Peggy Neely: The Jobs Candidate?

Neely supported work center for illegals

Peggy Neely’s campaign signs are dotting the landscape as the former councilwoman makes her pitch for Mayor of Phoenix.

Across the top of her signage, the words, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, jump off the coraplast shining along the roadways. Neely even calls herself the ”jobs candidate.”

But Phoenix residents remember all too well when the jobs she was seeking to ensure were those of illegal laborers who had entered our country in violation of the law. The former District 2 councilwoman’s steadfast support of the Macehualli Day Labor Center and its radical activist founder, Salvador Reza, won Neely few friends outside of the illegal community.

This is the issue which most distinguishes Neely, who was first elected in 2002. The district she represented includes the drug and gang infested Palomino neighborhood — home to numerous illegal aliens who loitered in the parking lots of businesses, harassed customers and disrupted traffic while attempting to wave down potential employers. Her ardent support of Reza and her antagonism towards Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s effective illegal immigration sweeps — resulting in numerous arrests — brought only derision from Neely:

“His [Sheriff Arpaio’s] efforts have taken away from all of the positives that we have created,” said then-councilwoman Peggy Neely. “I’m afraid that if he keeps this up, someone is going to get hurt.”

In fact, the only entities harmed by Arpaio’s actions were the illegals and Salvador Reza’s Work Center, which was put up for sale after the $120,000 spent on it by the Phoenix City Council petered out.

The backlash was so great that opponents of Neely’s actions initiated a recall election against her and led to voters in 2004 overwhelmingly passing Proposition 200. The law bans illegal aliens from receiving some public benefits and requires voters to show proof of citizenship.

Neely’s claims of being the job candidate in the Phoenix mayor’s race are bogus — unless you’re here illegally. Then Peggy Neely is your candidate.

8 Responses to Peggy Neely: The Jobs Candidate?

  1. Maggie says:

    Thanks, Seeing Red, for this clarification and trip back in time reminder. We all get so busy with our daily routines that we all too often forget the important issues that surfaced not so very long ago. I’m embarrassed to say that that I needed this much appreciated wake-up call.

  2. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Neely is a liberal through and through, adding to her RINOness.
    Sonoran News did an overview of this pathetic group before Jennifer Wright was a known candidate:

    Of the pack, she’s the best, winning tea party supporters.

  3. Ricky Lujan says:

    According to Peggy Neely, replacing American workers with illegal aliens is job “creation.”
    Neely’s north Phoenix day labor center:

  4. Charlie Conservative says:

    Sheriff Joe is great! Thank God someone cares about the AZ taxpayers whose IDs (which turns their lives and finances inside out) are being stolen by ” just good people coming to work”!
    Thanks, Sheriff Joe, you’re not only America’s Greatest Sheriff; from what I’ve seen lately, you can claim the world as well!!

  5. Sgt. Preston says:

    Clicked the link to Neely’s site. Are you sure this is a woman?

  6. MacBeth says:

    I just brought in my mail and found a campaign mailer from Peggy Neely. She is endorsed by Skip Rimsza, who credits her with supporting ‘immigration enforcement.” Knowing what I know about her efforts to put the Mexican Labor Center within spitting distance of lovely neighborhoods (away from The slums of Palomino) and her total disregard for the residents, and Sheriff Arpaio, this would be laughable if not so serious! Do these people think we are brainless? I guess they’d be right since they keep getting reelected. The only reason Neely and Stanton are not still on the council is they and their egos left to run for mayor. Stanton went to work for liberal perennial candidate for governor — Terry Goddard!!!

  7. Sally Forth says:

    Neely is the “jobs candidate” if you are an illegal laborer taking the opportuity to work away from an American citizen.

  8. Night Owl says:

    If Peggy Neely thinks the photo she authorized for use on her website is a good one, what would a less desirable one look like? Are you sure her (?) name isn’t Reggie?