Hannity exposes McCain’s Tea Party waffle

McCain taken to the woodshed for once again betraying conservatives

Watch as Sean Hannity holds John McCain’s feet to the fire on his slice and dice of the Tea Party on the senate floor this past week.

Hannity asks: “Why are you attacking the Tea Party?”

“I wasn’t attacking the Tea Party. What I was trying to point out was the Wall Street Journal was,” the “straight talking” McCain answered with a straight face.

And listen as McCain admits “I voted against my own party time after time. I‘m proud of my record.”

Then watch McCain reading from the WSJ editorial, saying the “Tea Party Hobbits could return to Middle Earth having defeated Mordor” while throwing in digs at conservatives. “This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into GOP Senate nominees.”

This is a topic with which McCain has familiarity. He was certainly a “crack ” presidential nominee.

14 Responses to Hannity exposes McCain’s Tea Party waffle

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    America’s #1 RINO TRAITOR once again embarrasses all responsible citizens of Arizona and the rest of the nation.

    I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM. If you did, you’ll have to live with the same shame that the casey anthony and (first) OJ jury members have – a clear acknowledgement that you are stupid in the extreme and mentally unfit to make ANY decision.

  2. Brandy Baron says:

    Everytime this tired old fossil RINO opens his mouth I wonder if there’s anyone left who still supports him… and if there is WHY??? What a total disgrace he is!

  3. Scott says:

    Sean Hannity is doing the job here in calling out the lying McCain. But lets not forget he was complicit in getting this RINO Pinocchio reelected to the senate when we had a great conservative running. That’s when Hannity lost me as a devoted viewer. It was impossible for JD Hayworth to get any airtime on FOX or the local supposedly conservative KFYI-AM radio. Barry Young and Mike Broomhead were both clearly McCain supporters and made no bones about it. I suspect Barry Young was jealous that Hayworth’s ratings beat his to a pulp. The aptly named Broomhead was flagrant in his incessant slobbering over McCain. Where is the real conservative media? I hear about it, but can’t find it.

    • SuzanneC says:


      I do not listen to KFYI unless I am in my car and its “Rush” time. Barry Young Mike Broomhead and Michelle Lawson are all a pandering lot to me. And yes I believe Barry Young was jealous of Bruce Jacobs and JD Hayworth.

  4. State Committeeman says:

    Just look at the smirking expression on this old fool’s face. He makes me gag, especially when he continually calls people who mostly despise him “my friend.” The only “friends” he has are senate Democrats and paid staffers.

  5. SuzanneC says:

    I am so sick of hearing “I am so proud of my record.” Oh please shut the F–k up.

  6. LD 7 PC says:

    McCain is getting too old to continue lying. It’s now apparent he can’t even keep his stories straight. I’m ashamed when I see him on television and the tag next to his name says “Arizona.” The old saying used to be “there’s no fool like an old fool.” The added caveat should be “especially when the old fool is obviously lying.”

    Of course he has every reason to think he can skunk us. Enough of us allowed our votes to be bought and paid for in his senate race. For those whose votes put this creep back in office, I’d like to know — how much did you get for your vote? Did you get a mortgage payment made? Even a dinner? Or did you just allow yourself to be purchased in order to be treated like a moron by this cretin?

    • Maggie says:

      This performance is an outrage! McCain’s smirk and slimy smile is no coverup. He’s been caught red handed and he know it and so do we. For McCain to claim he was merely pointing out what the WSJ’s opinion was is ludicrous! I join LD 7 PC in feeling embarrassed. This is so over the top, and seeing the two videos juxtaposed makes the point better than anyone else’s words. Just listen to McCain himself.

  7. Vince says:

    Watch the blank look on McCain’s face when Hannity discusses actual figures. Remember during the 2008 presidential campaign he admitted he doesn’t know jack about economics. Watch him shift and squirm around here, since he has no actual answers he tries to make them up.

  8. Night Owl says:

    What a farce! For this man to have been our nominee was insurance that the Republican Party would lose. He must have been in collusion with Team Obama.

  9. Rambling Rose says:

    Yuck! We were gone over the weekend and I missed this. What a terrible sight from this obvious liar to greet me this morning! This old fool needs to be recalled, because he’ll never retire. His ego won’t allow it and probably neither will Cindy. Can you imagine having this creep around 24/7?

  10. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    It should be well known by now that John McCain will say anything to get media attention. When the cameras start to roll, McCain has no old friends, just whatever new ones that will get him the most exposure.
    All freedom loving citizens are currently engaged in a war to save America from the leftist hoarde that gets aid and comfort from Bennedict McCain. During these trying times when the battle is on, don’t let him into your foxhole. He won’t stay very long.

  11. Blackbeard says:

    John McCain needs to stop calling people “my friend.” Few of us are and it’s a very irritating mannerism, among his many others