Quartzsite, AZ: The media takes notice

The town of Quartzsite which bills itself as “The rock capital of the world!” has been rocking and rolling with more than the rocks, gems and minerals upon which it’s built a reputation. Here is Quartzsite, Arizona Mayor Ed Foster as he recently appeared on Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch.

Read the latest account of the ongoing political skirmishes in the Quartzsite News. At this point, that’s likely an accurate reporting source as the outlandish activity continues to unfold. Here in The Mineshaft, Mayor Foster writes a commentary in which he introduces Stewart Rhodes, a constitutional law specialist who is representing the mayor and Jennifer Jones, the woman who was arrested at a recent town council meeting despite being acknowledged and given the opportunity to speak by the mayor.

Lawyer Rhodeshas a website known as Oath Keepers, to which Mayor Foster directs readers. Foster’s supporters have also launched The Desert Freedom Press.

There’s a lot to digest, but think of this small Arizona community as a microcosm of the greater political arena. You may never have spent time in Quartzsite, but the issues there touch us all. Our First Amendment protections are a good place to start.

Not unlike the recall-crazed state capitol, the town has even scheduled a recall of its mayor on August 30, and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office has responded to Mayor Foster’s complaint regarding violations of the Open Meeting Law. There were previously allegations of unlawful restrictions to limit the choices of voters in a town council recall election, addressed here by the Goldwater Institute.

The state’s largest newspaper has even taken note, sending a reporter to the retirement community about 130 miles west of Phoenix. Even the daily thinks issues are heating up enough to cover.

9 Responses to Quartzsite, AZ: The media takes notice

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    Have you ever watched the reporter the Republic sent to Quartzsite when he appears on the channel 8 jokester panel on the Friday night ‘Journalist’s Roundtable?’ They appear to be in a contest trying to outdo one another and the host Ted Simon on veering the furthest left. One day the set will tip over from the radical leftward tilt.

    Wagner seems to think this is all a bit of diversion from the summer heat rather than the marked intrusion on liberty that is actually going on. Just because this is a rural patch in the road and these folks are mostly retirees in travel trailers, don’t lose sight of the fact that their Constitutionally guaranteed rights are being impinged.

  2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    The Quartzsite council is acting as outrageously as a Home Owners Association. The State of Arizona has passed laws to contain these HOA criminals – and it should do so for out-of-control cities and towns (including the worst-of-the-worst in Arizona: ILLEGALS sanctuaries tucson and pima county).

    • Jack says:

      To me, they appear to be acting more like the Soviet Politburo. From what I’ve read, the Quartzsite Police Chief and town council members all need to go. Mayor Foster appears to stand alone as the one with sense.

  3. Douglas Gilford says:

    Try Qtown. US … for full detais on otherwise unreported events.

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    Here’s another arrest at the June 14, 2011 meeting. If this negative publicity keeps up, who will want to go there? Cheap rates and rock and mineral shows won’t be enough.

  5. Doc says:

    One thing’s certain…if this egregious assault on the Constitution goes unquestioned, we are ALL IN EXTREME DANGER. In my opinion, the actions of Law Enforcement Primarily & the Councel members secondarily in this situation attack the very BASIS of our Founding Documents.

    Hey Quartzite crooks…th’ 1st Amd. is STILL IN EFFECT to the best of my knowledge! You people who take issue with this indisputable fact should look into re-locating….to Venezuela…

  6. metsfan says:

    Courageous Mayor Foster and Jennifer Jones attended the TeaParty Patriots gathering Sat in
    Ahwatukee. The actons of the town council (as described in Couter’s book Demoniic). are mob like..He described the ordeal as living under a lawless environment and under “martial law”.. and that the smaller the town the more the corruption..but as a marine..he willnot be frightened off…
    G-d Bless hiim , his supporters and Jennifer.

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  8. Ruth Cross says:

    Amazing this isn’t even being touched in main stream media….