what we are looking for?

  4. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    It’s too bad the next republican nominee for president (and our next president) wasn’t at this debate. But I enjoyed the excellent performance from Pawlenty and Bachmann – who are both solid VP material.