Taking on Sen. Pearce: Political suicide in District 18?

As conservatives observe the brazen efforts by the left to unseat Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce (R-Dist.18), it becomes abundantly clear that this is but the latest chapter in the vicious smear campaign that was waged against him during his past election.

As far as the left is concerned, Sen. Pearce has one problem: He’s effective. The best way to undermine this conservative patriot and Constitutional scholar is by attempting to embarrass him with a costly recall. Make no mistake; the underlying issue is illegal immigration.

But facts are impossible to refute. The reality is that any Republican challenge mounted against Pearce would signal a swift end to future political aspirations for such a naive recruit. Ask Kevin Gibbons. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Gibbons, U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake’s immigration lawyer brother-in-law, saw the result of that clearly when voters trounced him by a nearly 69 percent margin — as Pearce won 5,717 votes to Gibbons 2,587 votes in the 2008 GOP primary. Rack up another loss for belly-crawler Nathan Sproul.

Pearce has been the prime sponsor and author of some of the nation’s strongest legislation in dealing with welfare and voter fraud perpetrated by foreign nationals in our state illegally.  His efforts denied bail to illegal aliens who commit serious crimes, and punitive damages to illegal aliens attempting to sue American citizens.

Among other successes, Pearce authored the toughest employer sanctions law in the nation to stop employers from knowingly hiring illegal aliens by revoking their business licenses – a law recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Arizona’s SB1070  (Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act). has been emulated around the nation.

Pearce knows the law. Prior to his legislative service, Pearce was a Justice of the Peace and Chief Deputy for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his career, he has been an unrelenting supporter of Arizona’s citizens. The Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee recently gave Pearce a unanimous vote of confidence against this recall effort.

His level of support is best summed up by the statement Maricopa County GOP chairman, Rob Haney made after the resolution of support was passed: “It would be an imprudent decision for any pretender to mount a challenge to someone with the level of support and respect enjoyed by Senate President Russell Pearce,“ said Haney.

We agree.

17 Responses to Taking on Sen. Pearce: Political suicide in District 18?

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Russell Pearce is one of the greatest legislators in America. His constituents should be proud and honored that he is their representative. The fact that the seediest lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist extremists are behind this disgraceful and shameful recall effort further illustrates just how outstanding Pearce is.

    One must never take an election for granted given the unrelenting anti-democratic bent of the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists, who will do ANYTHING to win.

    There have ben many examples across the country of the d-cRAT socialists putting up and funding phony Tea Party candidates to siphon votes away from legitimate conservatives.

    The despicable election tactics of the d-cRAT socialists go beyond phony candidates to help elect themselves. In Arizona’s 8th CD, the socialists helped fund a libertarian candidate to draw votes away from Tea Party-backed Republican Jesse Kelly. giffords, the incumbent, also funded and sent out a brochure that supported the kooky libertarian candidate, who couldn’t even articulate a position on most issues. This, along with massive voter fraud by ILLEGALS, helped goofy gabby squeak-by with a win with fewer votes than the libertarian spoiler got and less than the estimates of ILLEGALS vote fraud (which amounted to several thousand “votes”).

    Voters in pearce’s district must be vigilant and fully aware of the fraudulent efforts of the lunatic-left. I hope outlets like Red State AZ can keep the voters informed of their despicable actions so a horrific mistake isn’t made.

  2. chick says:

    Recall co chair, Chad Snow and wife Rachel, donated 3900 dollars to co-chair Randy’s Senate run in 2010.

    Recall co-chair, Chad Snow, makes money off of illegal immigrants through his law office.

    The lazy and agenda driven MSM in this state (Gannett, other TV, print, radio) won’t tell you this. Follow the money and do your own research.

  3. chick says:

    Just a little INCONVENIENT TRUTH , Chad and Randy.

  4. Dist. 11 Voter says:

    I WISH Russell Pearce was my senator! District 18 voters are fortunate to have this dedicated man among them. His legislation if being copied around the country, but these local nutcases who never saw an illegal alien they didn’t adore, are coming after Russell Pearce. GOP Chairman Haney is correct in noting that anyone who challenges him will fast become a Republican outsider.

  5. Doc says:

    As a PC in Dist. 1, I must agree with Dist. 11 Voter’s sentiments. My Senator Pierce has been a bit of a let down…especially in light of his refusal to pursue further illegal alien legislation because, “our constituents don’t want us working on that right now…”

    …uuuhhh…ok, Steve. Whatever you say, man…


  6. Claire Voyant says:

    Chad Snow is a reprehensible creep, who calls himself a worker’s compensation and social security lawyer rather than playing up any illegal immigration angle. Wanna bet his immigrant workmen’s comp (wink, wink) clients don’t speak English as well as Spanish. Neither do they speak with a French accent or Scottish brogue.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Chad Snow is Adam Driggs is Jeff Flake is Kevin Gibbons.

      The lone star is patriot and AZ Senate President Russell Pearce.

      May God bless this fine man.

    • chick says:

      Check out Chad’s website. Full of info for “the undocumented” on their “rights” for workman’s comp. Plus, their entire office is Spanish speaking. I guess Chad doesn’t hire anyone that doesn’t speak Spanish. That says what we all know. The majority of his clientele speaks Spanish.

  7. Seen It All says:

    Unadulterated facts….what pesky things they are!!!!!!!

    Federal Elections Commission Filing:

    PEORIA, AZ 85383
    Candidate: PARRAZ, RANDY ALAN (D)
    Senate – AZ

    primary 06/30/10


    PEORIA, AZ 85383
    Candidate :PARRAZ, RANDY ALAN (D)
    Senate – AZ

    Primary 05/04/10

    • Another LD11 PC says:

      Of course there was Chuck Coughlin who was a max donor ($410) to Pearce’s 2010 campaign. Yes, facts are pesky things.

      • Arizona Conservative Gal says:

        What a leap! Coughlin has always worked for Republicans. Maybe they weren’t Republicans you preferred, but they were Republicans nonetheless.

        Randy Parraz is not just a democrat, but a radical activist who cares about illegals to the exclusion of Arizona’s and American citizens. Chad and Rachel Snow supported this guy to the tune of nearly $4000 !!

        Your bomb throwing tactics are well known to anyone reading this blog. So is the fact that you tell half-truths in order to make your contemptible points. I’ll bet you’re a very short guy.

  8. East Valley Voter says:

    Aren’t those Snow’s generous? Have they contributed to the state or county GOP? Have they supported any conservatives in such grand style or do they mainly give the big bucks to open borders radicals?

  9. chick says:

    Generous they are. Went through three election cycles and nothing but Randy reported.

  10. Frankly Speaking says:

    That’s a load of money for supposed Republicans to be donating to the most liberal of amnesty supporting democrats! THAT’S the news that needs to be spread throughout the district.

    All of us who value Russell Pearce, regardless of where we live, need to donate to him. This will be a costly campaign. You can bet Flake is behind the scenes on this just as he was when he ran his brother-in-law against Sen. Pearce during the previous election.

  11. Capt. Marvel says:

    “Supposed Republicans” is exactly right! If Chad Snow is a Republican, how does he explain these high dollar contributions to this liberal?

  12. Sally Forth says:

    The point was well made in the post about Kevin Gibbons. He’s dead meat politically, as well he should be.

    May Chad Snow suffer the same fate. If you need a lawyer, this is NOT the guy to use. Why give your money to a traitor?

  13. Brandy Baron says:

    The illegal alien loving, open borders supporting liberal loons can TRY to recall Russell Pearce and cost us a fortune in the attempt but in the end they’re going to find that Senator Pearce has the support of the voters.