Revelations of fraud in Pearce recall petitions

Ace investigative reporter Linda Bentley has done another bang-up job with her exposé of voter and registration fraud revealed in the Pearce recall petitions.

It has been announced that the recall drive against Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce (R-Dist.18) has enough signatures to force a recall election — turning in an overage of the required number of signatures. Pearce is being challenged by radical open borders activists for his leadership role in the successful implementation of Arizona’s popular law known as SB 1070 — much to the dismay of the local newspaper, which ran a petulant editorial today on Alabama‘s new and stringent law, as Pearce’s bill is being copied in other states.

It’s not much of a surprise to find preliminary examinations have established extensive and intentional deception among recall signers and disclosures of invalid voter registrations.

Recall elections require the election department to verify every signature, resulting in the exposure of rampant fraud.

The report featured in the Sonoran News can — and should — be read here.

18 Responses to Revelations of fraud in Pearce recall petitions

  1. State Committeeman says:

    Senator Russell Pearce is a heroic patriot. Arizona’s citizens are fortunate to have him representing us. May God Bless him as these radicals come after his hide.

    • Maggie says:

      True! Sen. Pearce has given up much in order to take this continual onslaught from the supporters of illegal invaders into our country. I will never understand the people who think our nation’s borders and our laws are meaningless. Mexico certainly goes to great lengths to protect its own borders from those coming from South and Central American countries.

    • Another LD11 PC says:

      I don’t think it was heroic of him to usher through the Arizona Corporation Commission’s “jobs bill”, a massive taxing and spending scheme ala the New York Port Authority.

      What’s so heroic, patriotic or conservative about that?

  2. chick says:

    Since Organizer Chad Snow, won’t tell the truth about his agenda and his role in the Illegal Immigrant gravy train, AND the MSM won’t report it as it doesn’t fit their Pro Illegal Immigrant/Criminal agenda, other news outlets have to fill the GAPING HOLE. Chad Snow is an illegal immigrant workmans comp attorney. Have a look at his own web site. He lives in a stately home in Peoria. I’m guess his business slowed down due to SB1070, hence the recall. He won’t advertise this about himself.

    From his site: From 1990 to 1992, he served as a missionary for the L.D.S. Church in Bilbao, Spain. After returning from Spain, Chad attended Arizona State University, where he graduated with a degree in Spanish and Latino Studies in 1997.

  3. chick says:

    THE REST OF THE STORY, RE: CHAD SNOW AND his employment as an Illegal Immigrant lawyer. Does he have a stake in the flow of illegal immigrants in AZ? YOU BETCHA
    (Illegal Immigrants, which he can’t say the words, “Illegal Immigrant”)

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  4. Jane says:

    Pearce will be spending some money, but I think he’ll survive. What the open borders crowd is not: smart.

    Thanks to the lack of forward thinking, we have proof going into the 2012 election season that the open borders crowd engages in voter fraud. Roughly 50% OF THOSE SIGNATURES ARE FRAUDULENT!!!! Tom Horne/Arizona will be arguing the case for Prop 200, and the dimly lit ones just provided ample evidence of FRAUD & the need for Prop 200.

    • SeenItAll says:

      While we all hope Sen. Pearce will survive this recall, there are no assurances. Meanwhile he is racking up expenses having to defend himself from these lawless marauders and their advocates. Now professional agitator Salvador Reza is suing him.

      Remember during the last election Congressman Jeff Flake got his immigration lawyer brother-in-law Kevin Gibbons to run against Russell Pearce. And who did Gibbons hire to run his smear campaign but that belly crawler named Nathan Sproul. Pearce beat Gibbons 3 to 1 as I recall. But the open border radicals are not the only ones who are after Sen. Pearce. The RINOs who are in the pocket of the cheap-labor-at-any-cost-to-our-citizens Chamber of Commerce slugs are in the mix, also. this is not fun and games and the good guys will ultimately win scenario. This is hardball and Russell Pearce needs our help. I agree with LD 7 PC. We need to put our money where our mouth is!

      • Amattclarkson says:

        Your interpretation of the 2008 election Kevin Gibbons ran against Sen. Pearce is baseless rumor. It would be unwise to hastily link the three until you have a personal conversation with either Jeff, Kevin, or Nathan about that election.

      • SeenItAll says:

        You have already revealed yourself as a Kool-Aid drinker, so your comment is merely more of the same expected lovin’ up Flake. If your idea of finding the truth is to talk to either the Flake, his immigration money Gibbons or the sleazy Sproul, you are too far gone to deal with. This is a rhetorical question since I have no intention of communicating further with someone of your limited political knowledge, but did you think Gibbons, Sproul and the closeted behind the scenes Flake ran an aboveboard, issue oriented campaign? They dealt in muck. People in the district rejected their garbage out of hand. I know a great deal about that campaign. it’s clear you rely on your savior Flake for answers.

    • Jane says:

      SeenItAll, I realize my comment didn’t communicate as much, but I agree with you whole-heartedly! Sitting by wondering if we will lose this battle is not my plan. Second to my money, there is logistical work to be done which is why I’m making myself available to volunteer.

      However, as you probably agree, the battle doesn’t end after the recall election. Voter fraud is rampant in AZ—it needs to be dealt with wholesale—in spite of liberal Arizona media. This recall verification outcome is an opportunity that should not go to waste; it’s just waiting to be exploited—if we recognize it for what it is.

  5. LD 7 PC says:

    Russell Pearce lives across the valley from me, but I consider him my legislator. He is a staunch defender of our Constitution and deserves our support in fighting off these thugs. I am very grateful for Russell Pearce’s efforts on behalf of Arizona’s citizens! He’s been there for us and he needs our help now. defending himself against this recall will be far more than a distraction. It will be costly and brutal.

    The petition circulators were paid per name! There is obviously plenty of money financing this effort. Sen. Pearce is not a wealthy man and now has to defend himself against this recall. Let’s get behind him and open our billfolds as well as our hearts.

  6. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Russell Pearce is one of the greatest legislators in America. His constituents should be proud and honored that he is their representative. The fact that the seediest lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist extremists are behind this disgraceful and shameful effort further illustrates just how outstanding Pearce is.

  7. LD20er says:

    What’s important to note in Linda Bentley’s report is that the fraud she found is in the voter rolls, not necessarily in the recall petitions.

    That we have “proof” going into the 2012 elections is irrelevant–the question is what will be done about it.

    How did such flagrant duplicate voter registrations get on the voter rolls to begin with? By the same useless county bureaucrats who caused the need for Prop 200 in the first place!

    What’s needed is a thorough audit, top-to-bottom, of all Arizona voter rolls. Look for dead people, people who moved out of state, suspiciously multiple people at one address, verification that addresses are ALLresidence addresses and NOT grocery stores or vacant lots or other business addresses.

    Of course, there will be a huge outcry from those who benefit from fraudulent voting. But there’s no other way to insure the integrity of the voting process.

    • Doc says:

      Copy THAT LD20er! After a finding of that, I believe Senator Pearce’ll be just fine…as he SHOULD BE. And what Legit Citizen gives a rip what TH’ DEVIO-DEMS, ILLEGALS, THEIR SUPPORTERS, & TH’ R.I.N.O.’s cry about?

      …ask ’em if they want a little cheese with their whine!

    • Tomfoolery says:

      I read Linda Bentley’s report carefully as I assume you did. The fraud appears to be prevalent in both the voter rolls and the petitions. That these people have been voting is criminal. It’s past time to get some new people elected to those offices. The women running the county elections departments have been in their posts for years and are too comfortable with the status quo which is no longer acceptable when illegals and their advocates are trying to tamper with our elections. These are highly technical jobs and need experts in new technology systems to stay abreast of the problems being encountered..

    • American Pride says:

      We found plenty of fraud in the petitions themselves… people signing for their spouses/friends and petitioners themselves filling out and signing for people.!/group.php?gid=116210498400272

  8. LD 18 Committeeman says:

    Amatt thinks the despicable goings on during that Pearce/Gibbons campaign was”baseless rumor.” What a joke! He either lived out of state, didn’t pay attention or had his head up his own or Flake’s ass. What a numbnut!

    Facts are verifiable, amatt. There is no rumor involved in that vicious ordeal Pearce endured. Those of us in LD 18 saw enough to turn our stomachs several times over. That’s why Flake’s recruited brother-in-law and immigration lawyer Kevin Gibbons was unceremoniously kicked to the side of the road by the voters.

  9. Amattclarkson says:

    To be clear, I did witness the 2008 election cycle. I saw the smear campaign waged against Sen. Pearce. It was despicable, and a tactic too commonly used in campaigns today.

    While I agree it was wrong, I do not agree that it was some attempt by Jeff Flake to oust Russell from his seat.

    You all berate me for “drinking the Flake Koolaid” while my “Koolaid” is just a different flavor than yours. We all drink “Koolaid.” I still espouse conservative beliefs. I’m still Republican. I just thankfully look at life through a different view than some.

    And to LD 18 Committeeman: Your language is offensive.