Did Flake make bail for liberal chum Gutierrez?


Last week, Jeff Flake’s close congressional cohort liberal Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez was arrested — again — outside of the White House during a rally pushing for the backdoor amnesty known as the DREAM Act. He refused to move when asked by police officers. In fact, U. S. Rep. Gutierrez sat defiantly in front of a sign that read “Stop Separating Our Families,” while demanding President Obama stop deporting  illegal aliens.

In 2010, Gutierrez, an American Congressman sworn to uphold the law, was arrested in front of the White House along with about 35 other illegal alien/open border advocates.

And back in 2002, in the crème de la crème of arrests,  Luis Gutierrez  was taken into custody with the late Lolita Lebron.  She had a novel history. In 1954, Lolita and three other Puerto Rican nationalists entered the U.S. Capitol with automatic pistols and opened fire from an upstairs spectators’ gallery onto the crowded floor of the House — firing nearly 30 shots. They unfurled a Puerto Rican flag and Lebron shouted “Viva Puerto Rico libre!” Fortunately, no one died in the attack but five U.S. Congressmen were wounded, including one who was shot in the chest.

While Gutierrez isn’t shooting automatics, he is adhering to the Saul Alinsky tactic of civil disobedience to achieve his anti-American goals, as outlined in his 1971 book “Rules for Radicals.” (H/T Public Service Research Foundation.)

You can watch the video of the arrogant Gutierrez’s 2010 arrest here. Notice the signs that declare Arizona’s SB 1070 as “shameful.” Gutierrez is a hero to the illegals who call him “the best leader in the whole world.”

Luis Gutierrez has heaped high praise on Jeff Flake, who is now running for the U.S. Senate, as Jon Kyl retires. In this article for Progress Illinois Gutierrez acknowledges Flake’s joint efforts to “help him turn more red states blue” – just the trait Arizona Republicans are looking for in their next U.S. Senator.

But in March 2009 when Gutierrez was in Phoenix as part of his 20-city amnesty tour intended to promote legalization of the millions of illegals who have entered our country in violation of our sovereignty and laws, candidate Flake was mysteriously absent.

As a candidate, he has to be circumspect, since his home district folks have scant idea of what he’s up to in Washington, DC. So he is perfecting the McCain waffle, which the stunned Arizona Republic referred to as  “jarring.”

But as Gutierrez’s close  friend, Flake certainly should have been the one to bail his buddy Luis out of the slammer. In light of that politically motivated Phoenix snub, it’s the least he could do.

21 Responses to Did Flake make bail for liberal chum Gutierrez?

  1. Ellsworth says:

    Capturing the true Jeff Flake isn’t easy, but this is one heck of a good start!! His unsavory associations need a good dose of strong sunlight.

  2. Brandy Baron says:

    The voters of Arizona MUST keep this fool from getting Jon Kyl’s seat! The last thing we need is another illegal alien supporting RINO in our Senate!!!!

  3. State Committeeman says:

    Where is a solid conservative challenger to this fraud? We need such a person to step up to the plate ASAP!

    • Lucy says:

      Face reality–it is not going to happen. Sadly, Flake will run unopposed in the Republican primary.

  4. Clementine says:

    Reason magazine did an article on him in which they call him a libertarian —- NOT A Republican. He took off on a solo trip on a deserted island with only his camera in tow to send back these egocentric photos. Can you imagine what fun it is to be the wife of a guy who thinks he’s as hot as Jeff Flake thinks he is?


    • diogidog says:

      Luis Gutierrez, and a nearly naked
      Jeff Flake on a remote island.

      Hmmm …

      Politics makes for strange bedfellows !

  5. Steve Calabrese says:

    While you people are cracking jokes over legislation that Flake supported six years ago, Flake is in Congress voting with Quayle and Schweikert to try to save this country from bankruptcy. Just like TARP, Flake is one of the leading people voting against corrupt legislation that is destroying this country’s economic life, just like TARP, Flake is being subjected to – and resisting – tremendous pressure from the “business as usual” GOP establishment, and just like TARP, the Seeing Red crowd ignores the 95% of stuff that Flake does that is in line with their views and instead demonizes him even as he’s fighting to save the country.

    Seeing Red posts an article over some idiot Democrat Congressman that Flake once sponsored a bill with, and totally ignores that fact that the Constitution was just scrapped in order to create a “super-congress” of 12 establishment drones who are trying to brand the Tea Party as terrorists. It’s very dispiriting.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Don’t wait your time being “dispirited.” Use that time productively to wise up. Jeff Flake partnered with Luis Gutierrez on issues relating to amnesty on numerous occasions — not once as you claim. Flake shows a different face in DC than he does in his east valley district. Plus, his LDS church is pro-illegals. They recruit new converts from that base and look at what is happening in Utah as their governor has essentially made it a sanctuary state. Flake is aptly named.
      It sounds as though you’re now working on Flake’s campaign. Volunteer or paid?

      • Steve Calabrese says:

        Neither, actually, although if the campaign needed my help I’d be glad to offer it. I don’t want to be one of those “Republicans” who sits around complaining that the perfect candidate didn’t come to save the day as we become a Chinese vassal state, with a portion perhaps having rejoined Mexico as part of their Atzlan program. I do NOT always agree with Flake, but I *DO* trust him to make judgments based on his understanding of the issues rather than what giant corporations, bankers and the lobbyists tell him to think.

  6. garvan says:

    Did Flake vote for or against the McConnell/Boehner/Reid/Obama travesty?

    • Lucy says:

      Garvan, He voted NO. I was actually surprised when I heard that. I thought he would vote yes. Maybe he held out till they had enough votes for it to pass, then he could vote no. That is done quite often.

  7. SuzanneC says:

    Steve you just remember your part in helping reelect john McCain, you harp on JD, why because flake is your guy, and he wanted you to support McLame? Jeff Flake is no conservative, he votes how McNasty wants him to vote. Jeff Flake supported the Dream act, he introduced his own cap n trade bill, he and Luis wrote the strive act which is amnesty in the house version. We with the Tea Party will not support him in any way, we want to see a real conservative get in the race.

  8. NightOwl says:

    How about growing some principles, Steve?

    If this egocentric creep runs unopposed, as a conservative Republican, I promise he will not win with my vote. In the final analysis, it might not matter, but I do pride myself on having integrity.

    • Steve Calabrese says:

      I have principles. You think he’s an “egocentric creep”. I think that he merely thinks for himself and occasionally makes choices that anger people, which is what I want our elected officials to do. Most of the anger here seems to be related to the fact that back in 2005 Flake proposed an immigration reform bill that would have required people to exit the country, come back in, and register to get in the back of the immigration line. Oh, yeah, the bill had triggers in it that also would have beefed up border security. That’s hardly amnesty. The bill failed. Because of that, we’ve seen border security collapse, and what was once an exodus of people lookng for work has morphed into a drug-smuggling nightmare. We’ve spent over 6 years now with NOTHING of substance being done. The Atzlan movement is now stronger than ever, there’s no chance whatsoever of security the border for at least another 2 years, and the legendary corruption of Mexico has now infiltrated American law enforcement, as witnessed by the arrests at MCSO and the Border Patrol. We’re a lot worse off than we would have been if Flake’s bill has passed; it’s too late to try it again, as Flake has said the expanded influence of the drug cartels has pretty much killed any chance of any type of immigration reform but Obama and his traitorous allies still have sufficient political horsepower to block any moves to secure the border. But, hey, you can get fondled all you want by a TSA agent. Ain’t progress grand?

      • East Valley PC says:

        The American Conservative outs Flake here:

        And the comments below the article are in league with those on this site.

        Here Flake admits his illegal immigration scheme imitates McCain-Kennedy bill, as he broadly smiles while giving a bunch of BS. Don’t you love the “touchback” provision, Steve? Thank God for the wisdom of Congressman Bilbray. He addresses the truth of rewarding illegality.

        Digger’s Realm has done research on the US Reps. of each state. Flake’s position on illegal immigration is exposed as “moderate.” In most parlance, that is code speech for “left of center.” A portion of what they wrote is here — read the rest for yourself using the link:

        Representative Jeff Flake has had a moderate record when it comes to border security. There are currently at least 12 million (with estimates reaching as high as 30 million) illegal aliens in this country. The first line of defense is controlling our porous borders. Representative Jeff Flake doesn’t seem too concerned about securing our borders. Read the entire take on Flake’s position here:
        They conclude with this telling line:
        Representative Jeff Flake seems to take immigration reform as a pick and choose issue. We would like to see more action and less talk. We cannot give Jeff Flake our seal of approval.

        And if you can stand it, watch this disgusting Flake-Gutierrez double-talk, two-step at the liberal Brookings Institute:

        Flake even lied about his own pledge to term-limit himself. He called it “a mistake.”

  9. Maggie says:

    Notice how the Flakester’s hair was darker? He’s really been into the peroxide since his senate campaign got underway. What a two-faced egomaniacal guy! I’m also onto his trickery of smiling condescendingly at those who take him on as Congressman Bilbray did in the Lou Dobbs video or Flake’s habit of grinning incessantly as he says incredulous things that the conservatives despise. He’s hoping the voters will focus on his bleach job and capped teeth instead of his words. Sorry, Bub. I HEAR you.

  10. 2nd AMD says:

    How about Flake’s letter to Obama in 2009 encouraging him to allow more Mexican trucks into our country? http://flake.house.gov/UploadedFiles/obamaletter.pdf

    and his legislation he introduced:


    Flake never met a Mexico issue he didn’t like. Glad to know he’s so concerned about allowing more Mexican trucks into our country. Nice priorities.

  11. garvan says:

    Here are the ratings from the American Conservative Union:

    Shadegg: 2010 = 100%; Lifetime = 98.33%

    Franks: 2010 = 100% Lifetime = 99%

    Flake: 2010 = 96% Lifetime = 96.4%

    Flake’s record is frankly damned good, his immigration stance notwithstanding. Isn’t it just possible that his conservative voting record should be more important to conservative voters than his teeth or hair? Or his friendship with Gutierrez?

    Isn’t it perhaps more important to concentrate on getting rid of the liberal scum in Congress than to waste time and energy going after a fellow conservative?

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      How do you explain Jeff Flake’s fall from grace in the eyes of the nationally respected, conservative organization, The Family Research Council? The group refers to Flake’s vote to pass Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, as a “huge disappointment,” calling out Flake for his “weakness” in being swayed from the GOP and voting “aye” on the stand-alone repeal.

      Chastisement from FRC, a group that ballyhoos “celebrating Jeff’s 100% record on our last scorecard,” is not insignificant. Of course Flake, who never served his country in the military, knows better than the servie brass who opposed repeal on this issue.

      FRC clarifies its point with this indisputable logic: “But the most outrageous part of this whole agenda isn’t that it passed (although that’s horrifying), but that it passed at a point in the legislative calendar that’s a governing “time out.” Case in point: Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.), author of the House bill to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” was fired by his District on Election Day. Yet here he is, weeks after he should have cleared out his desk, pushing a piece of legislation that probably fueled his defeat!”

      His Flakiness also didn’t show up to vote on the Al Gore endorsed, expansive and very expensive Cap-and-Tax that passed by a slim 219 – 212. He lied when he said he couldn’t be there for the vote because his daughter was a finalist in a beauty pageant. Se had already failed to make that portion of the finals, but was in the talent portion A DAY LATER! He was one of only two Republicans who didn’t show up to do their job. Oklahoma Rep .John Sullivan was in alcohol rehab, although the Dems pulled Patrick Kennedy out of the same setup in order to vote.


      We already knew Flake’s propensity for lying, but this was over the top!

    • SeenItAll says:

      You say “Flake’s record is frankly damned good, his immigration stance notwithstanding.” and blasély mention his “friendship with Gutierrez.”

      It is far more than a “friendship.” They are routinely partners on illegal immigration issues in the House. I find your indifferent attitude on an issue of this magnitude appalling. The near decade since September 11, 2001 has numbed your brain cells.

      Flake IS one of the “liberal scum in Congress.” He has just perfected a dip and dodge while grinning.(DADWG)

      • garvan says:

        Yo Seen It All —

        I’ve seen it all, too. Flake’s conservative voting record objectively IS damned good. If his actual voting record makes him “liberal scum”, then how do you define a conservative?

        Look, I’m not indifferent to his stance on the immigration issue. Or his support for DADT. He’s dead wrong on those. But those are only two important markers out of many important markers.

        Bottom line: Is there a candidate out there who is 100% conservative on ALL the issues, who has the money to run, and who could for sure beat the Democrat in the general election?