AZ Gov. Brewer urges support of “friend and colleague” Sen. Russell Pearce

Governor Jan Brewer has sent out a powerful message today, providing a litany of Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce’s successful legislation and accomplishments which have provoked a recall against him. Gov. Brewer asks for donations to assist the highly respected Pearce in his fight to retain his seat against attacks from pro-amnesty radicals.

The recall election of the District 18 Conservative is scheduled for November 8.  His well funded adversaries have previously tried to bring down Pearce — the author of the popular and nationally copied SB 1070. Once again, he needs our help. You might not live in his district, but he represents all Arizona citizens as he works tirelessly to reduce the size of government and keep our country safe from invasion.

In her message, Brewer writes: “This time they mean to recall from office my friend and colleague State Senate President Russell Pearce. I have known Russell for over two decades; a dedicated law enforcement officer, shot in the line of duty, a fiscal conservative who has consistently been a voice and a vote for decreased government spending, an uncompromising advocate for State’s Rights and now a national leader in our fight to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and to secure our border.

His unwavering dedication to enforcing the rule of law will help save our country from an Obama administration dedicated to undermining our nation’s immigration laws. Until the rule of law is established on both sides of the Arizona-Mexico border there will be no peace, no future economic opportunity and no hope or resolving these issues undermining Arizona’s continued economic prosperity.”

Send your contributions now.  It takes time and money to respond to the vicious attacks against this true American Patriot. National liberal groups are pouring thousands of dollars into the effort to remove Senator Russell Pearce from office. He needs our financial support to counter their efforts. Brewer‘s message includes these words: We need to defend Russell Pearce, but we can only do it with your help! Will you stand with me today and help stop their efforts?

Will you? There won’t be a second chance.

12 Responses to AZ Gov. Brewer urges support of “friend and colleague” Sen. Russell Pearce

  1. MacBeth says:

    Thanks Seeing Red AZ for providing this opportunity to support Sen. Russell Pearce. Using the donation site here, I just sent him a bit of help. I hope others will join me. This is critically important to our state and nation’s future.

    And although I’ve had issues with the governor (such as the 1-cent tax increase which I don’t believe will go away in three years), I applaud her for coming out in support of her “friend and colleague.”

    Sen. Russell Pearce is the friend of every Arizona citizen.

  2. East Valley Voter says:

    I view Russell Pearce as an American hero. He has worked tirelessly for the people of his district and his state, depriving himself of the far greater salary he could earn as a consultant on the issues he knows so well. Arizona legislators are paid $24,000 a year. Try living on that while paying the rent, putting gas in your car and food on the table.

  3. Shari Farrington says:

    I support Russell Pearce and his heroic efforts 100%. I will do whatever I can do to help him at this time.
    Shari F.

    • LD10PC says:

      Good to see your interest in this very public manner, Shari! It would be terrific if you could get your boss, Congressman Trent Franks to sign on with Sen. Pearce. Congressman Franks is a reliable conservative whose voice would resonate with many of the voters.What a help he would be to Sen. Pearce!!

      • Kimball says:

        Wouldn’t that be great! Also Congressman Franks could bring along Congressmen Ben Quayle, Paul Gosar and David Schweikert, who ALL ran as conservatives. It doesn’t matter if they are not in Pearce’s district. As the Senate President, Sen. Pearce serves the entire state. Actually, the same is true for any of our state legislators.

        Jeff the Flake will do whatever he can (once again!) to damage Senate President Pearce. He’s always behind the curtain doing his dirty work like his mentors Jon McKyl and John McAmnesty.

        Last election, the Flakester got his immigration lawyer brother-in-law, named for a baboon (Kevin Gibbons) to run against Sen. Pearce. The race will long be recalled as the state’s sleaziest campaign in memory, managed by sleaze king, Nathan Sproul.

        The good news is Russell Pearce mopped the floor with the gibbon!!

  4. Rambling Rose says:

    Thanks for stepping up, Gov. Brewer. As a conservative who supports Russell Pearce, I appreciate your venture into this mine field.

  5. Joe M. says:

    As a conservative, I have my issues with Jan Brewer, but she deserves some props for her open support of Senator Pearce.

  6. Helen Post says:

    Glad to hear this since it was also announced in the Capitol Times this week that Brewer probably will OPPOSE consolidating our city elections with the larger legislative elections. Having these “special” elections only helps the liberals/unions who always get their vote out and the average voter doesn’t even know it is happening due to the poor media coverage. Their chart showing the voter turnout is worth checking out. Hope the TEA patriots can make a difference in Tucson and Phoenix this year.
    As a conservative she should be happy to support saving our tax dollars used to run these special elections.
    Hope she rethinks this one, and stops listening to RINO Grant Woods, who faithfully advises Brewer to be a good Dem on most issues. We understand he advised Brewer to veto SB 1070. If she had listened to him on that, she no doubt would be retired now.

  7. Stanford says:

    Russell Pearce has a phenomenal track record. Still, we cannot assume all will be fine. This is a war for the heart and soul of our nation. Sen. Pearce is the General. I urge all of you reading this to do whatever you can to help this dedicated American patriot. He needs donations to get his message out. Ads and mailers cost money and he needs to succeed. Actually, WE need him to succeed.

  8. chick says:

    Wonder if fellow LDS pro-illegal immigration “Rhino” lawyer (making money from illegals) Pearce recall co-chair Chad Snow is friends with Flake? Is the “purported” LDS “charter school executive” thinking about running against Pearce friends with Chad or Flake?

    • East Valley PC says:

      Flake will never show his face in this arena. But as Kimball so correctly pointed out (in comment above) he is the Sneaky Pete manipulator behind the curtain. I live in Congressional District 6 and have seen his duplicity for too many years, starting of course with his lie about term limiting himself all the way through to his association with his liberal D.C. buddy Luis Gutierrez on the backdoor amnesty scam known as the DREAM Act and all of the garbage in between. Here in CD 6he talks endlessly about his opposition earmarks, which don’t hold a candle to the costs incurred by the other issues (DREAM Act for example) that Flake supports. Never make the mistake in thinking this grand deceiver is a conservative. He is not. He’s actually a Libertarian, who once headed up the Goldwater Institute, which is a LIBERTARIAN organization. Flake gets by with glibness and being a Mormon, which is a “must” in his district. In this upcoming US Senate race, he will gleen financial support and votes from Mormons statewide. He is currently running UNOPPOSED which is a blot on the Republican Party to which I belong. This election will resemble one in Flake’s beloved Cuba, where there is no choice.

      Kimball got it right when he tells about Flake’s brother in law Kevin Gibbons running a dirty smear campaign against Sen. Russell Pearce during the last election. Gibbons was recruited by Flake, which is a fact!

      I have no independent knowledge about the relationship between Flake and recall organizer Chad Snow or Flake and Jerry Lewis who is rumored to be challenging Pearce, but I would bet the farm that they are all connected.

      • chick says:

        Flake is my Rep. I did NOT vote for him in the primary last time. He needs to earn my vote in the Senate primary, which at this point, he hasn’t.