Mayoral candidate Greg Stanton, his pretty thief and her powerful daddy

Repaid heisted money called into question as campaign contribution

Indictments are serious business. When prominent people are involved, they usually make the news. Here we read that a grand jury issued a true bill against Melinda “Mindy” Jeannette Shields — daughter of powerful former union boss of the Phoenix Firefighters, Billy Shields — May 17, but the state’s newspaper of record appeared reluctant to cover it.  The New Times has, but the Arizona Republic has been MIA on the grand jury’s actions.

After her lobbyist and Democrat operative daddy repaid the $77,134 in sticky-fingered funds, former city councilman Greg Stanton — then an assistant attorney general working for former AG Terry Goddard —  told the daily in February “I’m not desiring to pursue further prosecution.”

Today’s edition, which questions whether the repaid money constitutes an illegal campaign contribution to candidate Stanton, finally mentions the grand jury indictment toward the bottom of a lengthy article.

“Mindy” Shields, hardly indigent, and facing serious time, is nonetheless opting to use the services of a public defender, courtesy of Arizona taxpayers.

Far left Democrat Greg Stanton is currently running for mayor of Phoenix in what is cloaked as a non-partisan election.

Seeing Red AZ initially covered the intrigue in a post titled: Is this a good idea? Dems in charge of other Dems money in December 2010. In February we reported that lawyer Stanton wanted the case against the attractive daughter of his close friend dropped. We reminded him then that as a criminal case, it was out of his hands.

Stay tuned.  There’s sure to be more to follow.

4 Responses to Mayoral candidate Greg Stanton, his pretty thief and her powerful daddy

  1. Villanova says:

    Democrat Greg Stanton was working as a prosecutor for Democrat Attorney General Terry Goddard. What a team! I wonder if he and his then boss would have been so generous to others charged with felonies as he was willing to be to his buddy Billy Shields’ thieving daughter?

    For his comments alone (“I’m not desiring to pursue further prosecution”) he is not worthy of holding ANY office, certainly not that of Phoenix mayor.

    Let’s hope the $77,000 plus repaid by Shields is actually found to be an illegal contribution. That should take this liberal Shields boot licker out of the race.

  2. Truth or Consequences says:

    Yes, Virginia, you definitely can not trust Dems with your money…. let’s hope the voters get that message in time.
    In this so called “non-partisan” race, vote conservative, vote Wright!

  3. Army Of One says:

    This woman is able to have her daddy come up with over $77,000 to repay her theft, but she needs a public defender on the back of the taxpayers to plead her case and cover her ass? This infuriates me. If Daddy is tapped out, Stanton should pay for her lawyer. After all, he and Billy Shields are such good friends. I’m not a friend of these liberal jerks and I don’t want to pay for Mindy Shield’s defense.

    • Kimball says:

      Perfect response, Army!! My thoughts exactly. Can you imagine if these folks were Republicans? The AZ Republic would be going apoplectic and calling for their heads. As democrats, they get the soft soap. These liberals are so transparent.