Greg Stanton drowning: Newspaper throws life jacket (UPDATE)

Today the Daily Endeavor, sometimes known as the state’s newspaper of record, provides embattled mayoral candidate Greg Stanton his very own forum. It’s the least they can do to try to help the liberal Democrat who is now in the throes of distress.

In his commentary Back a hopeful for mayor with strong record, Stanton is able to tout his hopes, dreams and sundry aspirations, interestingly omitting his odd connections to the Shields’ family — both father and daughter.  He also does a nice soft shoe around his union connections and stated support for issues such as the massive city pay increases during a time of economic distress. The city of Phoenix even taxed citizens’ food to crank up the money machine to fund the unconscionable raises and retention bonuses for its workers.

Will the newspaper afford the other candidates this same opportunity to sell their candidacies?

Yesterday the newspaper even wrote an editorial titled “Stanton suffers in legal morass,” in which it clearly defined its own suffering, which appears to equal – if not surpassing – Stanton’s own.

For those who like living in a Sanctuary City for illegals — Stanton, who stood in opposition to SB 1070 —  is your guy.  Stanton was endorsed by the Maricopa Area Labor Federation, a group affiliated with the AFL-CIO,  which also opposed SB 1070. Due to that stance, he won the endorsement of the leaders of Arizona’s boycott: The United Food and Commercial Workers Union.  No wonder the newspaper has a soft spot in its heart for him.

We’ve covered Stanton here, here, here and here.


Since this post was written, in an obvious move to win over Stanton’s liberal voters, the Arizona Republic did an about-face and endorsed Wes McGullett.

11 Responses to Greg Stanton drowning: Newspaper throws life jacket (UPDATE)

  1. Claire Voyant says:

    You can almost envision a carnival barker calling out through a megaphone, “Ladies and Gentlemen, come in closer!!! Watch as the Repulsive Arizona Republic contorts right before your eyes!!”

    “Watch as their favorite open borders candidate for mayor, set to succeed the current Sanctuary City mayor falls on his face after consorting with union heavys!!”

  2. Attila The Hunny says:

    The newspaper will never back Jennifer Wright who has energized the support of Tea Party activists. That’s a very good reason to support her. Plus, she has an excellent resume.

    This is her website:

    She’s the real deal! Let’s not repeat the same mistake of electing “has-beens” and “never-was” liberal mayors to run the city of Phoenix. All but one of the current crop of viable candidates are longtime city council members who taxed our food, gave retention bonuses to city employees who were glad to have jobs and didn’t need the pre-election bribe. Additionally, these not-so-funny jokers voted to give free rein to Phil Gordon to keep Jack Harris as a fake police chief after he retired, hiring him back at a huge salary. Neither Gordon nor Harris ever entertained any thoughts of clamping down on the costly illegal invasion of our city. Through their actions, they encouraged it.

    And the one candidate beside Jennifer Wright who isn’t a retread? Wes Gullett who is a lobbyist and career strategist for John McAmnesty. He also signed on as a “Republican for Janet” Napolitano, when that liberal was running for governor against a solid conservative.

    Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes open and let’s not allow the leftist newspaper, city employees and union members to turn out in force and take this important city election again. You can’t go wrong voting for Jennifer Wright.

    • Doc says:

      Attilla-I posted this on another thread, but allow me to do it again…Wes Gullett has passed Barry Young’s test…

      …nuff sed…

      • Night Owl says:

        So did John McCain. Barry Young was a big McSupporter during the his challenge by conservative JD Hayworth.

        McCain and Gullett are tied at the hip. I know you live up in Prescott, Doc, but I wonder how Phoenix residents will like the idea of McCain’s filthy fingers in our city pie? I thank you for this info.

  3. LD20er says:

    Greg Stanton as Mayor would be just like re-electing “Flim-Flam Phil” Gordon. I became well acquainted with Greg Stanton when he was City Councilman for District 6.

    And for those who want more “ammo” against Greg Stanton…

    Most District 6 residents are familiar with Greta Rogers, the looney leftist activist who wants more government, more taxes, more corruption and more waste.

    Greta Rogers has always been a big Stanton fan.

  4. MacBeth says:

    This Stanton endorsement should set any rational citizen’s teeth on edge. YIKES!!!!!

  5. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    People of Phoenix – be on the look-out for the convoys of buses from the mexican border transporting people to the polls on election day. It’s what gave pelsoi-puppet goofy gabby giffords and the bearded marxist Arizona-boycotter raoul grijalva the margins of victory in 2010, and it’s what they’ll use to help stanton.

  6. LD 7 PC says:

    I do appreciate the information. It’s difficult to come by untainted facts. I’m a Phoenix native and I can attest that the city elections have been controlled by insiders as long as I can recall.

    The fact that Wes Gullett worked for John McCain is enough for me to run in the other direction. Count on both Gullett and Stanton to continue the anti-SB 1070 policies of Phil Gordon. Gullett’s wife was Gordon’s right hand gal, working as his chief of staff. Peggy Neely supported Salvador Reza’s day labor center for illegals.

    What a nightmare crew we have to select from! Jennifer Wright is a new face with legal background at the Goldwater Institute. I heard her speak recently and was very impressed.

  7. Jane says:

    Wes Gullet enjoyed an utterly obsequious interview on KFYI this evening. It was so sugary, I couldn’t bear to listen long enough to find out the name of the host.

    When will Jennifer Wright enjoy equal air time?

    • Seen It All says:

      Don’t hold your breath, Jane. The fix is in. Wes Gullett will be the next best choice the liberals have, since he can be their closet RINO. Gullett = McCain, it’s no more complicated than that.

      And don’t be suckered by Wes’s new buddy Wes Harris. Harris, who has a penchant for supporting pretty women (LeAnn Hull, Pamela Gorman, Lori Klein) first endorsed Jennifer Wright in the Phoenix mayor’s race. When she turned out to be too smart to be his personal toady, he rushed to McGullett’s side.

      Wes Harris is a man with many longstanding personal problems who should and does have zero influence everywhere but inside his own ego.

  8. Ron Harders says:

    Even the Chamber of Commerce is afraid of Jennifer. They want to exclude her from the mayoral debate on the 15th of August. My birthday. It would be a great birthday present for her to be included so she can clean the rest of their clocks. Go Jennifer.

    Ron Harders