Wes Gullett: The consummate insider’s outsider

The daily does it again.  Just when it seems the editorialists have exhausted their machinations and trickery, they come up with yet another stunner.  In Sunday’s edition it was their “Best pick to lead Phoenix.”

Even newcomers with no sense of the city’s history will be moved to question the choice, solely based on the words extolling John McCain’s longtime strategist and lobbyist. The newspaper actually describes Wes Gullett using these convoluted terms: “He is slightly right-of-center in his politics, a moderate who promises to make the difficult reforms necessary to bring the city budget in line.”

With only four words separating them he goes from “right-of-center” to “moderate.”  Someone must have been writing at breakneck speed — to meet a deadline or a hot date. The oddity does serve a purpose. It makes crystal clear that the Republic’s endorsements aren’t worth the paper upon which they are written.

And given that the city budget became skewed out of line with Gullett’s wife serving as chief of staff to the current food-taxing and spending spreely Democrat Mayor Phil Gordon, the entire premise of the endorsement and his outsider status is exposed as comedic. Wes Gullett worked with the leftist Service Employees International Union (SEIU) which organized the boycott of Arizona in the wake of passage of SB 1070.

The editorialist, who has the temerity to call him an “outsider” even cautions Gullett against slipping too easily into the role of an insider.

Not to worry. He’s already there.

Adding to the liberal newspaper’s endorsement, McCain signed on with Gullett. And why not?  Gullett has built a career on pushing the McCain agenda. Although a registered Republican, Wes Gullett is known in GOP circles as an uber-liberal.

Longtime readers will remember the disgraceful list of Republicans for Janet (Napolitano) during her last gubernatorial campaign. It was heavy with McCain aides and staffers, unwilling to support the Republican candidate. It’s not much of a surprise, but left-of-center Wes Gullett’s name is prominently displayed on the list. We post it below. A double click will enlarge the type for ease in readability.

Seeing Red AZ recommends Jennifer Wright for Phoenix Mayor. Although a Phoenix native, she actually is an  “outsider” from the standpoint of not having created the current situation as the former council members now running for mayor have. Jennifer Wright is an economist and a lawyer who worked at the Goldwater Institute and Institute for Justice — and has Tea Party backing.

Check out Wes Gullett on the shameful “Republicans for Janet” listing.

15 Responses to Wes Gullett: The consummate insider’s outsider

  1. LD 7 PC says:

    Wes and Deb Gullett are liberals masquerading as RINOs, which is even more telling than if they had ever tried to pass themselves off at Republicans.

  2. Seen It All says:

    If any of you plan to attend any council forums, the question to ask the candidates is who do you support for mayor and why? Don’t let them do a fancy word dance. Hold their feet to the fire! We’ve been taken to the cleaners by these people long enough.

  3. Luke says:

    I’ll stick with Scripture on this one:

    Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Mat 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    To me those two passages nicely sum up what this post is about.

    I’m voting for Jennifer Wright. Yeah, she missed a city election, and isn’t perfect, either, but she’s the best of the pack. Perfection? We won’t find it among any of the council retreads, that’s for sure.

  4. Seeing Red AZ says:

    This comment section is not a repository for other campaigns to drop in their candidate promos or write glowing endorsements. We have final authority over the comments and decide appropriateness. This site is owned. It is not a democracy. We have made an endorsement of Jennifer Wright.

  5. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Since both the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) and Señor Juan McAmnesty are endorsing Wes Gullett, I have all the information I need. He will not get my vote!! Thanks for the heads up, Seeing Red AZ!!

  6. LD 11 PC. says:

    I was at the LD11 meeting where Republican Precinct Committeeman Wes McGullett was asked to resign from his position for his endorsement of far left Democrat Governor Napoliotano. Wes and the other McCain connected PCs who endorsed Nappy clapped and cheered for themselves in an arrogant display of machismo. McGullett is a McCainiac through and through. Don’t believe anything he says.

  7. Charlie Conservative says:

    I remember one stunt that blew up in Wes McGullet’s face. Wes subverted the LD11 election when he got his McCain cronies to reopen credentials after they had been closed and votes certified by the LD 11 body of PCs. He did this inorder to have proxy votes counted that were carried by a McCain supporter who was ten minutes late.

    Wes declared victory when he was able to orchestrate the defeat of LD Chairman Haney in favor of McCain challenger Tully.

    Imagine the horror from the McGullet crowd when they discovered they had only freed up Haney to run for county chair and defeat the McCain candidate. And then Haney appoints former anti-McCain County Chair Tom Husband as Executive Director of the Republican County Party. What a revoltin’ development. What a HOOT!

    If you want similar McCain tactics from city hall then by all means vote for Wes McGullett. If not, then VOTE FOR JENNIFER WRIGHT.

  8. Army Of One says:

    Less (or is it Wes?) is too much. This is not the guy to lead the nation’s 6th largest city. We’re in deep enough doo from his wife giving aid and comfort to radical liberal Mayor Phil Gordon. Now that he’s finally out the door, we sure as hell don’t need this McGullett team doing more damage.

  9. Realist says:

    I saw on Wes McGullett’s website that he is touting his endorsement by the Republic, Gov. 3 sticks and Eddie Basha. THEN IT SAYS…help Wes fight the status quo. Talk about insulting the intelligence of the electorate…this zero has no shame.
    Please-Please tell everyone you know to VOTE WRIGHT!

    • MacBeth says:

      If the Republic is pushing a candidate it’s usually a sure sign for conservatives to run in the opposite direction. For Gullett to tout the endorsement (which he no doubt is very proud of!) tells me all I need to know, He will be worse than Fool Gordon, who Deb Gullett (Wes’s wife) advised.

      The only reasonable choice of the lot is Jennifer Wright.

  10. State Committeeman says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why Wes Gullett or any other Republican would publicly sign onto a site that promotes one of the most liberal democrats this state, and now the nation, has ever seen in either eiected or appointed office — Janet Napolitano. I heard that he said it was because of “friendship.” That simply doesn’t cut it with me. If they are such dear friends, he could have voted for her in the privacy of his own balloting. He chose, instead, to make a public statement. Signing onto a list like this is encouraging others to support Napolitano. And after I enlarged the list, I saw a host of other McCain staffers. What a surprise!!

  11. Charle D. Raines says:

    I have just read Wes Gullet’s latest flyer, in which he lists his Seven Point Jobs Plan. It is evident that he is promoting more of the same old policy of the past City Councils. ie., spend the City’s resources on City involvement in development and promoting special considerations for businesses. We increased taxes and fees to develop this City to the hilt, and it does not improve the quality of life for the average citizen of Phoenix.
    I did not see one word about lowering taxes and fees, nor any mention of correcting the trend of union take over of City Hall and a City Manager who is refuses to release vital information to the Council and the publec.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      I’ll bet there’s nothing on Wes Gullett’s flyer about calling a halt to the sanctuary city policies that Gullett’s wife and Phil Gordon jointly oversaw.

      McCain’s key aide Gullett was referred to on this site recently as McGullett. That works for me!!

  12. Tom Jenney says:

    What’s amazing about the “Republicans for Janet” list is that it’s not from 2002. It’s from 2006–after she had begun increasing the state budget by a reckless average of 15 percent per year.

  13. Jack says:

    Wes Gullett would be a mayor in the mold of San Francisco’s and NYC’s performing same sex weddings. He is out in front with his support of domestic partnerships and civil unions.