Cory hearts Ron: A wasted endorsement in Iowa

Backing a winner is not an option, it’s essential

Iowa’s Des Moines Register reports that Story County Republican chairman Cory Adams has endorsed presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Story County is home to Ames, the city in central Iowa that hosts the August 13th Republican Party of Iowa’s straw poll. The vote is regarded as the first major organizational test of the 2012 presidential race.

Adams said in a statement: “Only Ron Paul articulates and demonstrates a clear devotion to constitutionally limited government.”

That articulation and a buck will buy a half filled cup of coffee, Mr. Adams.

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post has a different view. Writing about Michele Bachmann, he says: “The Minnesota congresswoman is the front-runner. Bachmann has three big things going for her: She’s a native Iowan, she’s beloved within social conservative circles, and she is likely to be free to spend as much money as she likes to organize supporters for the straw vote.”

Libertarian-leaning Paul, 75, has broken with many conservative Republicans by joining with Democrat Barney Franks in pushing for federal decriminalization of illicit drugs and reneging on U.S. commitments to our allies. Polls show Paul with 7.8 percent of the GOP primary vote.  Bachmann is holding at 13.5 percent. Romney is at 22.3 — and is taking a pass on the poll.

Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has the most riding on a strong straw poll finish since he has struggled to build momentum and raise money after entering the race. A poor showing — anything but first or a close second — could derail his campaign.

And Obama?  Yesterday, in an effort to keep his Hispanic support,  he pandered on the nightmarish DREAM Act and amnesty to the annual conference of the National Conference of La Raza (“The Race“) in Washington,DC. His speech can be read here.

So let’s focus like a laser beam, Chairman Adams.  This is what we need a real shot at defeating and Ron Paul is not a viable option to ensuring Republican success.


9 Responses to Cory hearts Ron: A wasted endorsement in Iowa

  1. LD20er says:

    Don’t forget that Ron Paul has finally come out of the closet on his support for amnesty for illegal alien criminal lawbreakers in his book “Liberty Defined.”

    Ron Paul has always supported and voted for amnesty but lied to voters claiming he didn’t.

    No more lies, Mr. Paul.

    You had the choice of selling out American to the NAU or to illegal alien amnesty. You chose the latter.

    Hopefully all the 2008 Paulies will recognize that they got suckered and turn their backs on Ron Paul. Let him go down.

  2. JohnG says:

    In 2008 he was for amnesty, he has always been against SB1070, and now we are to believe he changed his mind. Too late.

  3. Maggie says:

    No doubt its an effort in futility since the Paulites are mostly nuts, but here’s a means of sending Cory Adams a message:

  4. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Ed Henry’s First Fox News Question: What Was The Point Of Obama Address?Any rational person realizes that moRon paul, who actually occasionally has some good ideas (like stopping the out-of-control, reckless, irresponsible, big-bank-profits-supporting federal reserve), is basically a flake who is best ignored

    moRon paul couldn’t win a NATIONAL ELECTION even if his were the ONLY name on the ballot.

    The responsible conservative movement is committed to having candidates for president that can actually WIN A NATIONAL ELECTION, yet remain true to conservative principles and ideals, and not to supporting a fringe ideologue like the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists do.

  5. Luke says:

    Good analysis and information….as usual. Thanks, Seeing Red AZ.

  6. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Although most commenting on this site have their comments held in moderation until one of us gets a chance to review them for appropriateness, others who are longtime readers go up automatically. We rarely withhold comments that disagree with the posts, unless they contain misinformation, blatant insults or profanity.

    The exception are the Ron Paul commenters who systematically deluge the comment box with untruths, half-truths and vicious attacks. When we previously posted about Ron Paul and liberal Barney Frank’s co-sponsorship of a bill decriminalizing illegal narcotics, we were inundated with verbal bombs. How dare anyone who maintains they are sane say anything negative about Ron Paul?

    We found a link on the Daily Paul website instructing the Paulites to “try to sound like Republicans,” while directing them to this site to defend Ron Paul.

    Due to the fact that we have jobs and lives that keep us from monitoring dozens of blast emails, we have determined that none of the deluge will find a home in our comment section. We prefer to have fewer comments from those who do their own thinking rather than a windfall from mindless robots taking marching orders from their leaders.

    Don’t waste your time sending more caustic messages. You won’t see them here.


    The Paulites have been out in force, with over 150 comments that all had variations of the same theme: We conservatives are morons, hate liberty and the country deserves to be going to hell in a hand basket due to people like those who support someone other than Ron Paul — because they “created the tea party” and we “have ruined it.” In the future, if we post about Ron Paul, please understand why we will be closing the comments as we have finally done here today. We do give them credit for being organized and acting in perfect unison when told. Many of the comments used the same words.

    • American Patriot says:

      Glad to see Seeing Red maintains its principles when allowing the Paulites to fill up the comments would be so much easier. This is an excellent informative site and one much appreciate by me and my family.

  7. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Clearly, there is NO limit to the anti-American nature of an extremist organization that would prevent “YOU LIE!” obozo from kissing their butts.

    The National Council of La Raza is a group that’s promoted driver’s licenses for ILLEGALS, AMNESTY FOR ALL ILLEGALS, and no immigration law enforcement by local and state police.

    Meaning “the Race,” La Raza also advocates giving mexico several southwestern states.

    Yet, the President of the United States eagerly goes before them to support their ant-American extremism !!! Obozo has, once again, INSULTED America and all its citizens by his outlandish behavior in coddling the anti-America extremists in “The Race”.

  8. Joe Evans says:

    Ron Paul’s congressional website has two notable standouts:
    1. He has a McCain sounding page called “Texas Straight Talk.” We Arizonans know all about straight talk. We learned about it from the original forked tongue one.

    2, NOWHERE on Ron Paul’s site does he address the issue of illegal immigration. NOWHERE!!! This is from a border state congressman?