Shocking trampling of freedom in Quartzsite, AZ

Police arrest woman recognized to speak by Mayor at city council meeting

Watch in disbelief as the sheeple in the audience remained submissively seated as Jennifer Jones has her First Amendment rights trampled and is arrested after having been formally recognized to address the Quartzsite City Council by the town’s Mayor. As she began exposing misdeeds, she was taken into custody by police.

H/T Gary Franchi reporting for the Reality Report

15 Responses to Shocking trampling of freedom in Quartzsite, AZ

  1. Shelly Hammerslag says:

    WOW! What an outrage. My money is on Tom Horne I think he will get involved, at least I hope so.

  2. Lyle Tuttle says:

    today is day 10…..has anything happened yet?

    Shelly, I sure hope he does.

    • Doc says:

      Many folks on this site, & in the Conservative ranks Supported Mr. Horne. The fact that 10 days have gone by is disappointing enough. What has become of Ms. Jones? Are the arresting officers & their offense being addressed? As a Biker, I’ve had this kind of thing happen to me, & seen it happen NUMEROUS times to others…just because we (they) ride. Law enforcement absolutely hates a citizen that knows their rights. Harsh? Maybe. True? Yep.

  3. Luke says:

    We just celebrated Independence Day. Where are our First Amendment rights of free speech? Ms. Jones was given the floor by the mayor and should rightfully have been allowed to address the council and audience.

    What was the crime for which she was arrested?

  4. Annie O. says:

    Rumor has it that there have been at least 2 mysterious “suicides” in the last few years up there. The “sheeple” may be hoping not to personally add to that number. That makes Ms. Jones even more of a heroine in my eyes. Bless her and pray for them all.

  5. Jane says:

    Unnnnnnnbelievable…. I hope the people in Quartzsite make this right. The question is what would any of us do in the same situation?

  6. Dyann Jaxon says:

    Jane, I would go to jail WITH her had I been there. They can’t shut EVERYONE up!

  7. Dyann Jaxon says:

    YES! ALL of those Thug Cops need to Go To Jail! THEY Broke The Rule Of Law!

  8. Jane says:

    Dyann, all of us interested in freedom need to come to that same understanding!

  9. State Committeeman says:

    Just returned from an early morning meeting at Wildflower restaurant in Scottsdale. They have newspapers available for customers to read. I arrived earlier than the others and saw that the newspaper finally gave some coverage of this obscene situation in Quartzsite. The article even quoted Mayor Ed Foster , who called police chief Jeff Gilbert “a thug,” and said Jennifer Jones “just tells council members things they don’t want to hear.”

    The newspaper even went so far as to report that the video of Jennifer Jones being arrested was on YouTube. Looks as though the folks at the Repulsive are reading the blogs. That’s a good sign!

  10. paul marchant says:

    We took care of this hubris in Gilbert. Re-elect No ONE!

  11. Lorry says:

    We have a similar situation here in NE Pennsylvania. There are a couple of leaders in a town who think that they can trample on the citizens rights. Is this America, home of the free, or a new USSR? I hope the state gets involved and If I were Jennifer Jones I would take this even further so the corruption is exposed and dealt with. Sooner or later the mighty crumble!

  12. Jane says:

    It got worse: The town council took over the town of Quartzsite removed the Mayor and put the chief of police in charge who declared a state of emergency. This is why citizens are to be armed.

  13. […] We’ve written about the goings-on in Quartzsite Arizona, which includes the YouTube video displaying the arrest of a nearby lady who was authorized by the mayor to speak at a current town council meeting. Now the council has ousted Mayor Ed Foster from energy and declared a state of emergency. […]

  14. […] We’ve written about the goings-on in Quartzsite Arizona, including the YouTube video showing the arrest of a nearby woman who was authorized by the mayor to speak at a recent town council meeting. Now the council has ousted Mayor Ed Foster from power and declared a state of emergency. […]